Past Residents


Acredia DeProvos

Acredia was born before the plague and escaped the fate that befell most of his countrymen though luck, alchemy and a bit of bastardness. Acredia has adjusted to life in the new epoch, and has perhaps softened a little bit.  He doesn’t have much tolerance for fools.  But he does regret the death of some of the towns people he’s killed in the past… even if it did seem like a good idea at the time.  Well Acredia began his time in Carrge Wynn as a devout NOSian, his views on religion have loosened up some.

Alexander Drake

Few know of Drake’s past before he arrived in Carreg Wynn. Not so much a permanent “resident” as an aspiring “wandering stranger” with an awful sense of direction, the Book Mage can often be found stumbling into The Last Resort, a thoroughly confused expression on his face quickly turning to terror as the realization suddenly dawns of where he has found his way back to. Notoriously inept under pressure, the hedgewizard is better known for his love of food, drink, and quiet relaxation, than for any notable deeds,  burning ambition, or shining destiny…other than some strangely persistent rumours involving a certain bastard sword of a subtle disposition. Often seen cradling weather-beaten books as he tries to find a good spot to have an afternoon snooze, Drake is known for freely teaching spells and magical lore to aspiring magi, often speaking publicly against the secretive practices common among students of the arcane.


Cherry; The Goddess Malabascamabara; Goddess of Candy and making dreams come true; Proprietor of the Last Resort Inn. Would like to invite you to our fine establishment. Especially if you are a wench with large cleavage. As we always need more of those.


Cro is a young warrior from the Curn tribe. He wandered into Haven one day and immediately became wrapped up in events outside of his control. Well versed in Curn spirit lore, Cro is awed by the wonders he has seen on his journey into the frontier. A somewhat strange youth, Cro usally has a thoughtful look in his eyes and a knowing smile on his lips.


Not much is known about the two sword wielding “Hero” named Darien, and he doesn’t seem capable of speaking, so it’s likely to stay that way. At one point given the nickname “Rather Dashing”, Darien is friendly, kind, and somehow manages to charm people despite his inability to speak. It is clearly obvious that he does not tolerate harm to innocents, and is willing (perhaps a little TOO willing) to sacrifice himself for the good of others. He has also proven himself capable of a rage so powerful that it can kill him, but not before he’s taken down every enemy in sight. Truly you have not seen someone startled until you’ve seen a smiling mute scream thunderous wrath at them.


EquivalenceOrder of the Balance Arch-Mage Steel Bastion Mind Lord Shadow Walker Equivalence, First Captain of the Armed Forces of Scale, Commander of Central Frontier Operations, Owner of the Carreg Wynn Cavaliers Mercenary Company… At least, that’s how he introduces himself. Despite claiming that his Order is far-reaching and powerful, no other members have been introduced to Carreg Wynn. Much about Equivalence is speculation, and any information he gives about his past is questionable, as anyone who speaks with him even briefly can tell that he is obviously insane. What is apparent is that he always seems to have a very clear sense of purpose. One thing is said clearly to anyone meeting him for the first time.

“Don’t touch my hat.”

Equivalence founded the Carreg Wynn Cavaliers and is currently commanding them, though has stated he is looking for someone to take his place as their leader.

Eva Furrow

Eva is one of John’s many daughters. In fact, she is John’s youngest daughter and his “hell raiser”. From the age of five she was captivated when adventurers came to save the farm from spiders. Since then she’s always wanted to be an adventurer. Against her father’s wishes she practices in the barn late at night. When he father is in deep slumber she sneaks away to the town to see if any of the adventurers can share their knowledge. When she’s old enough to become a real lady she will leave the farm completely and join the town of Carreg Wynn.

Sir Finnegan Fury of Whitehaven Keep

Sir Finnegan is a recent addition to town life around Carreg Wynn.  He hails from Whitehaven Keep, a sanctuary and safe haven 60 days easy walk to the North East.  Little is known about him yet, other then his distaste of void magic, but he has been seen camping with the Arlurus.  He wears heavy armour and a blue tabard, and carries a bastard sword.

