Epoch Toronto Foundation Governance


The Charter


Article I

Who We Are

1.1) The name of the organization shall be Epoch Toronto Foundation.

1.2) The Membership Year shall be from May 1 through April 30.

1.3) Epoch Toronto Foundation is a registered not for profit organization under Ontario Corporation Number 1824639 whose purpose is to organize and promote the sport of live action role playing in the Southern Ontario area

1.4) Epoch Toronto Foundation uses the current years version of the “Epoch” rules set released by the President based upon those developed by The Howling Falcon.


Article II


2.1) Any person over the age of 18 may become a member of Epoch Toronto Foundation by paying a yearly membership fee. Any Member or Temporary Member is eligible to participate in an Epoch Toronto Foundation Event, subject to payment of applicable site and player fees.

2.2) Membership allows an individual to participate in any events organized by Epoch Toronto Foundation through the Membership Year from May 1 through April 30. Membership also gives the individual the right to be heard and the right to cast a vote at a General Meeting of Epoch Toronto Foundation.

2.3) Any member of the Executive Board may suspend a Member for any reason at  their discretion. Said Member may be required to give an explanation for the actions leading to their suspension at an Executive Board Meeting. If any Members actions are serious enough to warrant expulsion from the club, the Executive Board must vote on the motion and the vote must pass by a two of three majority.

2.4) Any person wishing to try an Epoch Toronto Foundation event for the first time may become a Temporary Member, for the duration of the Event, at a reduced fee. A portion of this fee shall be applied to a full membership if the Temporary Member wishes to become a full member within 1 calendar year of acquiring Temporary Membership.

2.5) All club fees shall be detailed yearly in the Members Section of the website.

2.6) Any sanction imposed on either a player or any one of their characters will be subject to a majority vote of the standing club executive.


Article III

Executive Board

3.1) Epoch Toronto Foundation shall be run by an Executive Board consisting of a Club President, a Treasurer, Ombudsman, a Secretary and a Marketing Executive.

3.2) Each Executive of Epoch Toronto Foundation shall be elected for a 1 year term by the members of Epoch Toronto Foundation at a General Meeting. All candidates for the Executive position will be listed on a ballot. All eligible members in attendance and any proxies will select their favoured candidate and submit their ballot in secret. The candidate with the most votes wins. In the event that there is only one candidate, only a “yea” or “nay” will be listed. If the candidate receives a majority “yea” vote he/she will become the new Executive.

3.3) The term of the President, the Treasurer and Marketing shall run from January 1st to December 31st. The term of the Ombudsman and Secretary shall run from April 1st to March 31st. These terms are staggered to insure that at least two experienced member is on the board at all times.

3.4) In the event that a member of the Executive Board resigns prior to the completion or his/her term a new board member will be elected by the membership. That board member will serve the remaining portion of the resigning board member’s term.

3.5) A member of the Executive Board may be removed from his/her position prior to the completion of their term by a vote of Non Confidence by the membership at a General Meeting. In the event of a non confidence vote only a “yea” or “nay” will be listed on a ballot asking the membership the following question: “Do you wish ______ to remain as ______ ?”. If the Executive Member receives a majority “yea” vote he/she will remain in their position. If not, a new Executive Board Member shall be elected by the membership at first opportunity.

3.6) The Executive Board Members may elect Officers to assist in their duties. An Officer serves for one Membership Year. An Officer is elected by a three of five majority of the Executive Board. The Officers job description will vary according to need and will be defined in the By-laws.

3.7) The duties of each Officer shall be reassessed at the beginning of each Membership Year at which time the position will either be terminated or re-opened for election.

3.8) All five Executive Board members are required to be in attendance or represented by proxy to hold an Executive Board meeting.


Article IV


4.1.1) The Club President shall assume responsibility for club business as it relates to the Epoch Toronto Foundation membership.

4.1.2) The Club President shall act as chair and facilitator at General Meetings, Event Meetings and at meetings of the Executive Board.

4.1.3) As needed the Club President shall appoint or hire an Artistic Director as a consultant to write and direct the creative aspect of Epoch Toronto Foundation events and a Technical Director to supply the needs of the Artistic Director. The Artistic Director shall create a campaign arc consisting of short and long term plots as well as role-playing and combat intensive scenarios in a reasonable balance, and has the responsibility to demonstrate this to the Club President. The Artistic Director may select, subject to the Club Directors approval, any additional Event Directors or Assistants, as needed, to help him in his duties. The Artistic Director and Technical Director shall have their job descriptions fully outlined in a contract. All positions on this creative team are answerable to the Executive Board in general and the Club President in particular.

