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Greetings One and All.

This is a friendly reminder post. Due to an influx of new players and older players whom are not familiar with how things are running this year for our AD team.

For those whom are brewing potions you must come to the AD if you are brewing a potion for your first time. That being we are asking everyone come and get their recipe signed off via the AD's. If someone steals your recipe you will need another tag. If it's 30 of the same recipes you still must have them signed off.

If you are a new player you get your recipes from the AD team. When you register your character for the first time please come see the AD at the beginning of the event or email us and we will send you your starting potions.

If you are obtaining a new or if you haven't been around in awhile and you do not have tags for your alchemy kit and your cauldron you must obtain tags for said items.

While role-playing alchemy you must remember that it takes you 1 minuet per level of alchemy to identify a potion. You do not all of a sudden know a potion. If you hear an alchemical call. This call is out of game and one cannot meta game or all of a sudden know they are under the influence of alchemy. Of course if you are under for example the effects of Aphasia you of course do not speak right and thus start to RP as such.

An important one that people have not been doing. The following potions must be made aware to the AD team and not just in passing. If you somehow come in contact you must report the following Black Lotus, Strength, Dwarfskin, Any type of Kickstart, Malice or if you ingest a massive amount of any potion aka you take 100 intoxicate at one time.

You are expected to up keep your medical supplies and to clean the bandages. If you start using dirty bandages on multiple people there may be IG consequences. Same applies to operation theatre.
Lock Physreps:
If you have something locked a lock physrep must be in place so that players with the skill locksmith can attempt to pick it. You must be able to show the AD that you can in fact open your lock.

IG Spaces:
If you have or are creating an IG space such as the Faun clave basement or something similar where people will sit and role play you must have a written up description of the place. If there are any windows doors *If above ground* and a place where a tag can be placed for alchemy such as barrier of life. If you have yet to create said space and are in the middle of creating said space it still must go through the AD team as would owning a local farm etc. You are expected to get the materials IG as well as build it with the proper life skills or hire someone between game etc.

Any IG space that has alchemy on it such as a barrier to life via windows and doors must have the tags present.

OOG Spaces & Things:
If you own items that are OOG we ask you to please keep them in OOG space unless they are necessary like kitchen camping equipment. If you have a beverage or something similar with labels we ask you to either put them into another vessel or to at least try and remove / hide the labels.

For This Year Only:
If at any point you steal an item from a PC or a local living NPC (Please ask if you are unsure) or you commit murder or you vandalize their equipment or household etc to please inform the AD team.

From now on if you touch the pyramid or interact with the following magic items you must inform the AD team.
Magic Items:
-The Pyramid: (Cannot be removed from the location it is at) If you touch or damage or research it any point please inform the AD Team.
-The Wishing Well: (Cannot be removed from its location) If you cast a wish or research please inform the AD team.
-The Psychic Board: (Cannot be removed from its location - OOG: psychic hands hold the board down if you choose to try and move it) If you want to interact with the board or research it please inform the AD team.
-The Nos Book: (Cannot be removed from the INN) - If you wish to interact with it or research please inform the AD team.
-The Mirror: (Cannot be removed from its location) - If you touch or damage or research it any point please inform the AD Team.

If you want to do a ritual or a prayer that you think is important that an AD is present and cannot read later please give Alli at least at 15-30 min warning.

If you would like to earn crps and you donated items to someone who can yay or ney you. Please ensure to follow up with an email to the person you gave them to aka AD if you handed me something or agreed to make something etc.

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