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New Official Rules For 2017 
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Hello everyone,

The following changes have been officially made to the rulebook, and will be starting at the April event. If you have an issue with these rules, please send an email to and we can work it out.

Changes to existing rules:
Viper’s Blade - The Viper’s Blade Alchemy will no longer destroy the weapon. When the 24 hour duration expires, the weapon simply ceases to have its bonus. It can now also be applied to gloves/gauntlets

Arrows/Bows - Arrows fired from real Bows call for Bypass without requiring the skill. This does not apply to bolts/crossbows/NERF weapons, due to their ease of aiming and (re)loading. We hope that this encourages people to use archery more often, and we acknowledge the difficulty of using/aiming these sorts of weapons.

With Water I Untaint You ‘x’ Minutes – When cast, this spell delays all poisons and alchemical effects from a character for a total of 2 minutes per tier of water, essence, and void. This is a timed Spell

Medic 2 – Can assess whether somebody is under the effect of alchemy, but not by what. While the medic is contact with the character, the alchemy is stalled

Medic 3 – Can assess what alchemy is in the character’s system

Medic 4 – After five (5) uninterrupted minutes with a patient who is under the effect of alchemy, the medic can cure the effects of the alchemy. The medic must be in contact with the patient for the full duration and mime removing the alchemy. They do not need to be in an operating theatre

Recuperate - a character can EITHER be resting without their armour on, OR eating and drinking to fulfil the requirements for this skill.

New Rules:
Courtesy Armour - An Exec or Medical officer may make the OOG call of "Courtesy Armour" (and we will try posting it on the OOG message board if/when it comes into effect) i f the temperature reaches a certain point. Characters who are wearing heavy armour may forgo wearing it, so long as their player keeps the tag(s) and wears a sash with a grey shield on it. The sash may be any colour other than Blue or Orange and it becomes your phys rep for the armour for the duration of the Courtesy Armour call.

Good Night’s Sleep - A full night’s rest heals 1 HP/hour, and can stack with Fast Healer (but not Recuperate, as it requires the character to be consciously resting).
Knockback – Costs 10xp. Prerequisite weapon skill 3. Once per combat per purchase, you may call “Knockback” instead of calling damage after hitting with a weapon. If you connect with any part of the target, including a shield, they are knocked back ten (10) feet.

Maim – Costs 10xp. Prerequisite weapon skill 2. Upon striking a limb, you may add “Maim” to your damage call. If this damage hits health, then the struck limb is “Maimed”. You can stack the Maim skill with Bypass or Backstab, calling "Number, Damage Type, Maim, Bypass/Backstab" A maimed limb can only be used once every five seconds, as per the Slow effect, but is localized to the struck location. This effect lingers until healed either with a Regrow spell, a Healing Potion, or by 5 minutes of treatment by a medic with the appropriate level of skill (Medic 2 or higher), but not by the “Earth Will Heal You” spell. This effect can also be healed by a Regenerative Sleep Potion, or a Healing Trance.
If your torso is hit with the attack, then you act as though under the effects of a slow. Broken ribs and ruptured organs are much worse than a broken arm or leg. If one of your legs is maimed, you can step with the other leg at normal speed, only the maimed limb is affected. You can be simultaneously “Maimed” on different locations, but the slow effect does not stack on the same location.

With Water I Confuse You ‘x’ Seconds – Second Tier Water Spell. The x in this incant is twice (2x) the number of Tiers of Power that the caster has in Water, Void, and Essence. Whomever is struck by this spell is unable to focus their mind and cannot think clearly. For the duration of the spell, the target is unable to use any Magical, Psychic, Alchemical, Medical, or Crafting skills. This includes, but is not limited to: Spells, Awareness abilities, Psychic Disciplines, Smithing, Medic, and Traps.
This is a Timed Spell. This is a Mind Effect

Trip – Costs 10xp. Prerequisite weapon skill 8. Adept warriors can trip up their opponents with their Cunning Strikes! This skill must be taken per weapon skill it is to be combined with. It may only be used once per combat per purchased, but can be purchased multiple times. Using this skill requires only lightest touch to one of the target’s legs, accompanied by a call of “Trip!” Upon being struck, the target must fall to the ground so that they are laying on their front*. As soon as they have done this, the target may get up and continue play as normal. If the ground is wet, the terrain is unsafe, or if the target has difficulty performing the action, they may instead use a five (5) second described action.