Brother Henrius
Usually found at the NOSian Chapel or minding a shift at the Inn, Henrius has been in Carreg Wynn for several years.   There are some stories of him from years past, so his time now seems to not be the extent of his experience with Carreg Wynn.   Known for his counsel at the Chapel or for his time as a healer, he wanders the frontier when not at his Chapel or the Inn.    There is word he has connections to the messengers guild – he certainly travels like one.


Jesters profile picI am Jester.
It is who, and what I am.
Do not let the rumours scare you: I do not kill people. I am merely the weapon that others wield to kill their enemies. I am the knife a jealous wife uses to kill her philandering husband, or the axe an executioner uses to behead the guilty.
But the best weapons are not cheap. If you wish to use this one to kill your enemies, you had better have the gold to pay for it.

Magyar “Maggie” Rosethorn

Maggie has some concerns, and she’s happy to share them with anyone willing (or unwilling) to listen.  Originally from Petra, this grandmotherly matriarch is on a journey to understand her place in the world now that her life partner has died.  She is kindly and helpful, and rather good with her hands.  If you ask, she’ll show you her wares, which mostly consist of jewelry and small textile arts.


bill-the-skullWhat is there to say about Oliver?

He doesn’t do much. He can’t fight, he can’t defend. All he can do is run away. How on Earth someone has managed to make it this far in life without a single useful skill is a mystery. But Oliver is proof that it can be done.
Just keep the Orcs away from him. Unless you want to clean up after him and find him a spare pair of pants.



What can I say about myself, I was born from the thought of a beautiful woman and fought tooth and nail to climb the tallest mountain to pick the flower for her. I picked my name from the stars above when when I first saw them. I’m no hero but some people say I can dance.


Mel Summerhold

Mel is a master alchemist full of optimism. Many have said he should have been born a faun, Mel uses his alchemy as a way of making money and mischief. Mel can be recognized in Carreg Wynn by an involuntary, but constant, look of guilt on his face. If you see Mel walking around, stop and say hi, buy a potion or two, if he likes you, he just might cut you a deal.

Miranda Mavery “M+M”

Once part of Dark Moon, she has moved on from her position of chef and left the crew. She now serves herself and the Goblin King. Always looking to impart her knowledge on those seeking it, she hopes to become a teacher.



Few know about Morderkaine’s past before he arrived in Carreg Wynn. He is a warrior-mage who uses fire and earth magic to enhance his battle skills. Morderkaine is always willing to teach magic to newcomers, and is often seen dragging unconscious people into the inn for healing. He is a cautious fighter who ensures that victory is guaranteed before starting a fight.


SephrinaNoble’s daughter, inn keeper, wife of a farmer. Lady Sephrina has been a well known resident for many years. She can act the noble when she wants but don’t make her mad…






Tarwin is a completely normal human from a completely normal fishing village on the Sea of Storms. The rumors as to why Tarwin is never seen during the day are highly exaggerated.



Andonna-Rythorn also known as clumsy the elf has just recently returned to Carreg-Wynn. After returning and finding out so many people she cares so much about are gone is sad. She is currently camping near the faerie ring. She is also learning to become a good medic to be able to help all fey better.


gideonAfter all these years, you’d think I would stop looking in the “human” section for my profile. What can you do? Faerie is as Faerie does, I guess.
I buy things, I sell things. If you got it, I might want it. If I got it, you might want it. So let’s make a trade. I am especially interested in unusual animals and skins. I don’t particularly care how you got them, or who used to wear it. Hells, I even have a few square feet of my own hide on hand.I will warn you, elf I may be, but don’t think a few swings of your sword will leave me on the ground. And if you do make that mistake, you will regret it.
And one last thing:

This is Carreg Wynn: Enjoy your life, or someone else might enjoy it for you.


I have seen the future and changed it, not once, but twice. I have defeated a demon with a riddle and made a Prime weep with joy. I have defied some Gods while others praised my name. I have destroyed artifacts more powerful than you will ever hold and with a word made others lose what power they held. Women fear me and Men wish to be me. I was born a human and the Faerie corrected that mistake at my insistence. I’ve won the heart of a Dwarven Lady and still have my head on my shoulders. My name is Lord Glandril Denstylis, House of Ironthunder. You may have heard of me.


