Still Remembered


hakimIf a dictionary of Carreg Wynn was to be written, Hakim’s image would appear next to the word “Rogue”. He was a man with connections, a man with a scheme, a man who could arrange almost anything for the right price.

He was also an inn keeper, a criminal mastermind, a general, a purveyor of gently used weapons, a thief, a bodyguard, a mayor and a gambler.

Not a man you’d want to trust with your sack of gold but a good guy to have as a friend.

Marcus Mattan

aka Marcus of the Boars

Marcus was a mercenary fighter who came to Carreg Wynn during the summer of 420 as the Imperials reckon it.  He killed a few people, and saved some others.  He could be recognized by the 7 foot boar spear he carried with him always.  Some said he was a werewolf hunter, but no one ever saw him kill a werewolf.  During the fall of 421, Marcus sacrificed himself to help create an obelisk to save the world

Thomas Larq

thomasThomas was a priest of Lord Air marked by his incredible dedication. His entire family has been in service of the Air Elementals for many generations. His faith was so strong that he developed an allergic reaction to earth mana.

He defended the Air Circle in Carreg Wynn and provided the local populace with the teachings of Lord Air. Along with the local elves, he helped found the Temple of the Winds and continued to live near the Air circle so long as he was in Carreg Wynn.

If you are wondering what type of person Thomas is, you will only find that out by meeting him.


NothielphOrphaned at a young age, Nothielph made his way to Haven where he was taken into the Original Fey Enclave.  He grew up to be an elven brat (some who knew him might use stronger language).  One of the very first citizens of Haven to master essence magic, Nothielph was very proud of his ability to return people from the land of the dead, even if their body was unavailable.    He was among the refugees from Haven who re-founded Carreg Wynn, where he lived with other elves in the Temple of the Winds.  Ultimately he was done in by his own hubris. “The lost treasure of Nothielph”. (his mana keeper) is rumored to be buried somewhere on the far side of the river.

Ittalicus (and Illianka)

Ittalicus and IlliankaIttalicus was a dwarven alchemist and smith extraordinaire. He could be a loyal friend and a sturdy ally. He choose to live surrounded by fauns at the Faunclave. He was the sort of dwarf who is often recalled fondly in stories around the campfire starting with “Ah the good old days with Ittalicus…” or “Do you remember when Ittalicus…”

He was also the proud husband to Illianka. Illianka’s spirit lived mostly in a hand puppet but did sometime reach out and possess her husband’s body.

Ves’Kala Pride

Lead by their Pridemother, Ves’Kala Kazamira, the Ves’Kala Pride was found at the Fey Enclave in Haven. They went on to be the first kaern pride to claim the lands around Carreg Wynn, after the Red Coats destroyed Haven. The pride contained many core members of note including Ves’Kala Sarth, Ves’Kala Rush’kahtar, Ves’Kala Morro’Surkin and Ves’Kala Tora’Talus.


With his two handed staff, or things that go “BOOM” he  took out orge lords, imperial generals and all evils of darkness. When not saving Carreg Wynn, he enjoyed frolicking in the meadow’s, long nighttime walk’s, stargazing and “groplling”.

Aeden lived for years in Carreg Wynn, despite suffering from a severe case of being a werewolf.

Along with his twin sister Ania and his friends Fritz and Ittalicus, Aeden helped to found the Faunclave.


Looking for a kind, gentle, caring faun who’s soft spoken and will always bend to your words? Well, Bane wasn’t that faun!

She was probably best known for her terrible attitude, idiocy, and uncontrollable cannibalism! Oh and she blow up the faerie ring?

Epiphany Sweetbuns


Epiphany Sweetbuns (or ‘Piphy) was cheerful, curious, and easily distracted. Well-known to be an instinctively brilliant cook, she never gave a second thought to her activities while in a kitchen. She was an alchemist but the nature and/or source of some of her more “exotic” ingredients often caused her emotional discomfort.

She was the owner and operator of the Ladle and Cauldron Inn.  In addition to feeding many meals to the people of Carreg Wynn, Epiphany also produced many batch of sweetbuns, based on her family recipe.

Epiphany and her husband Rinaldus eventually sold the inn (after which it was renamed to The Last Resort Inn as a condition of sale) and retired to the Dwarven/Halfling community of Rocktumble to raise their family. Epiphany continues to run a bakery in Rocktumble, making sweetbuns for all the locals.