Negate – Costs 16xp no prerequisite. Whether the character is nimble and quick on their feet, or adept at putting their equipment in the way of oncoming assaults, there are those who have mastered the art of getting out of the way. Once per combat, per purchase of this skill, the character may choose to call “Negate” against any boffer, missile weapon, spell, packet effect, or strike within two (2) seconds of the effect being called; the effect is then not considered to have hit the character. Negate may only be used on effects delivered from the forward half of the character’s Lateral Line*. This ability cannot be used to avoid Area of Effect abilities, or effects such as Knockout, Assassinate, or Backstab.
* Lateral Line – if you imagine dividing your body in half from left to right/right to left, the front half of your body is considered the “front half” of the Lateral Line.

Whetstones - Manufacturing a Whetstone takes a Smith ten (10) minutes, and requires one (1) unit of Metal to craft. The finished Whetstone takes 1 (one) minute to apply to a weapon, and subsequently adds 2x the Smith’s level to one (1) weapon strike. The weapon’s user may choose when to use the Whetstone’s damage bonus. Applying a Whetstone to a weapon does not require any Smith training. The Whetstone’s tag must be attached to the weapon it has been applied to.

Armour Patches - Manufacturing an Armour Patch takes a Smith ten (10) minutes of work, and requires two (2) units of Leather to craft. The finished Armour Patch takes one (1) minute to apply to a piece of armour, and subsequently adds 2x the Smith’s level of “phantom Armour Points” to the wearer’s armour. Multiple Armour Patches cannot be stacked, and only one (1) Armour Patch may be active at any point in time. Once the Armour Patch has been reduced to zero (0), it is considered consumed. The Armour Patch tag must be kept with the armour tag upon which it is affixed.

Sun Apr 16, 2017 10:12 am
Rules Officer
Rules Officer

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Here is the most up to date version of the Combat Handbook, which has the costs and prerequisites for those skills that got entered into it.

Combat Handbook.doc [242.5 KiB]
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Sun Apr 16, 2017 6:33 pm
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Combat Handbook Clarafication question.

If I have ranks inunarmed strike does that mean I have ranks in Easy Melee? Or just unarmed strike?

Thank You,

Shayna Pilc

Thu Apr 20, 2017 9:25 am
Rules Officer
Rules Officer

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Strongwill playtest update:

Among the playtest rules for the upcoming event is an alteration to the way Strong Will works. The three skills are being consolidated into one that reads as follows:
Strong Will:
Strong Will is a skill that allows one to negate the immediate effects of a supernatural event occurring to your character. In most cases, this means that the effect burns itself out, and is of no further concern, a fire strikes that misses its target ceases to be dangerous once it hits the ground, so too are spells that are negated by a character’s strong will. Mana impacts the character, fails to deliver its intended result, and then is absorbed into the ground as per normal. Psychic states are expended, find no purchase, and are used up. Alchemy however is a physical thing that remains in your system, and thus, strong will allows for some amount of time gritting your teeth through an unpleasant experience before the alchemy overcomes your character’s will power.
For each level of Strong Will purchased, a character may resist a supernatural (Magic, Alchemical, or Psychic) effect once per day. This resistance lasts for one minute per level purchased, so long as the number of resisted effects doesn’t exceed the number uses of Strong Will remaining.
For example, a character with Strong Will 4 is hit with a “The Power of Void Kills You”, they resist this effect, and the void mana expends itself on the ground. Later in the day, this same character imbibes a drink spiked with Instant Poison. They have three uses of strong will remaining, and so can resist death for three minutes, provided that they don’t have to resist more than two other things. Each minute that the character spends trying to find help for the horrible stomach pains that the poison is causing reduces their number of uses of Strong Will for the rest of the day by one. Similarly, each additional thing that they resist while looking for help costs them a minute of resisting the poison that is still in them.

Thu Jun 08, 2017 8:34 pm
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