Apple Ironthunder Denstylis

ME? I’m Lady Apple Denstylis, House of Ironthunder, second daughter to the Might Oak of Rocktumble and wife to Lord Glandril Denstylis of the Fey Enclave in Carreg Wynn. That should tell you everything you need to know.

Cedar Ironthuner

I’m Cedar Ironthunder, Apple’s older brother (regardless of what she might tell you… but it’s a bit of a tale. Buy me an ale sometime…)

Usually I can be found up at the Fey Enclave or the Inn, getting into trouble… just don’t let Apple hear about that part, OK?


Bruce Ironfist
GB2014 - 400x400Who would have ever thought, that in such a crazy place as Carreg Wynn, anyone would find love.  Ask me that three or four years ago, I would have thought myself out of my own mind.  I’m a Curn shaman, spiritualist, ritualist, woodcarver, leatherworker, and seamstress.  I also try my best to help smooth out wrinkles in Arluru-fae relations.   As for all the titles I seem to be collecting these days, lets just say I’m still growing into them.  You can still just call me Bruce.


Thantifaxath, or Fax to most people, is a Halfling. Schooled at the Collegium Arcanum in Thulud, he holds honors in Herbalism, Mineralogy, and Alchemy. As a traveling Apothecary, he trades in alchemical components and potions. Haven has been part of his trade route for the past two years.

Doctor Odo Tealeaf

Odo is a Halfling with a very curious nature.  He is always looking for a book to read or other information to consume.  If you were ever hoping to find him he never misses a meal at the Last Resort.  While he is not a pacifist, he prefers the non-violent route.  If push comes to shove
however, he will do his best to defend himself.

In the battlefield he can be found mostly trying to get people who are injured to safety.  He is very practiced at putting things together that other people commonly miss.  As such he became a detective at a young age. If you’re looking to solve a crime, Odo Tealeaf is your Halfling.

In Carreg Wynn he is becoming closer to the Faerie.  He hopes to learn as much as he can and try to learn about what the house of his grandparents was like (and maybe one day if he is lucky, see it).

Magpie Fairweather

Magpie Picture for WebsiteMagpie has always loved weddings. Some of her earliest memories growing up revolve around weddings her family attended. It seemed natural for her to develop this love into a career as she grew up. Magpie has traveled across the Frontier planning weddings. Her big break came when she was hired to plan Apple and Glandril’s wedding which took place in the hidden Dwarven town of Rocktumble. After meeting all the kind folk from Carreg Wynn who invited her to move to their town, Magpie decided that maybe Carreg Wynn was the place for her to settle down, and maybe find a steady beau. After several years in town, she has expanded her career, planning not just weddings, but funerals (far more common in a town like Carreg Wynn!), and all sorts of other celebrations. A woman of diverse talents, she is also the Executive Chef of the Last Resort Inn and is considered a
Spiritual Leader by many of the Fey of Carreg Wynn. She recently took on her most daunting task ever – becoming the Faerie’s Champion.


Ninety percent of the world’s conflicts could be solved if everyone involved sat down for a nice cup of tea, with maybe a scone or a nice cookie or an oatcake with some honey or a buttery biscuit or some similar pastry. For the other ten percent, the Faerie gave us crossbows.

Tia Tildee Wintermoth

Tia Tildee Wintermoth is a halfling from Tawdic City who writes adventure novels and prides herself in the research and authenticity of her work. When a high ranking noble accuses her of not knowing a real adventure even if it smacked her along side the head Tia takes offence and decides to prove him wrong. She packs her belongings and heads to the frontier because everyone knows that’s where the real adventures happen.

Tia is the author of “Eye of the Bee Holder”, “The Demon She Didn’t Know”, “Berry Trotter and the Void Stone”, and “29 Adventures Before Teatime”.

