Epoch Talk

  • A.D.:
    Please see Artistic Director.
  • Artistic Director:
    The person primarily responsible for creating and running the games plot.
  • Burballing:
    Executive members speaking to one another about club buisness.
  • Cast:
    People who have volunteered to play characters assigned to them by the A.D. for the event.
  • Character:
    A player or cast member’s persona while playing.
  • Character Sheet:
    A piece of paper that lists all of your characters skills. See Creating a Character for more information.
  • Civvies:
    Non-Character clothing.
  • Creation Points:
    Points awarded to the member for work done for work done on behalf of the club. See Creation Points for more information.
  • Cookies & Cream Moment:
    When two people say the same thing at the same time without previous arrangement as if they share one brain.
  • CRPs:
    See creation points.
  • Experience Points:
    Points awarded to your character at the end of an event. These points can be used to buy new skills for your character.
  • E.D.:
    See Event Director.
  • Event Director:
    A person assisting the Artistic Director in creating and running game plot for a specific event.
  • Feast Gear:
    A set of dishes (preferably ones that look period) that you bring for eating at an event.
  • Forest Dogs:
    An in-game name for hot dogs.
  • Garb:
    Character’s clothing.
  • Gack:
    To kill someone in-game.
  • Golden Monkey:
    The Golden Monkey is the mythical prize for handing 1000 CRPs to the AD. It might be a kick in the pants, it might be a Fairy character or anything in-between.
  • Kabuki:
    The cast member(s) operating a monster puppet or the action of operating such a puppet.
  • Mana:
    Small throwing bean bags that represent magic in-game.
  • Member:
    A person who has paid the EPOCH Toronto membership fee for the current calendar year.
  • Mud Mage:
    A mage with power in water and earth.
  • Mulligan:
    The ability of a first time player to rewrite their character sheet after their first event with no penalty.
  • Mundanes:
    Non-Epoch people sharing our space.
  • Mundane clothing:
    Non-Character clothing.
  • Newbies:
    Epoch members who have attended less than two events.
  • OOG Bunk:
    An area of a building declared out of game for players to store their out of game belongings on.
  • Orcish War Beans:
    In-game name for chocolate covered coffee beans.
  • ‘Peace of Coffee’:
    An In-Game event inspired by the animosity of two character’s towards each other and their player’s mutual love of Coffee. The ‘Peace of Coffee’ may be invoked *In Game* by any character when two or more characters are in possession of and are drinking coffee or other Java-like beverages (e.g. Iced Cappuccino, Latte, Mocca). Once invoked, ‘Peace of Coffee’ will last until all characters have finished their respective drinks, or the ‘Peace’ is broken by an outside source (Please see Cast).
  • Perma-cast:
    People who have volunteered to cast for a whole season.
  • Players:
    People playing characters of their own design at an event.
  • Phys Rep:
    An item that represents another item. (Stands for Physical Representation)
  • Popcorn Monsters:
    A group of in-game creatures who are individually easy to defeat in battle but frequently come in large numbers.
  • Prop:
    An item owned by a character in-game.
  • Smoke Mage:
    A mage with power in fire and air.
  • Soul:
    See character sheet.
  • Touchie-Feelie:
    Another term for ‘Prop’ or Phys Rep.
  • A Warrilow:
    The largest denomination of creation points notes ever issued by the club. The single note was worth 1550 creation points.
  • X.P.:
    See experience points.