Play Test Rules

Fire Strikes and Void Strikes

Strikes spells do double their current damage. That is, Fire strikes does two damage per tier, and Void Strikes does ten damage per tier. This means that newbie mages should be able to do a decent amount of damage, and high level void mages don’t need tier 12 void to break shields with their strikes. Also it means that Fire Strikes doesn’t stay ahead of void strikes for something like four tiers.


Prerequisite any weapon skill at 3. Once per combat, per purchase of this skill, you may call “knockback” after hitting with a weapon. If you connect with any part of the target, including a shield, they are knocked back ten feet.

Psychic Strike

(This will be replacing the ever popular Psychic Battle). Psychic Strike deals damage equal to your current total number of psychic states, and bypasses armor and toughness. Touch the target with a foam fist an declare “Psychic Strike X” where X is your current number of psychic states, then pull your state. This is a Mind Effect.

With Fire I Cause a Blast x Points

When cast, this spell causes a blast of flame to scorch the area, reaching a range of ten (10) feet from the caster in a circle. Once cast, all struck by this spell (all within 10 feet of the caster) must take X points of damage, where X is the number of Tiers of Fire that the caster possesses. The caster cannot choose who is and is not affected by the spell.
The caster is unaffected by the spell. Other casters lending Tiers of Power for the spell are affected by it.
This is a Body effect.
In Game Effect: The area is scorched as a radiant blast of flame centered on the caster spreads out for ten feet in all directions.

With Water I Protect my Mind x Minutes

Replacement of “With Water I Fog Your Mind”
When casting this spell, the Mage must hold their hands flat, and their fingertips pressed against their temples, with their arms bent at approximately a 45 degree angle. The character can assume/resume this position at any point during the timed spell, they are then immune to any and all other Mind effects of Psychic abilities, spells, and alchemical effects, and must declare “Protected” when struck by such an effect.
This is a timed spell. This is a Mind effect.
In-game Effect: Any Mind effects that are directed at the Mage are deflected by the concentration of liquid that surrounds their hands and temples.