Before the start of each Epoch event, all the players are required to log in their character with the
Logistics Officer. While it is possible to log in at the event, logging before the event (also called Pre-logging) is preferable as it makes the logistics process work much faster. This page explains what is needed to successfully pre-log for an Epoch event. A player may log up to two characters per event

File Types

There are 3 file types that are suitable. One of these is required to complete pre-log after your email is sent.

  • .doc, .docx, or .rtf
  • .xls or .xlsx
  • .txt

It is understood that some do not have Word or Excel, or possibly have an Apple or Linix computer over Windows PC. We recommend Open Office which is a free program. It’s a free program in which you can save as any of these file types.


Please send the files to logistics@epoch-larp.ca as attachments so they can be stored appropriately in the logistics Database. Please avoid sending them as a copy/paste in the email or via SkyDrive as it makes it difficult to do the required logistics.

Items Required for Pre-Log

When you send in your log there should be 3 files you send: Your Character Sheet, XP Expenditure and CRP Expenditure.

If all 3 files are not sent in the above mentioned formats then the CRPs given  for pre-logging are negated. Logistics will follow up with details if this is the case as to what corrections are required, at which time the required form can be re-submitted prior to the deadline with the above in mind and CRPs will be distributed.

Character Sheet

Your character sheet should always include your name, character name and the date of event. Always indicate your race and any (dis)advantage. All required information at the top of the character sheet should be complete for tracking purposes.

When it comes to your skills listing it is a MUST to list the XP cost, skill level and date of purchase. If you update a certain skill and wish to combine with the previous levels, be sure each level is listed with its proper date of purchase on your XP expenditure sheet.

Although income purchase is listed in the skills listing, it is still to be indicated at the top of the sheet in each related category. If incomes are not listed here then it will be difficult, if not impossible in some cases, to ensure all income is received prior to event. For flora and ores of large quantities you may want to look into creating a tag file to send with your log to be printed off for each event.

Space is premium! We all plan to keep our characters for a long while, but printing three pages per event is a lot to carry around. Please try to conserve your space by removing double spacing and keeping the font small.

DO NOT send in your armor stats or character history. These items are NOT required by logistics.

DO NOT send magical item statistics unless it directly affects income or obtaining a skill.


Expenditure Sheets

We have redone the expenditure sheets to help make them a little clearer. You should be using these sheets after every event. It’s a great way to track what you earn and how you spend it.

XP Expenditure Sheet

By using an XP expenditure sheet you can track a detailed listing of your skills and help keep your Character sheet streamlined. Please make sure you have your Player name on the sheet.


On the sheet you will find an area for the event date (including year) and XP earned (which would include the doubled value). You can also track whether you’re an officer or exec which can help figure out doubling out and what CRPs you’ve earned which can help with any audits.


You will find an area for the event date you are spending your XP for, as well as the XP cost and which skills you are purchasing. Also handy for those of you with more than one character (or saving up for one) there is an area you can indicate which character the skill is going to.

Very important is the area for teacher. If you are purchasing a skill that requires a teacher you must indicate who taught you this skill.

There is also an area where you can track total XP allotted for each character you may have to ensure you have not under- or overspent on any one character by accident.

CRP Expenditure Sheet

By using a CRP Expenditure you can very easily track all the CRPs you receive and spend. Please make sure you have your player name on the sheet.


When you help clean site after game or volunteer at convention (for example) you will earn CRPs. These are usually given to you at the next event in an envelope from the treasurer. These are considered physical CRPs.
Some players have positions (i.e. Officers or Executive) which have a standard CRP value received after each event, rather than give them the actual paper CRPs they can go into a virtual ‘bank’ (i.e. your CRP expenditure sheet).


In this area you can indicate when and how much you have earned. We recommend using this even if you receive an envelope of CRPs. When you receive CRPs from tasks outside of events (i.e. donation of time or items) you can still indicate which event you received the physical CRPs or if you arranged to do it banked you can always indicate the task/convention you received the CRPs from.


