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Club Officers

Medical Officers:
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Here is the list of officers for the 2017 season:

Forum Admin, Reports to Bud:

Games Facilitator, Reports to Secretary:
Shayna and Josh

Logistics, Reports to Secretary:
Mike and Val

Lore Keeper, Reports to President:
Kitty (head), Emily, Cas

Meal Plan, Reports to Treasurer:
Josh, Katherine, Nyssa, Greg

Medical, Reports to Secretary:
Ben (head), Eryn, Josh, Katie, Kadin, Chell, Sean C., Taz, Alli

New Players, Reports to Marketing:
Shayna (head), Emily, K’tlyn, Kadin, Taz

Photo, Reports to Marketing:
Val, Ben, Nyssa

Props, Reports to Treasurer:
Gregory, Taz

Rules, Reports to President:
Daniel (head), Alexander, Ryan, Cas, Gwen, Jack

Safety, Reports to President:
Ben, Taz, Chell, Katherine, Ashtin

Social Events Officer, Reports to Marketing:

Webmaster, Reports to Marketing:

The 2017 Officers List is also on the Epoch Forum:…



Committee Members for the 2017 Season:
Xian, Kitty, Emily, Cas
Attention Film and Journalism students: Please send any requests to: