Carreg Wynn Organizations

The Carreg Wynn Cavaliers

Founded by Equivalence, the Carreg Wynn Cavaliers are a mercenary group dedicated to the defense of Carreg Wynn. While not particularly large at the moment, the group is well-trained and orderly. The Cavaliers have promised to always act in the defense of Carreg Wynn without requiring any form of pay or compensation, but anyone else wishing to hire their services will be expected to pay the soldiers’ wages, and a bit extra based on the job.  Speak with Valentein (Valentein) or Guy (Xian) if your character is interested in joining.

“No one expects the Carreg Wynn Cavaliers!”

The New Fey Enclave:

A resting place for weary Fay to have a night of sleep with a roof and a hot meal. Any fey is welcome to seek sanctuary under our roof for a night or two. Those willing to contribute will be invited to stay, speak to Hagar (Mike Hrynyk) or Bruce Ironfist (Sayward) if interested.

The Inn Staff:

The Last Resort Inn stands on the main road in Carreg Wynn. Although the inn looks like it is made of flimsy wood, it is actually a strong stone building. Looks in our fair town are often quite deceiving. Take a load off and stay for a time; enjoy a wonderful meal, trade with merchants or just stay and chat. Our head chef is a Halfling of great talent and our wonderful staff are always there to help.

Management: Cherry, Lash, and M+M/Miranda

If you wish to join our staff, please contact Management.

Ka’Kage Pryde

An offshoot of a much larger Pryde, tradition meets the unconventional with a common goal within Ka’Kage; to form a lasting close-knit Pryde, in which all PrydeMates find safety, comfort and their proper place within Kaernish society. Ka’Kage Sesshu-Kyoshie (Michelle) is Pryde Mother.