Kaern Makeup Tutorial

You will need:
Water Based makeup. Three shades (dark, medium, and light) or your colour palette of choice (Shades of grey in this case!) and White.
Eyeliner, pencil or cake will work.
Facial Primer.
Foundation (optional)
Power (Clear, loose or pressed)
Setting spray
(optional) Beauty makeup. (eyeshadow, mascara, and lipgloss for this tutorial)

Step 1)
a. Prime your gorgeous face
b.(optional) apply foundation to improve longevity of makeup.

TIP:use your fingers for this step, it helps warm the product and makes it go on smoother.

Step 2) Using an eyeliner, map out the major cat-like features. Use these as guidelines and don’t worry if they become obscurd during the process, all will make sense in the end. Here I drew on a nose, upper mouth thing, and eyeliner.

Step 3) Using the darkest shade of your colour palette, map out your contour areas, the goal is to make the face seek narrower and longer. Here I placed the contour in the eye socket, and under the cheekbones.

TIP: When working with water based makeup, make sure to use warm water, cold water is cold.

Step 4) Using the lightest colour of your palette, highlight your face. Here i place the highlight on the centre of the forehead, under the eyes, and the centre of the lower lip/chin.

Step 5) Using the centre colour of your palette fill in the spaces between the highlight and contour, don’t worry about blending the colours together, just lay down the colour.

Step 6)
a. fill in the space above your lips with white (or another light colour that compliments your chose palette)
b. Blend the lighter areas into the darker areas.

TIP:its best to add a small amount of the lighter colour to a sponge or stippling brush, and gently blur the harsh line between the different ares of colour.

Step 7) Redraw the details from step 2 with eyeliner, or water based black makeup.  Choose a colour for your snoot, (I chose black, but pink and brown work well too!)
Add dots to the upper lip area to simulate whiskers
Finish with powder and setting spray for makeup that will survive larp

Step 8) (Optional) Throw in a pair of fangs and get ready to rock!

Step 9) (optional) Apply beauty makeup! Here I added eyeshadow and lipgloss, but feel free to get creative!

NOTE: beauty makeup can say a lot about your character!Do they take care to make themselves up everyday? Are they bold or subtle? Where are they from? Etc.

Step 10) Don’t forget your fangs!

Tutorial by Chell Benoit