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Land Ownership 
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Hello Epoch Toronto!

Your executive team has been hard at work addressing concerns players have raised in our game. It is our goal to make players as comfortable as possible in our game environment. This post is regarding one concern that has been brought to our attention more than once. This regards land ownership. Please see our changes and clarifications to owning land, camp sites and building inside Carreg Wynn and the surrounding areas.

Reasoning: It has come to our attention that PC owners of building, or described large locations (on site or off site) have been abusing their powers as owners. For example, banning people from the Inn, or Scholar’s Hall. This is technically not allowed, as these are public spaces on site. Additionally, it came to our attention players were not feeling comfortable in public spaces because of building owners. We feel this change can both allow for player involvement in addition to accountability for unethical or unsafe actions. As for the off site ownership, conflict seems to have grown to the point where traditional PC rp has been unable to rectify the solution. Thus our (Epoch Executives) involvement was requested.

There are a few categories we addressed:

1. Owning buildings on site
2. Owning Carreg Wynn; the town
3. Owning land in Carreg Wynn (camp sites, locations)
4. Owning land close yet outside of Carreg Wynn

These were the conclusions we came to:

1. PCs can no longer own buildings. However, we do recognize that someone (PC) needs to make sure no building is overbooked for bunks. A compromised system of Landowner (NPC) and Carreg Wynn representative (PC) has been agreed upon. For example: Jarred, Goblin King’s Daughter owns the Inn, they have chosen Steve (PC) to run the Inn in their absence. In game, Steve runs the Inn, Out of Game, Jim (oog person name) only has the responsibility of tracking bunk reservations. The Landowner (NPC) owns the building while the PC representative is responsible for compiling a list of bunk reservations. They may not however pick and choose who gets to sleep there. Building representative is not responsible for building decorations. It is not the representative’s responsibility to be part of meal plan.

We request this be the structure going forward. This is specifically for the Inn, Scholars Hall and Enclave. With this structure in place, PCs who choose to, or are chosen (by the Landowner (NPC)) to run buildings are accountable to the Landowner (NPC). If you have any issues or concerns with the building's representative, please contact an executive. Similarly, a representative should contact an executive if they have a problem with someone booking a space in the building they are representing.

At this point, ADs have creative freedom to establish identities of NPC landlords for the Scholar's Hall and Enclave. If you your PC has a strong connection, or oog you are comfortable managing the building’s sleeping arrangements please contact the AD to establish your PC position as representative. RP is subject to AD digression.

2. No one person or group can claim ownership of Carreg Wynn. By nature of being an open town, this is an impossibility. Carreg Wynn is open to all NPCs, and PCs, regardless of species, religion, and so on.

3. Players may defend, and own their campsites provided their locations are rep'd and are a reasonable size. PCs must be in game to protect their site at game. For example: Steve reps the Squirrel Hut, because of this rep, they can claim ownership of this location. The location, meaning the hut, picnic table outside, and fire pit space. They cannot lay claim to the road. If they are not at the site and the location is not rep'd the hut is now free game.

Relationship to Sacred Spaces: If there is a Champion, that Champion is the representative, for that elemental, or religious space. The Landlord (NPC) for that space is that locations religious/elemental deity.

4. Owning land close yet outside of Carreg Wynn can be done provided it is in a small quantity, described and consistent. For example; farms. Steve has made connections with a local farm and through rp now owns it. Provided there is a regular correspondence between Steve and the AD for farm maintenance, they own the farm. Land ownership outside of Carreg Wynn must be made open and obvious to all PCs. Land ownership larger than a farm, single forest or equivalent is deemed too much and unfair. For example, local bee keepers can claim to own a single forest, or wildflower field, not all the land/forest/fields a day’s walk outside of Carreg Wynn. A single forest, like the West Wood outside of Carreg Wynn or the Wildflower Grove to the South (just creative naming) can be owned. Bee keepers, or another other large group who own land must be made obvious to all other players.

Please contact the AD for outside of Carreg Wynn land ownership. This is requested to be done as soon as possible. When contacting the AD please provide:

1) A description of the land you wish to own, or currently lay claim to own. Example: A field of wild flowers,
2) Name of the Location. Example: Blue Bell Grove
3) Size: 300 hectares (apparently this is the average size of a farm in Canada)
4) Walking distance, and compass direction to Carreg. Example: 3 Hour walk, South West of Carreg Wynn.
5) How it is you have come to own this land: Example bought it from Steve the local farmer for 50 gold
6) How you propose to establish general upkeep of the area: Example visit it once a month, for a general patrol, maybe hire a local to tend to my bee hives in my absence. Check to see if any of the flowers are deceased or wilting. (The use of lifeskills may be requested by AD)

Please Note: The building in game referred to as ‘Frost Hut’ is an OOG location. It is not a place on site for land ownership.

Please contact myself or the Executive Team, here, through forum message or through email if you have any questions, clarifications or comments.

Thanks again,

The 2017 Epoch Toronto Executive Team

Wed Oct 04, 2017 12:10 pm
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Building Representatives are awarded CRP rewards - as per our CRP Reward system:

Kitty // Tempest

Mon Nov 06, 2017 11:02 am
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