4.1.4) The Club Ombudsman shall be the collection point for any complaints, concerns or questions relating to club affairs, events or finances. The Club Ombudsman will then present the views of the membership at the Executive Board meetings.

4.1.5) The Club President is responsible for all rules interpretations. Anything proposed by the Artistic Director which is not clearly covered in the rules must be approved by the Club President. Members may bring rules disputes or clarifications to the attention of the Club President or his Rules Officer during or after an event. Any Executive Members or Officers may give immediate rulings during the game. Should the judgment be challenged after the event, the original ruling and its effect shall not be overturned but will be clarified and announced to the membership for future reference.

4.1.6) If the posts are required, the Rules Officer, Safety Officer, Food Officer, Logistics Officer, etc. shall be elected by Executive Board, and report to the Club President. Their duties shall be outlined in the Club By-laws.

4.2.1) The Treasurer shall assume responsibility for club business as it relates to Epoch Toronto Foundation finances. This includes but is not limited to, booking and paying for sites for Epoch Toronto Foundation events from club funds, acquiring and paying for insurance from club funds, recording and presenting all club transactions to the membership, and filing not-for-profit tax forms

4.2.2) Any purchases that are required for Epoch events or Epoch Toronto Foundation as a club, using club funds, must first be approved by the Treasurer.

4.2.3) The Treasurer is required to ensure that Epoch Toronto Foundation has all legal rights and permissions necessary to use any land, objects, or physical assets owned by another party for the production of an Event. This may include but is not limited to acquiring permission from private individuals, governments, or corporations who own the land or buildings, which are to be used for the Event.

4.2.4) Removed

4.2.5) If the posts are required, the Financial Officer, etc. shall be elected by Executive Board, and report to the Treasurer. Their duties shall be outlined in the Club By-laws.

4.2.6) Any purchases of $150 or more must be approved by the Treasurer and all of the standing club executive.

4.3.1) The Ombudsman shall represent the ‘conscience’ and ‘voice’ of the club membership at Executive Board meetings.

4.3.2) The Ombudsman shall represent the membership in any complaints against the members of the Executive Board or their decisions. The Ombudsman may, on behalf of the membership, force an issue to be re-examined by the Executive Board, though there is no guarantee that the previous decision will be reversed.

4.3.3) The Ombudsman can recommend that important issues be presented to the membership at a General Meeting. The recommendation must be passed by a two of three majority of the Executive Board.

4.3.4) Either the Club President or Club Treasurer may represent the membership in any complaints against the Ombudsman.

4.4.1) The Secretary shall assume responsibility as it relates to Epoch Toronto Foundation not for profit incorporation. This includes but is not limited to waiver forms, taking meeting minutes, update Revenue Canada and file Notice of Change for any Director and address changes. Ensure records are archived appropriate as per Ontario Not for Profit Incorporation Act

4.4.2) The Secretary shall provide waivers, to be signed by all members participating in an Event, which hold members and landowners harmless in the event of an accident. These waivers are to be signed and dated at the beginning of each Membership year.

4.5.1) The Marketing Executive shall assume responsibility as it relates to Epoch Toronto Foundation marketing. This includes but is not limited to scheduling with conventions and other forums to advertise Epoch Toronto Foundation as well as organize and promote the sport of live action role playing in the Southern Ontario area. Working within budget agreed upon by the Board of Executives marketing material created and help ensure the growth of the organization.

Article V


5.1.1) Epoch Toronto Foundation will hold a General Meeting two times per Membership Year, with the option of a third per year, if required. At these General Meetings the Executive members and their Officers shall report on the progress of their duties from the last General Meeting to the present one. Members at this time may also bring up concerns either individually or submitted to the Executive Board to bring up on their behalf.

5.1.2) An agenda shall be posted 3 weeks prior to a General Meeting. Minutes of the meeting will be posted one week after a General Meeting. Time limits shall be imposed upon each agenda item.

5.1.3) Members unable to attend a General Meeting may give their proxy, in writing, to another member who will be attending the meeting. Their vote for each agenda item shall be listed as appropriate.

5.1.4) Unless otherwise stated, any item presented at a General Meeting shall be passed by a majority vote.

5.1.5) Additional General Meetings may be scheduled through a majority vote (three of five) of the Executive Board or a petition of at least 25% of the membership presented and validated by the Ombudsman unless Charter Article 4.3.4 applies.

