What is Epoch?

Epoch is a live-action roleplaying game set in an apocalyptic time of swords and sorcery. It is a world of warriors, bandits, mages, alchemists, and mystics. The Epoch rules allow for any profession or combination of professions, so the players have total freedom when creating a character.

Dice, cards and hand gestures are never used to determine the outcome of a situation, but rather the players’ own abilities — enhanced by rules in the game. Players really have to fight, hide, and throw spells when playing their characters.

Epoch is a safe, full contact game. Combat is played out with foam-padded weapons, better known as “boffer weapons”. Spells are represented by small throwing bean bags known as “mana”. Even fists are represented by a section of foam tubing.

Epoch uses costumes and huge puppets to represent exotic people, fearsome monsters and bizarre creatures, some of which are operated by two or more cast members!

What is Epoch Toronto?

Epoch Toronto is a not-for-profit, live action role-playing (LARP) club.

What are the rules?

Epoch Toronto rule book is available as a pdf. These rules are written by members of Epoch Toronto and based on the rules originally published by The Howling Falcon.

What characters can I play?

The world of Epoch is populated by a variety of races and cultures, both human and non-human. Character creation is based on points, not class, allowing access to a wide variety of skills. Players may choose from a list of mythical races and societies to belong to when creating their character.

Who can play Epoch?

Epoch is a mature role-playing environment, open to anyone 18 years of age or older.

How much does it cost to play?

It costs $45/event for a member to play. New players can play their first game for $15. Complete fee information can be found in the Season Fees.

How often do you play?

Epoch Toronto holds an event once a month from March – November. For this years event dates see Season Event Dates.

Where do you play?

Epoch Toronto rents Scouts Canada camps for our events. A complete list of sites with directions and site information can be found at Event Sites

When do you meet?

We meet most Thursdays for social events. Click on the Calendar to see this year’s specific dates and locations.

How can I get more information?

The answer to many questions can be found on this website. If you have specific questions you need answered you can send e-mail to one of the executive members or you can post questions to the non-members forum on the Epoch message boards.

How do I get access to the members only forums on the discussion boards?

Once you have paid your membership and have created an OOG account (with your real name). Then post a request to the Forum Support forum of the message boards. Access will be granted as soon as the communication team can confirm the payment of your membership.