Venetor Flux

Venetor Flux, or Ven as his likely to be called is a Halfling and Halfling means ‘good food, good drink, good friends, good song, and some more good food.’ Venetor is no exception to the rule.
A well known storyteller, Venetor travels ‘The Known World’ and planes unknown searching out new tales to add to his book.
Having been around Carregg Wynn off and on for the past few years he has found the perfect place to add to his collection of stories. Thou more recently he can be heard grumbling to himself on occasion “I’m supposed to tell the stories. Not be in them”
While Venetor may seem forgetful of names and places he is always double checking what he is told in his little black book written in a claw mark language that never leaves his side.
Jovial in nature Venetor can be fiercely defensive of those he calls friend. While his grandfather’s crossbow hanging by his side has gone through some changes in the past few years with the clockwork contraptions do not doubt they can still pack a wallop when mixed with a little fire magic. That’s not counting a few other tricks up the halfling’s sleeves.

Zen the Wanderer

P1018997.JPGSlipping in and out of the Land of the Dead isn’t the only reason Zen is called the Wanderer. He has wandered all around the known world with only his slingshot and the Faerie to keep him company. Now that he has settled in Carreg Wynn to train in his art and stay close to his deity, who knows what stories await him…



Ka’Kage Adara

Trained as an envoy, she reinvented herself as the pride’s alchemist when circumstances changed.  She has traveled too far and for too long to want for much these days except for a warm fire and a soft bed, yet if you look closely you will see she still retains some of her old debutante ways.

Ka’Kage Brigham Krihtar

Brigham is a scholar with a keen interest in astronomy, warm places to spend the winter and a healthy diet.  He asks that you not call Kaern, ‘kitties’, saying “If you do not insult us by comparing us to a baby cat, I will not insult you by accidentally stick you with a dagger.”

Ka’Kage Iro’Surmi

This young light coloured Kaern does not enjoy the company of oz’ot’az, and has stated that she would prefer the company of toads, even when they pee on her hands. Daughter of Ka’Kage Nre’fala Mi’Shana, Ka’Kage Saash Tahlus, and Ka’Kage Haro Kahtar, Ka’Kage Iro’Surmi owns an adolescent pet Arluru, Vess’Koinu, and is learning to be Pridemother, when the time comes.

Ka’Kage KutaShenko Mirtan

KutaShenko profileOn the list of things one does not expect to see, even in Carreg Wynn, is a Kaern diligently working a forge. Also on that list is a Kaern wearing full plate.
KutaShenko is both those things.
He is the Ka’Kage pryde’s black smith. He has long ago grown accustomed to the smell of burnt fur. Hopefully, soon the rest of the pryde will too.

Ka’Kage Sesshu-Kyoshie

SesshuOriginally PrydeMother of the Ka’Kuta, Sesshu-Kyoshie wandered into town looking for supplies several days after her camp had been raided. Having walked into the inn during a costume party, she is convinced that the majority of residents are insane – likely made so by the inn food. Raised in a proud Kaern Pryde (Ka’Rassar), she is polite & respectful of tradition; and expects the same in return. PrydeMother of the much larger Ka’Kage Pryde, she takes her responsibilities very seriously.

Ka’Kage Soku-Rassar

UntitledThe exiled daughter of the Iro’Miza Prydemother, Soku came to Carreg Wynn to find a new Pryde. Now a member of Ka’Kage, she hopes to make herself useful to her Prydemother. Though she has only been a member of the Pryde a short time, she can be fiercely protective of it’s members, every single one she considers part of her family. After years of being groomed to lead the Iro’Miza Pryde, Soku is thoroughly enjoying her much more simple life in Ka’Kage.


Ka’Kage So’Niko

Ka’Kage So’Niko formerly known as Iro’Miza So’Niko is new to Carreg-Wynn and the Ka’Kage pryde. she is a quiet person who spends a lot of time in the forest, hunting and tracking. She prefers the quiet of the forest over the company of others and tends to shy away from large groups.


No’Jiyuu Dae-Kage Surkin

This tiger-striped Kaern has been skulking about town for around a decade. While not as playful as when he arrived as a kitten, he is still fond of all manner of games.
Currently one of the two Surkins of the No’Jiyuu pride, Dae-Kage has been part of multiple prides and had many different names in his time in Carreg Wynn and is one of the least formal Kaern in the area.

Syn’Yari Miza’Lus Surk’Kuta, Steel, Zal’U

Syn’Yari Miza’Lus Surk’Kuta, Steel, Zal’U. Their list of names seems to be growing by the hour. A young but powerful Kaern, some might say they are recklessly impulsive, but they simply know that superfluous thought is reserved females. They usually deal with threats unarmed, but frequently weild a bow which shimmers magically. Their powerful aura resembles thin, crooked arms with jagged, clawed hands. If you can’t see them, they can probably see you…and it’s probably best to watch your back.