5.1.6) If the soul purpose of a general meeting is to elect a replacement or replacements for executive board positions that are unfilled, the agenda for that meeting may be posted 1 week prior to the general meeting instead of the usual 3 weeks prior to the general meeting.

5.2.1) The Epoch Toronto Foundation Executive Board shall hold meetings as required. Any one of the five Executive members may call the meeting when an issue requires the attention of the Executive Board.

5.2.2) The Executive Board shall address any issues not resolved at the last General Meeting in addition to any other aspects of club business and finance as they arise, at the Executive Board Meeting.

5.2.3) Unless otherwise stated, any item presented at an Executive Board meeting shall only be passed by a three of five majority vote of the Executive Board

5.2.4) Club members may address the Executive Board with important issues as the first order of business after which they are to be dismissed. The issue must be brought to the attention of the Club President prior to the meeting to be put on the agenda.

5.3.1) Prior to the start of an Epoch Toronto Foundation event, all players and cast participating in the event shall attend an Event Meeting. Any members not in attendance at this meeting shall not be permitted to participate in the event. It is the responsibility of any members missing the Event Meeting to arrange an Event Meeting with a member of the Executive Board. Any members found playing without having attended an Event Meeting may be expelled from the event.

5.3.2) At the Event Meeting all safety rules for the site will be read and potentially dangerous or off limits areas will be identified. The Artistic Director or Event Director will also have an opportunity to make any announcements regarding the Event at this time.


Article VI


6.1) An Event shall be defined as any live action role playing gathering organized by an agent of Epoch Toronto Foundation (herein referred to as the Event Organizer).

6.2) The Event Organizer will consult the Club President prior to the Event in order to verify that all elements of the Event comply with the “Epoch” rules. The Event Organizer will give the Club President a reasonable time to evaluate the elements of the event. The Club President will respond in a reasonable time. The Club President and the Event Organizer will come to an agreement on what are reasonable times are when the Event Organizer is appointed.

6.3) Participation in an Epoch Toronto Foundation event will require the member to pay a Site Fee as a minimum.

6.4) Members playing a character created for their own use shall also pay a Player Fee in addition to the Site Fee. Any member paying both fees shall receive 2 experience points per named day, or part thereof, of the event for allocation to their own character whether they are able to participate in the event or not.

6.5) Site and Player Fees are to be set and posted at the beginning of the season. Pre-registration discounts may apply to these fees. All fees are subject to change without notice.

6.6) All funds remaining after an Event Organizer has recovered losses resulting from the Event must be retained by Epoch Toronto Foundation and used by the Executive for the benefit of Epoch Toronto Foundation.

6.7) The Club President shall appoint capable members of Epoch Toronto Foundation to serve as “Safety Marshals” at each Event. These appointees will inspect the safety of all articles brought into game and maintain the safe conduct of all players during the Event.


Article VII


7.1) The Executive Board may pass or rescind any by-laws they or the membership feel necessary for the smooth and efficient running of Epoch Toronto Foundation as a club or the events of Epoch Toronto Foundation.

7.2) A by-law may be passed or rescinded by a three of five majority vote of the Executive Board.

7.3) A complete list of all Epoch Toronto Foundation By-laws is to be posted on the Epoch Toronto Foundation web site (if available), at Epoch Toronto Foundation events and shall be made available at the request of any member.


Article VIII

Intellectual Property of the Members

8.1) Any Characters or Character Histories created by individual Members, for their own use, remain the intellectual property of said Member until such a time as these Characters or Character Histories are donated or sold to Epoch Toronto Foundation.

8.2) Any Characters, Character Histories or Scenarios created by individual Members which have been submitted to Epoch Toronto Foundation as suggestions for future plots become the intellectual property of Epoch Toronto Foundation.

8.3) Any intellectual property of Epoch Toronto Foundation may only be sold or donated to The Howling Falcon by a two of three majority of the Executive Board.


Article IX

Amendments to the Charter

9.1) The Charter of Epoch Toronto Foundation may be amended by a unanimous (five of five) vote of the Executive Board and a majority vote of the membership at a General Meeting.


By-Law #01 – Description of Officers and Their Responsibilities

Communications Officer

This role involves the creation and transmission of information within the club and to the external world. The Communications Officer is also responsible for assisting with or devising promotions for internal and external club events. Internally, the Communications Officer is responsible for assisting in promoting club events to the Membership and for managing the organization and structure of the club message boards, ensuring that all the information on the site is easy to find and well communicated. Externally, the Communications Officer is responsible for transmitting messages from the Executive Board to the general public via the least expensive means possible and for assisting in the promotion of EPOCH Toronto events to the general public. Executive Board messages to be communicated may be requested to be verbatim or may be requested to be written and/or edited by the Communications Officer.


