Carreg Wynn Organizations

The Carreg Wynn Guard:

Currently trying to become something akin to the previous Cavaliers, the Guard (attempts) to keep law and peace in the Frontier. It’s a difficult task. Talk to Commander Leona Rey (Kat) if you’re interested in joining!

The Pack of the Midnight Sun

This pack currently resides inside the Fey Enclave. Headed by Grey (Ashtin) and Akitsumi (Chey), this small family is very protective of one another. They welcome anyone who wishes to visit into their home, and will generally treat people with respect until given a reason to do otherwise.

The Elven Council 

Consisting of the elves, of Carreg Wynn, this council oversees elven affairs, especially in regards to punishment of elves that does not conflict with the code. The current chair is Lycor’Namor (Greg). 

The Faunclave

Directly across from the inn, hidden in the woods, is a highly trapped campsite. Known as the Faunclave, this group of mostly fauns deals with the shadier side of Carreg Wynn. Led by a deathly pale faun named Dominik (Jake), this campsite doesn’t allow just anyone into their midst. 

Castra Bellator

Hosted by Dr. Iroveth Cato (Amcreva), an elderly doctor from the Imperial Bellator, this campsite is a neutral ground for anyone to be healed, regardless of background. It is located just across the field from the Inn, near the Earth circle. 

Ka’Kage Pryde (In Remission)

An offshoot of a much larger Pryde, tradition meets the unconventional with a common goal within Ka’Kage; to form a lasting close-knit Pryde, in which all PrydeMates find safety, comfort and their proper place within Kaernish society. Ka’Kage Sesshu-Kyoshie (Michelle) is Pryde Mother.

The Carreg Wynn Cavaliers (Disbanded)

Founded by Equivalence, the Carreg Wynn Cavaliers are a mercenary group dedicated to the defense of Carreg Wynn. While not particularly large at the moment, the group is well-trained and orderly. The Cavaliers have promised to always act in the defense of Carreg Wynn without requiring any form of pay or compensation, but anyone else wishing to hire their services will be expected to pay the soldiers’ wages, and a bit extra based on the job.  Speak with Valentein (Valentein) or Guy (Xian) if your character is interested in joining.

“No one expects the Carreg Wynn Cavaliers!”