Carreg Wynn


The Founding

It’s name translates from an old Pyren dialect as ‘Blessed Rune’. The city was originally built around a large white rune stone that had been unearthed and thought to be the center stone of an even older city. The ancient stone is said to have an unknown rune, or runes, inscribed upon it.

That particular Pyren dialect is notable because it is mutually understandable with the court tongue of the eastern Pentavarete kingdom of the same era. Both are originally pre Empire dialects but Pentavarete languages were drastically changed under the rule of the Empire while the Pyren remained similar for several centuries more at least. This makes it difficult to place the era of the name. The old Pentavarete name, ‘Caerleg Wynne’ means ‘Sanctuary’, usually in the context of a city or inn at the end of a journey but also as in opposition to evil forces or spirits.

Carreg Wynn was founded as an independent city-state. The original inhabitances were a mixture of Imperials and Pyren, who put aside their political differences to found something better.

For a period of nearly two hundred years Carreg Wynn stood as the largest city and trading center in the Frontier. It was a haven for scholars in the frontier and had several buildings devoted to library and learning no formal university was ever founded. It was surrounded on three sides by the impenetrable Dark Woods and strong city walls surrounded the rest. Although laid siege a number of times by both Imperial and Confederate forces, it was never successfully conquered.

The Plague

The high population density, comparable to the Imperial City, coupled with the confederate level sanitation insured that the casualty rate was effectively 100% among those who did not flee at the very first signs of contagion in the city. Within a few weeks of the first wave of disease raider walked through the gates and began looting. Most of them died from plague as well but greed leveled the city within a year of the start of the end. It was burned by invaders (on principal) and residents (to cleanse it). In short order there was nothing significant remaining and the Darkwood began to swallow the shattered city like a snake slowly downing a twitching mouse.

Recent History

Small pockets of people still live around the edges of the ruined city. Their homes are largely quarried from the ruins of the old city. The old road is still in good shape and the river is navigable in most places.



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