• Primer
  • foundation (optional)
  • Water based makeup (Green, white and black in this case) (Kyrolan aquacolor)
  • Setting powder (Clear, pressed of loose)
  • Setting spray
  • Assorted brushes
  • Assorted beauty makeup (optional)
  • Eyeshadow
  • highlighter
  • lipstick
  •  eyeliner/mascara


Step 1)

a) Grab your sister. (or if you are doing this on yourself, a mirror might help)

b)Tie back hair and put on a headband (optional, but helpful)

Step 2)

a) Apply primer and allow time to set into skin (a minute or two)

b) (Optional) Apply foundation. This will help to minimize your natural skintone showing and help increase longevity of the makeup.

TIP: using your fingers helps warm the product so it goes on smoother!

Step 3)

a)Wet a wide brush (or sponge) and load it up with your base colour (Green in this case)

b)apply and even coat over the skin, allow it to dry down.

TIP: use warm water, cold water is cold.

NOTE: Epoch Toronto has a ‘no race-face’ policy, so never completely cover your face with black, brown, red, or yellow. Use multiple colours and find creative ways to do makeup with those colours!

Step 4)

Mix lighter and darker shades of your base makeup to apply highlight and contour to your face. (or purchase additional shades of your base for highlight and contour)

TIP: White and black are the easiest to mix shades, but feel free to get creative!

Step 5)

(optional) Allow layers to dry, and set with clear powder. If you have naturally dry skin, you probably wont need extra powder, but if you tend to have oily skin, or sweat a lot, powder will be your best friend for longevity!

Step 6) Mix a dark shade of your base colour and draw on your ‘powerlines’ feel free to follow the lines in this tutorial, or get as creative as you like!

Step 7) (Optional) Apply lipstick in a matching or complimentary colour to your base.

TIP: use a brush for precise lines, and don’t forget to keep the bullet with you to touch up!

Step 8) (Optional) Apply beauty makeup. I applied eyeshadow, highlighter, eyeliner, and mascara. I also traced an iridescent highlighter over the powerlines for effect.

Step 9) Mist with setting spray for makeup that will stay put during LARP!

TIP: Hairspray makes a great setting spray in a pinch

Step 10) Put on your horns, let down your hair, and get ready to rock!

NOTE: DIY horns will be a separate tutorial.