Mana is represented in Epoch by small coloured bean bags filled with bird seed.

  • Blue = Air mana
  • Green = Water mana
  • Red = Fire mana
  • Brown = Earth mana
  • White = Essence mana
  • Black = Void mana
  • Plaid = Used by cast to represent non-standard magic or other distance attacks (such as spider webbing)

Mages do not have to make their own mana, it will be provided at login. From time to time the club will put out a call for people to make more mana. This is a good way to earn creation points.

To make mana you will require:

  • coloured broadcloth fabric cut into 6 inch squares
  • birdseed – about 1 full tablespoon/mana
  • black hockey tape – cut in half

Put the birdseed onto the center of the fabric square, wrap and tape.


Alchemy Kit

Basic Alchemy Labratory

All alchemists require a laboratory of some sort. A basic lab (suitable for a low level alchemist) would contain items to conduct the following activities.

  • Measure
  • Stir
  • Mix
  • Crush (mortal and pestle or grinder)
  • Phys reps of ingredients

For example your basic alchemy lab might contain a bowl, measuring spoons, a wooden spoon, a mortal and pestle and some small jars of ingredients.

The AD or their representative will evaluate your bowl and assign the number of potions that can be created in a batch. (The bigger the bowl the bigger the batch)

Advanced Alchemy Lab

Alchemist are expected to expand their alchemy labs as their skill improve. An advance alchemy lab might also include items to conduct the following activities.

  • Heat
  • Strain
  • Weigh
  • Decant
  • Time

For example an advance alchemy lab might contain a cauldron, scales, spoons, a grinder, sieve, funnel, egg timer and various bottles and jars to hold ingredients.




Medical Equipment

Medic Kits

Level three and above Medics need to carry medic kits. The Logistics Officer will evaluate your medic kit and assign the number of hit points it can heal based on the following scale:

  • 1 point shall be assigned for every bandage in the kit. The bandage must be 12″ in length and at least 1″ wide and be white or off-white fabric to qualify for a bandage by this definition
  • 1 point shall be assigned for every ‘leech’ prop in the kit. A leech may be represented by fake rubber leeches* or by gummi worms. The leeches must be kept in a sealed (but not glass) container. Players should role-play the use of leeches on patients when using the medic skill.
  • 1 point shall assigned for having a boffer scalpel. This must be at least 6″ in overall length
  • 1 point shall be awarded for having a splint. This piece of wood must be at least 12″ in length
  • 1 point shall be assigned for having a bottle (but not glass) of pure water or pure alcohol. This bottle must be able to hold at least 100ml. Pure water is defined as water that has been magically purified. Alcohol is defined as any pure distilled alcohol (eg rubbing alcohol). This can be made by anyone with at least one level in lifeskill Brewer or Distiller.
  • 1 point shall be assigned for having needle(s) and thread. The cheapest and easiest way to represent a needle is to roll up a piece of metallic tap.  Alternatives include: yarn needles (larger and blunter than sewing needles), plastic kids’ needles (with blunted ends), or appropriately colored strips of foam/latex/cardboard/etc.

*fake rubber leeches are available from fishing supply stores.




Medic Operating Theatres

Level four and above Medics require an operating theater to heal at their maximum rate. To qualify as an operating theater you must meet the following criteria:

  • The operating theatre must be at minimum the size of a picnic table and must be covered with a clean, white cloth to denote its special purpose
  • It must have all of the equipment listed above for the Level three medic kit plus the following items – an ampoule for suction (this can be represented by a turkey baster IG), sponges, a clean cloth or tray on which to place equipment, scissors (must be safety tipped), magnifying glass, clamps and/or tweezers, gauze and cotton balls.
  • Must be lit be at least 4 large light sources (eg torches, lanterns etc.) The first level Fire spell, “With Fire I Light Your Way” counts as a single light source. The fourth level Fire spell, “With Fire I Build A Wall” would count as four light sources for purpose of lighting in this context. Also note that the overhead electric lights do not exist in the game world and thus do not count as a light source.
  • Before each and every medical procedure, all of the equipment must be sterilized in some fashion. This means that the equipment must be magically purified (a single casting of the “With Water I Purify This Food” spell will suffice), treated with Aesculapius (one dose will suffice) or cleaned in boiling water and/or pure alcohol (see above for this definition). Anyone who does not possess Medic 5 does not know that equipment can be boiled or doused in alcohol. A further note – it takes 10 minutes of IG time to bring the water to a sufficient temperature to consider as being boiled and to have properly sterilized the equipment. The first level Fire spell, “With Fire I Strike You x Points” will not boil the water for a sufficient length of time to properly sterilize equipment.



All Epoch players should carry a flashlight on them, after dark, for safety. The use of these lights is considered OOG and should be limited to emergencies or traveling over dangerous terrain. However, there are also several in-game ways for your character to light their path.

“Fire” Light

Your character can carry a safe lights that looks like fire. These would include battery-operated candles, battery-operated lanterns or flashlights modified to look like torches. No player should carry real candles.

Real candles can only be used to light rooms. They must conform to the EPOCH Toronto fire rules and must be in an approved candle holder.

“Fire lights your way”

This first level fire spell is simulated in-game by red light flash light. These are available from astronomy supply stores.

Alchemy Light

Alchemists can make light potions which are simulated in-game by glow sticks.




Smithing Tools

In order for a smith to work there must be a forge and (s)he must have smithing tools. If your smithing tools are stolen or you forget to bring them to game, then you can not smith for that event.

Smithing tools are represented by the smith’s hammer. A foam hammer can be constructed out of two sizes of pool noodles, pipe insulation foam and duct tape. Alternatively, you can use a rubber mallet.

Forges must be found in-game. An anvil is heavy and the prop should be treated as so. In-game an anvil can be forged with 10 units of metal. Out of game, anvils can be made from foam or cardboard covered in duct tape.

Other smithing tools (tongs, bellows, gloves etc) can be used to add realism to the role-playing.

Lumps of foam covered in duct tape can be used as phys reps for iron or steal.