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Child Mind Policy: Playing Child / Child Minded Characters 
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In the past, child and “Child Mind” characters at Epoch have engaged in specific behaviours that have harmed players on an Out of Game (OOG) level. On top of being a trigger for people in our community, these characteristics have the potential to force other players into performing caretaking roles without their consent (often due to OOG reasons), which negatively impacts gameplay and player wellbeing. Some of these practices can actually be illegal: such as depicting a person under the age of 18 engaging in sexual activity.

We recognize that not every child / Child Mind character causes a detriment to the game, which is why we are outlining the possible harms in playing this type of character. We want you to make informed choices about playing this type of character.

It is incredibly harmful to engage child / Child Mind characters in:

    - Intoxication and addiction roleplay

    - Sexual roleplay

    - Domestic violence roleplay

These forms of roleplay are no longer permitted for these characters.

Basically, don’t do terrible things to children and don’t do terrible things as child / Child Mind characters.

Changes to Child Mind Characters

Going forward, no player will be allowed to play a child / Child Mind character as their first character at Epoch. All current characters that fall under this character type will need to be re-approved by the President and AD Team before the May event (May 19th, 2017). If your character(s) requires modification (i.e. if they need to age-up, or have parts of their history retconned or rewritten) please email:

If you would like to make a new character that is a child, or has a Child Mind, you must first submit the concept to the President and AD team. Please include points on how your character will be an asset to the game, and how you plan to be mindful of triggering other players / avoid unnecessary bleed, breaking of immersion, or otherwise reducing other player’s enjoyment of the game.

We are an 18+ game and players do not want to be forced to play babysitter. Moreover, benevolent metagaming stops us from removing your character from play by shipping them off to a safe location (which would be the logical thing to do to a child in Carreg Wynn).

What is “Child Mind”?

Children and Child Mind characters are often portrayed as:

    - Minors: have not reached physical or mental maturity (all Epoch species reach mental maturity at age 18)

    - Dependent / requiring constant supervision

    - Unable to be responsible for their own actions (legally or comprehensively)

    - Unable to comprehend consequences, or understand cause and effect

Children and Child Minded characters have not yet learned the necessary social skills to safely act as an independent person. It is possible to have Child Minded + adult age characters, for example, if a character was raised in social isolation.

Example: A Kin at the age of 20 has the mental maturity of a 20 year old Human because they have both lived for 20 years. However, in comparison to a Kin who has lived 500 years, the 20 year old is quite young and inexperienced (for a Kin). Even though 20 years is young for a Kin, it does not mean all 20 year old Kin characters will necessarily have a Child Mind.

Example: If an Orc reaches physical maturity at the age of 13, they still have the lived experience (and mental maturity) of a 13 year old Human. It would be inappropriate for this character to engage in prohibited adult activities (i.e. intoxication or sexual roleplay), and it may be considered illegal to do so .

How the Child Mind Policy Was Made

    - Players have reported being triggered by this style of roleplay in multiple characters, by multiple players over multiple seasons. Players have decided not to return to Epoch as a direct result of this roleplay.

    - This Policy was proposed to the executive board by Daniel (President) as a response to these complaints.

    - The executive board collaborated on writing the policy, and made a decision to enact this policy.

    - We are enacting this policy to promote the OOG safety and wellbeing of people in the community, and we expect everyone to share that goal.

The intent of this policy is to help players identify what forms of roleplay are causing harm to others, so you can create and play characters that fulfill your goals and desires in a positive (not damaging) way. We believe there are ways to play young characters, foolish characters, naive characters and gullible characters that do not cause OOG harm or coersion to other players.

It’s an unfortunate truth, but we all need to recognize the likelihood that we are roleplaying alongside people who have been personally affected by violence against children. When we, as adult roleplayers, decide to take on the role of a child / Child Mind character - it is our responsibility to ensure that we respect the role we are creating, and its affect on the community.

If you think your character falls under this category, or if your character is triggering someone, please be open to reviewing your concept with the AD team, and making some modifications if necessary.

The executive board, along with the lore team, will work on clearly outlining life spans for each Epoch species, and we may revisit this policy in the future.

Please forward comments and issues with this policy to:

Kitty // Tempest

Tue Apr 18, 2017 2:54 pm
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Eryn provided these guidelines when submitting their character for review:

    -Brief description of your character.

    -Reason for wanting to play a child mind character.

    -How I will interact with other characters, especially figures of authority.

    -How will my character deal with danger/ violence/ combat/ adventuring

    -Who tends to my characters day to day needs? Such as food, shelter, support, and protection (pro-tip this should not be volunteering the current player base unless you have specific permissions to do so.

    -Garb and careful consideration you are using for visual cues for your character.

Kitty // Tempest

Tue Apr 18, 2017 4:43 pm
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