In this area you can indicate what you would like to purchase with your CRPs through log. Such things include Mana, Floras, Ores, Silver and of course doubling out your experience from your last event.

These sheets are for you as much as logistics, so please remember to keep them up to date and send them in with every log!

When do I earn stuff?

Remember that all XP is earned at the END of an event. This means you CANNOT spend XP you have not earned yet.

Doubling Out

There has been a lot of confusion as to how this works. Because you do not earn your XP until the end of an event you cannot pay logistics to double it out until the next event.


June Event you earn 6 XP by going. When loging at the July event you will give Log 6 CRPs to double your XP to 12.  You receive those 6 CRPs for free to cover your first double out on your first event.

Final Notes

Starting in 2012, the pre-log deadline will be Monday before event. With the ever-increasing number of people pre-logging (which Logistics appreciates), we need a fair amount of time to save everything, print and get it all together for the event. Do remember that it is never too early to pre-log for the next event!

Also we are increasing the CRPs incentive for pre-logging to 2 CRPs, which means faster doubling out for everyone!



What are they?

Creation Points are special points handed out by the club’s Executive for work done for the club. They differ from Experience Points (XP) in that they are not directly added to your character’s point total. Creation points are commonly called CRPs (pronounced creeps).

How do you earn CRPs


For each event you complete the pre-log process you will get 2 CRPs

Clean Up

The Games Facilitators may offer CRPs for extra jobs done at clean up.

Working for the Club

At a promotional event like a convention = 3 CRPs/hour

At Cast Make-it-bee = 3 CRPs/hour

Officer or Executive = depends on position

Donations to Cast

mana = 1 CRP per 10 mana – must be of excellent quality. This will be inspected when you turn in the mana.

All other donations (such as costume pieces or props) depends on the quality and need


Driving another member to an event can earn you 2 CRPs per person per direction. For instance Tom gives Ted, Mike and Al a ride to site. He gives a ride home to Ted, Mike, Al and Shannon thus he has earned a total of 14 CRPs.

Ways to spend CRPs

Doubling out XP

At log-in you can double your experience points for the event before using up to the same number of CRPs as the experience points you earned for the event. This normally does not include any bonus XP you may have earned for exceptional roleplaying or through other bonuses. For example: if you had attended a three day weekend event you would normally receive 6 experience points for the weekend. If you turned in 6 CRPs at log in you would instead receive 12 experience points. If instead you only had 4 CRPs you could turn those in for a total of 10 XP.

New Character 20 XP + 20 CRPs = 40 XP
3 day weekend 6 XP + 6 CRPs = 12 XP
4 day weekend 8 XP + 8 CRPs = 16 XP
Day event or Feast Night 2 XP + 2 CRPs = 4 XP


If you can’t find a teacher in-game for a skill you want, you can submit a training story to the AD and then pay 1 CRP for each XP trained. For example: If your character has Smithing 3 and wants to learn Smithing 4 but can not find a trainer. You write a short story for the AD about how your character went to Clairborne and apprenticed for a master smith there for several weeks learning advanced techniques. Once the AD has approved your story, you provide logistics with 12 CRPs (since smith 4 is a 12 XP skill) and can now learn the skill as if you had a trainer.

Plot forces

A plot force is a plot line the AD introduces into game at the request of a player or group of players. The AD has the right to reject any requested plot forces if it will not fit into the planned plot for the event/season. When a player discusses a plot force with the AD, the AD will rate the size of the plot force based on factors such as the number of cast involved, the time involved and the benefits to the players requesting the plot force.

trivial plot force 10 CRPs
small plot force 20 CRPs
medium plot force 40 CRPs
large plot force 60 CRPs
extra-large plot force 100 CRPs


1 silver 1 CRP
1 prime mana 1 CRP
1 pure mana 2 CRPs
10 flora 1 CRP
1 mineral 1 CRP
1 gold 10 CRPs

Please note: Neither substances nor master crafting materials are avalible from CRPs and must be found in game.