Species Identifiers

All Epoch species except humans require specific costuming to clearly identify what race they are playing.

Arluru are recognized In Game by their wolf-like facial features.

Dwarves are recognized In Game by their beards. Females often grow dainty goatees, but for a male Dwarf, anything less than a full beard would be considered a shame to the race.

Elemental Kin can be recognized in game by their horns and skin colour. There must be 3 or more horns as well as skin coloured as follows:

  • Fire Kin : veins in red, orange or yellow to mimic the colours of fire
  • Water Kin : veins in green or blue to mimic the colours of water
  • Earth Kin : veins in brown or grey to mimic the colours of earth and stone
  • Air Kin : veins in blue or white to mimic the colours associated with the element of air

Elves are recognized In Game by their pointed ears.These must be prosthetic ears, and not an arbitrary object mounted on the ears like paper or tape.

Fauns are identified by two horns In Game.

Halflings are identified by fur on the backs of their hands.

Kaern are identified by their cat-like facial features (prosthetic or makeup). Some Kaern have tails. If you do not have a prosthetic for your Kaern, you must have a tail.

Orcs are identified by green-tinted skin and protruding lower teeth. Orcs are generally very proud of their tusks and will gnaw on things to keep their tusks at their sharpest and whitest.