Weilding a medical kit and two very small maces. Hunts, lives, and let live. Stays mostly to the background and comes out once in a while to help out.


Civilisation ground out of him long ago, Ves’Morro’sur is a feral creature with a predatory gleam in his eye. A member of the wandering Ves’Kala pride, who dubiously awarded him the title of “Surkin.” A mercurial creature, the Kaern skulks in and out of Caregg Wynn at random, capriciously satisfying his curiosities and hungers.



Alz is a very different faun, instead of being the center of attention, social butterfly and mischievous, he is withdrawn, shy and quiet. Alz is a master alchemist, alchemical ritual specialist and an enchanter. He is always looking for new recipe’s to try and new ingredients to experiment on and new rituals to replicate. He is most often found in “Alz’s spot” working on some new alchemical experiments.


Squire of Magpie !
Aurora is a faun who enjoys the company of others and the excitement of Carreg Wynn. She lives with her aunt, just outside of the town limits and visits frequently.

Dr. Baz Mosswind, MD

Dr. Baz Mosswind, MD, is likely the tensest faun one might encounter. Up to his neck in trouble, he spends his time looking over his shoulder, playing dice games and your heartstrings, and pursuing the arts. He is vocally asexual and aromantic. One time he was put in charge of suggesting names for the Faunish Aspect of Fairy, and suggested his own name. 


A young theatrical faun… Watch your back if you have buttons.

Dr. E. Rand

Dr. Rand is a professor from the University in Bulwark, come to Carreg Wynn to do research for a very special dissertation.  Both nervous and curious by nature, he shuns combat and courts social disaster with his incessant questions.


Half-Tooth may not be the brightest, bravest, most honest, honourable or tactful faun out there (and that’s saying a lot), but if there’s one thing he can be depended on it’s…well…absolutely nothing. Loud, uncouth and woefully uneducated, this glorious simpleton has no qualms about robbing you blind, making pacts with demons, blowing you up or drugging your food. He’s not a bad guy really, he’s just bored and will take it out on just about anyone in his general vicinity. And woe be they who fall under his scrutiny, rare though those occurrences may be. For when Half-Tooth finds the need to focus, something’s going terribly wrong. Gods and mortals both scratch their heads in frustration at the walking, talking, willful rejection of civility that is Half-Tooth the Faun.


Forced into the hobo life when she was kicked out of her family’s circus, Harper is a drifter, who occasionally spends a week or two in Carreg Wynn.  She has an odd obsession with alchemy, despite not being an alchemist herself.  When in town, she can often be found drawing pictures in her spellbook, playing her harp, or tasting whatever potions people offer her.


A rambunctious and chronologically confused faun who comes from a distorted and unspeakable past. When this mischievous chameleon of emotions isn’t playing pranks, she can be found chasing all things fluffy or eating fireflies (which she believes gives her magic powers). She can drive the men wild with her mating dance and never understands why since she is unaware of the aspects of mating. Her delightful sense of humor is matched only by her speed… coined “the racing faun of Carreg wynn”


People in this town are such penny pinchers. They need to learn how to live it up a little. If you don’t live life to the fullest, then what kind of life is that? Besides, its not often that the Guildmaster of the Courtesan’s guild is willing to serve for a price. At least Mother helps me in my endevours, and keeps those horrible dolls away from me.

Quince Cobweb

The rumors are all true! Quince does navigate her barge by consulting the spirits. She does conduct research on the size of elves ears. She did find Jester true love and she does use live explosives to liven up performances of the Amazing Cobwebs. If you’ve heard a rumor about her that isn’t true, Please let Quince know so she can get started on it.