Logistics Officer

This position required the individual to log all players into an event when they arrive on site. The Logistics Officer is expected to keep all information about players’ characters confidential. The Logistics Officer reports only to the EPOCH Toronto Club President when issues arise that involve investigating a player’s character. The Club President is not permitted access to the logistics files but the Logistics Officer is expected to reference a player’s file and answer all questions the Club President may have without showing them the character file. Between events the Logistics Officer will update each player’s file on a database.


Food Officer

The Food Officer prepares and publishes a meal plan for each event and is responsible for arranging for the purchase of all food for the event. The Food Officer is responsible for arranging for meals to be prepared in advance of an event where necessary. The Food Officer is responsible for arranging the preparation of all meals while on site and for cleaning any cookware used in the preparation of the meals. The Food Officer is not expected to do these chores themselves but will have a Creation Point budget to reward volunteers. The Food Officer or volunteers in their service are not to wash the dishes of any individual not on the club’s meal plan.


Safety Officer

The Safety Officer is responsible for the safe conduct of all players on site. The Safety Officer is also responsible for ensuring that all items brought onto site (specifically weapons and armour) are safe for use in game.


Medical Officer

The Medical Officer is responsible for seeing that any Member injured at an event receives prompt and appropriate medical attention. They are required to have First Aid experience, maintain a list of players’ allergies and have on site at their disposal a first aid kit (supplied by the club).


Games Facilitator

The Games Facilitator ensures that the game begins at a reasonable time Friday night. They are also responsible for delegating the ‘chores’ needed to be done Sunday in order for the site to be clean and ready to be inspected by the Scout Ranger. They can also be requested by the Food Officer to assign players to assist in the cleaning of the kitchen/dishes during an event.


–By law amended September 2009 to add new positions: Medical Officer and Games Facilitator as well as adjust responsibilities of Communications Officer and Safety Officer

By-Law #02 – Use of Event Pass

No Member of EPOCH Toronto will be permitted to use, or benefit from, more than one Event Pass per EPOCH Toronto event regardless of how many characters said Member has active in game. Members possessing Full Year Passes who become Executive Board Members part way through a season will have their remaining Event Fees refunded. The experience points that said Member is entitles to may be allocated to any number of the Member’s active characters.
Amended by Executive Board, January 2001. Amendment as follows:
Members possessing Full Year Passes who become Executive Board Members part way through the season will not have any pre-paid Event Fees refunded.


By-Law #03 – Approval of Expenditures

Approval of funds less than $50.00 may be done at the Treasurer’s discretion without the knowledge or approval of all other Executive Board Members. Approval of funds greater than $50.00 may only be dome by a majority vote of the Executive Board. All three (3) Executive Board Members must be in attendance at said meeting or have had a chance to voice their opinion in order to vote on financial issues in excess of $150.00.


By-Law #04 – Executive Event Fees

EPOCH Toronto Executive Board Members shall pay Event Fees set at the current Cast Fee rate. Pre-Registration discounts may apply at the Treasurer’s discretion.
By-Law Repealed by Executive Board, January 2001


By-Law #05 – Maximum Number of Active Characters

Every Member shall be allowed to have a maximum of four (4) characters on file with Logistics at any one time. Any subsequent characters must be permanently retired or given Cast status, in which case they become the property of EPOCH Toronto and not the Member.

Members shall be limited to playing two (2) characters during any single event, subject to approval by the Club President or his/her appointed Logistics Officer. Should a Member choose to play two (2) characters during a single event, their costuming must be unmistakably different from one another and they must not share any In Game items (eg. weapons, potions, scrolls) between each other in any way. Furthermore, the two characters cannot have any contact with each other, even through an intermediary. This is to prevent one character leaving items/money etc. ‘in trust’ for the other character. It is also expected that each character will be played for a reasonable period of time (eg. all day Saturday, Friday night and Sunday morning etc.). The Executive Board reserves the right to suspend this privilege of any Member if they have cause to believe that there is an abuse of that privilege.

All experience points are the ‘property’ of the Member. Should a Member wish to save some experience points to put towards the starting total of a new character, they may do so in the following manner and subject to the following rules:

While there is no limit to the amount of experience points that can be banked for a new character, for every point above 20pts + Disadvantage (if applicable) that requires training the Member must match the banked experience points with CRP’s on a point for point basis for the skills that require training. For example, if a Member wishes to move 75 banked experience points towards a new character and added those 75 experience points to the base character of 20 experience points, 50 of those experience points are for skills that require training then the Member would also have to provide 70 CRP’s. 20 CRPs in order to double out the base 20XP and 50XP to match the amount of banked XP put towards the new character.

By-Law Amended by Executive Board, December, 2012


By-Law #06 – Cabin Custodians

Each cabin is to have assigned to it, at the start of each event, a responsible Member who will reside in the cabin to act as custodian for that cabin and be accountable for its usage, clean up and lock up.

By-Law Ammended by Executive Board, March, 2011


By-Law #07 – Artistic Director

Players appointed as the Artistic Director are to set aside their regular characters for the duration of their term to prevent conflict of interest issues from arising. Event Directors are also to set aside their regular characters for events which they direct or help to direct. Experience points may be assigned to their absent characters but those characters are not permitted into play.


By-Law #08 – Zero Tolerance Policy

EPOCH Toronto has a zero-tolerance policy on alcohol and illegal substance use at EPOCH Toronto events.  If any event participant is found to be using alcohol or illegal substances at events, or appears at an EPOCH Toronto event under the influence of alcohol or an illegal substance, will be banned from all EPOCH Toronto events for one calendar year.


By-law added September 2009

By-Law #09 – Harassment Policy

Harassment is any behaviour that demeans, humiliates, or embarrasses a person, and that a reasonable person should have known would be unwelcome. It includes actions (e.g. touching, pushing), comments (e.g. jokes, name-calling), or displays (e.g. posters, cartoons). It may be a single incident or continue over time. This can be any action that is related to race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, marital status, family status, disability, pardoned conviction, or sexual orientation.

Disrespectful behaviour, also known as “personal” harassment, is also covered in this policy. While it also involves unwelcome behaviour that demeans or embarrasses someone at an EPOCH Toronto function, the behaviour is not based on one of the prohibited grounds named above.

Sexual harassment includes offensive or humiliating behaviour that is related to a person’s sex, as well as behaviour of a sexual nature that creates an intimidating, hostile, or “poisoned” environment, or that could reasonably be thought to put sexual conditions on a person’s position within EPOCH Toronto. A few examples are: questions and discussions about a person’s sexual life; touching a person in a sexual way; commenting on someone’s sexual attractiveness or sexual unattractiveness; persisting in asking for a date after having been refused; telling a woman she belongs at home or is not suited for a particular job; eyeing someone in a suggestive way; displaying cartoons or posters of a sexual nature; writing sexually suggestive letters or notes.

Sexual harassment is frequently more about power than about sex. It often occurs in situations where there is unequal power between the people involved, and is an attempt by one person to assert power over the other. The harassment can also occur when an individual is in a vulnerable position because he or she is in the minority – the only woman, member of a visible minority, aboriginal person or person with a disability – and is, for example, ostracized by colleagues.

At EPOCH Toronto, we are committed to providing a safe and respectful playing environment for all Players, Officers and Executives. No one, whether player, officer, executive, or member of the public, has to put up with harassment at EPOCH Toronto, for any reason, at any time. Likewise, no one has the right to harass anyone else, at EPOCH Toronto events or in any situation related to EPOCH Toronto. This policy is one step toward ensuring that our game is a comfortable place for all of us.

Someone who has harassed another person will be subject to one or more of the following forms of discipline, depending on the severity of the harassment:

  • a written reprimand;
  • a suspension, with the number of events decided upon by the Executive Committee;
  • Banning, length of the ban to be decided upon by the Executive Committee.

By-Law added September 2009


A proxy vote is giving someone permission to vote on your behalf at a General Meeting.

If you cannot make a General Meeting it is highly encouraged that you send your proxy vote with someone that will be attending or provide that vote to the Executive Board.

When you provide your proxy you are giving that person the right to vote at the General Meeting on your behalf.

This does not mean you can insist they vote in a particular way. You can of course discuss with that person and ask they do so.

Sample Proxy:

I , (Your Name) , provide (Their Name) my proxy vote for the following General Meeting on (Date of General Meeting) for Epoch Toronto Foundation.


Proxy vote maybe sent electronically but an executive Epoch hosted email address must be CC’d. Written Proxy must be signed and handed to Executive at or prior to the General Meeting.