Safety Rules

NOTE: Epoch is a game which simulates dangerous situations. Actual physical injuries are not common. Anyone who deliberately harms another person will be reported to the police and expelled from the club.

There are numerous safety rules which we require all of our members to follow in order to minimize the possibility of injury. However, there will always be a chance that you might get hurt. You might trip and sprain an ankle, get hit in the face by a padded weapon, or get smacked by a flailing limb – the same types of injuries you might expect from a jog through the forest or a soccer game. It’s unlikely that you will be injured as long as you play by our rules, but, as always, accidents do happen. If you aren’t prepared to deal with the possibility of getting injured, then you shouldn’t play with Epoch Toronto. You will be required to fill our a waiver form before you are allowed to participate in Epoch Toronto events.

It’s mandatory that you attend an Epoch Toronto orientation, because we can’t let you play without it. You might be a danger to yourself or others without learning how we play.

Minors are not allowed to play Epoch. The reason for this is that it is too difficult for the club, and often the players, to arrange for legal guardianship. So, you must be eighteen (18) years of age or older to play.

We insist that new players let us know about their allergies or other special health considerations, as we will try our best to accomodate you. To this end, you will be required to fill out a Medical Information Form that will include your information.

If you are interested in assisting the club with safety, and/or medical issues, please send us your credentials. We like to know if any of our players have first-aid or other emergency training, just in case.


Our General Safety Rules

The Don’ts

  1. Climb cliffs.
  2. Climb trees or roofs.
  3. Play with fire.
  4. Use flammables in the woods (except at designated firepits).
  5. Fight anywhere else unsafe.
  6. Consume alcohol or narcotics. It is STRICTLY PROHIBITED on-site and will result in expulsion from the site as well as the club.

The Dos

  1. Keep safety in mind at all times.
  2. If you’ve gone off alone, make sure someone knows where you went.
  3. Carry a whistle for safety reasons.
  4. Always have a watch and a light source.
  5. Always have a way to make a phone call (change for a payphone or a cell phone).
  6. Have fun.

The “Really Stupid Things Which Might End Up Getting You Hurt”

  1. Running through the woods at night.
  2. Fighting in the water.
  3. Running across the water.
  4. Approaching a wild animal.
  5. Jumping from a great height.
  6. Deliberately scaring someone silly.

Other “Really Stupid Things”

  1. Hiding underneath a building (animals poo down there).
  2. Attacking someone on the way to or from nature’s call.
  3. Lying down in the swamp.
  4. Hiding under straw.
  5. Touching poison ivy.


Fire Safety

Campfires are only permitted during Epoch Toronto events if the following rules are observed:

  1. No combat of any sort is permitted within 20 feet of open fire.
  2. All fires must be kept small and may only be set in existing fire pits.
  3. A fire bucket filled with water must be placed near all fires.
  4. One person around the fire must be appointed the ‘Fire Monitor’ and will be required to attend the fire from the time it is lit until the time all coals are dead.
  5. Fire Monitors must be briefed in the proper care of campfires to the satisfaction of the executive.
  6. A Fire Monitor may participate in game at the fire but must go OOG to attend the fire during an incident (such as combat) or exodus of characters from the area.
  7. The position of Fire Monitor for a given fire pit is transferable to another qualified person providing that the fire pit is never left unattended to do so.
  8. Woodpiles must be kept up wind from the fire and a safe distance from the fire pit.
  9. If greasy food is being cooked, a box of baking soda must also be available for extinguishing grease fires.

Fires are only permitted in the fire pits provided. Portable half barrels are available from the Camp Ranger. If you construct a fire on the ground, Scouts Canada will fine you $50 and you will be expelled from the club. Cut firewood can be ordered from the office or Camp Ranger upon arrival for $16.50 + GST per half face cord. You will only be charged for what you use. You may also bring firewood with you. Do not pick up the deadfall in the bush. All ashes from your fires must be deposited in the metal garbage cans at the clean-up stations. And yes, the Camp Ranger will be inspecting the firepits before we leave and if they are not cleaned up, we get an additional bill … which will be pass along to you.



Smoking is only allowed in designated areas announced at the start of each event. Each smoking area will have a person assigned to be responsible for supplying a container for the butts, as well as ensuring all butts are cleared by the end of the event. Any player may move to the parking lot to smoke OOG, but smoking anywhere else must be done IG. While smoking, no character may use any skills they have, and may only talk In Character. They may not smith, brew, make scrolls, teach, or otherwise use skills. While smoking, they must remain stationary. Any player found walking about, smoking at non-designated locations, or using skills while smoking will be penalized 2XP from their event total, prior to being able to double out. However, while smoking the character also cannot be the target of any spells, attacks, skills, or effects while smoking. They are still vulnerable to effects such as “My Voice Causes…”, etc, but before fleeing, running, or otherwise acting on the effect, they must first put out the cigarette. Any player found targetting a smoker will be penalized 2XP from their event total, prior to being able to double out.

This 2XP penalty applies to the player’s first offence only. Second or subsequent offences will carry more sever disciplinary action, up to including suspension or banning of the member from Epoch Toronto.

Natural Habitat

There is to be no cutting down of trees. If you do so, Scouts Canada will fine you $100 per tree and you will be expelled from the club.