Rook Knothorn

Owner and Guardian of the Faunclave. This cunning and smooth talking faun can usually be found within his home in Carreg Wynn. Well known throughout the Frontier, Rook is a master alchemist, constantly honing and perfecting his craft on the endless mysteries and monsters that haunt his towns woods. Sometime impulsive, but never reckless, Rook is quick to defend his friends, allies and the people he considers family, especially his beloved wife Chastity. Usually he is dressed in a shepherd’s robe, a trait he picked up from his personal hero and mentor, Fritz the faun. Rook sometimes see’s himself as the caregiver and teacher to many of the young faun in Carreg Wynn, a responsibility that is both a joy and a burden to the adventurous faunish knight. Like many of his kind, Rook values free-will in himself and in others above all else and constantly fights the urge of wanderlust to see what secrets are just over the next hill.


Twitch is a young faun that loves travel. He travels from place to place, learning new things. He also builds awesome HAMMOCKS!
Find the fainting Faun!



Dirge is definitely not like any other Orc one has seen before. He is a Pacifist, who chooses the Art of Wrestling to painlessly make his opponents submit. He is 34 years old, and was born and raised a Curn Tribesmen of the Undying way Clan. Dirge has never found worth in gold, so he chose a life of poverty, and charity. For an older Orc, Dirge doesn’t seem to act his age. Immature at best, he always strives to keep his youthful spirit, combining it with rigorous training of the body. Dirge constantly searches to be the best at grappling, and will never pass up a lesson from someone who is more skilled them him.

Dread Pirate Bob

Bob is the best at everything. You name it and Bob has been there and done it. Best in the land. Such a kind soul, he/she will even let you give whatever it is Bob is the best at a try for yourself. Self proclaimed leader of the healer’s guild and all around good lookin pirate.


The one and only Sherriff, Water Champion, and over all good orc. You might find him at the inn, or at the Faunclave, or across the river, or… Well any place really. You must have seen him before, you know the young orc all dressed in black, with 2 daggers strapped to his side and a smile that all the lady orcs love!

Sir Nova Octavia

An orc with a political past. Nova was brought up by his adopted family and the church. At a certain point when Nova’s father died of the plague a decision had to be made and Nova was then Knighted a Templar Knight. The church was split between the idea but at least he wasn’t going to be a lord of the land. So instead of being around the main city all the time the church demanded that Nova maintain the good morals and behaviors in the local bounty hunters guild. Since then Nova had been traveling from place to place working as a bounty hunters representative.

Rouge Skullgrinder

This Orc girl claims to be from the Skull Grinder clan, she seems to have a fondness for Halflings (or at least, their cooking).

Loud and armed, this green-skin only really seems to get involved in the fighting when there’s a threat to her food supply. And when too many mages are wiggling their fingers in her direction.
“Stop with the jibber-jabber!”




The Alpha Male of the local Arluru pack known as Brightmoon, Arcarin is the first known Arluru to come to this world via the Black Oblivion years ago. He’s known for his territoriality and unbridled rage in battle, often seen charging into combat with his twin flaming axes. Intruders on his land are met with harsh words or a face full of burning axes, more often the latter.


(WANTED – Alive for questioning) This young Arluru is wanted for questioning in regards to two deaths that occurred last year.  If he is seen, return him to his alphas, and request that they present him to the town for questioning.  He is oft seen wearing black leathers and is armed with a bone crossbow.

Frost Spice / Sigarda Heron

FrostAn Arluu of fine tastes and fancy dress, Frost was raised by The Spice’s on their farm just outside of Fairtree for most of his life before getting his education in farm management at the Tor’jadin university. The Faunish upbringing and his mother’s wooden spoon seem to have sapped the majority of the Arluru rage from him but he is still an able body in combat and the magical arts and until recently was alone with his own thoughts. Sigarda Heron is the newest resident of the body called Frost Spice. Bringing with her a plethora of medical knowledge and a short fuse for stupidity, sloth and medics who do more harm then good they find Frost to be an acceptable vessel for their immense knowledge but are very displeased at his lack of understanding in the way of healing as well as the loss of their own skilled hands.


As hot-headed as they come, this Arluru omega of the Brightmoon pack has a mouth foul and a foul temper. Prone to violence with little in the way of provocation, it’s easy to see why the Alphas keep her on a (proverbial) short leash. Looking one part Red Riding hood, one part Big Bad Wolf, and the rest tavern wench, the grey-furred, curb-stompin’ fire mage might strike a reasonably attractive figure, if she wasn’t snarling all the time…


Martok is one of the more elderly of the Arluru in Carreg Wynn. His days of glory and battle are few. Instead, he spends his time sharing wisdom and cracking jokes.


…….Has been years of running….hiding….keep Ka’Kage Iro’Surmi safe from monsters. Me not know where was born. Me not know why birth parents leave me. Family is Pryde now. Me not sure how much to trust Arcarin, but he seem to know lots. Me only listen to males unless Prydemother say different…..Males cause trouble.

Elemental Kin


The large loud mouthed Firekin, after spending a year in the fire plane he returned resembling a volcano’s younger brother with lava like skin. He recently took over part ownership of the Last Resort Inn. When not in the inn he can usually be found playing with one of his pets or searching for more animals to care for. He is always willing to share a joke, food or pot of tea with someone. If there is someone cooking in The Lash Res…ahem…The Last Resort, it’s probably Lash.

Lyra Byrd

Don’t let her singsong voice, childish pout or buffoonery fool you: Lyra Byrd is dangerous. Ish. She’s at least a danger to herself and should never be allowed near the alchemicals.

This pipe-smoking, harp-playing, swill-imbibing air kin has been wandering the Material Plane for over sixty years, drinking, conning and barding her way across the land. Mercurial and mischievous, she is an incomparable hedonist, as is befitting a minstrel of her prominence. She tends toward shiftiness when asked about her past.

She regales with tales, thrills with trills, and will even write a song immortalizing your heroic deeds… for a price.


Once she had been Lord Water’s most favoured Water Sprite but now she works toward the betterment of the circle from the mortal plane. Along side Mangle she spreads her love of water magic to the world. She can often be found swimming the river or dipping her feet from the dock.

Tuula Aurora Gale

Tuula is an air elemental who has only been in this realm for a short time. She is still learning her way and trying to understand the customs of this realm. If in town Tuula can usually be found at the air circle or following around the Air Champion.



Rescued from the destruction of her world by the Fairie, Tammerian is the only one of her kind in the world. She’s adapted as best she can…


Do right. Think right. Speak right.

Not always attainable, but it is the journey rather than the destination that defines the individual and his time in this world.


Circe & Shorty

Bound by fate and love so sweet,
we’ve traveled here on willing feet.

From Circus Enigma and forest we spring,
zeal for life and tall tales we bring.

Protectors of animal, river and wood,
we do what we can, ’cause innately we’re good.

We’ll show you your psyche in animal cards,
and of innocent souls we’ll seek to be guards.


Gareth Winterbourne

Born in Carreg Wynn during a harsh winter, as was the family tradition, Gareth Winterbourne and family left Carreg Wynn when the area became too dangerous to raise a family in. Moving North to Devil’s End, the family grew and prospered. When old enough Gareth chose to join the ranks of the Farland Rangers, a pseudo police force that protects the land from evil and other threats as well. Having married to his childhood sweetheart, he was overjoyed to find the Order assigned him to the region where Devil’s End and Carreg Wynn fell into. Being such a large area was fine because it always brought him home. But when a pack of Vorlun’s ran rampant in the countryside outside of Devil’s End, it fell to Gareth to handle the two monsters. He succeeded in killing one and then the other, but not before the second one had followed his trail back to his home and killed his wife and newborn child. In that battle Gareth lost is right eye. For the loss Lord Earth granted the ranger a new eye, a glowing red ruby eye. Now the ranger simply walks from place to place in his assigned region, occasionally bringing him back to Carreg Wynn.


Snug Cobweb

Snug is one of three “Amazing” Cobwebs. Born a gypsy, she has wandered extensively, finally finding an odd roaming stability with her spouses. She is an avid collector of memories, having a particular fondness for buttons. She is currently on a quest to become Water Champion, because she understands that the Champions are the mages who get top-billing.


FOUR or Verdigris exists to protect and serve. Her once shining copper body has been covered in heavy teal corrosion over the centuries. Since coming to Carreg Wynn, this Awakened Construct has made an impression by founding the Carreg Wynn Guard and establishing a network of security and order. So long as you live within the confines of the law, you need not fear the point of her spear, which has been kept shining and razor sharp over the ages.