New Players

Welcome to Epoch!

Getting Started

First of all, DON’T PANIC!
It is fairly easy to get started – you don’t have to have the rulebook memorized to play. The orientation will show you how things are done. Every player or cast has a character sheet in their pocket, so if you forget something, you can look it up. And frankly, you won’t start off as a powerful alchemist or Archmage so you will likely only have to memorize your name, a few spells or psychic states, how much damage you do and how much you can take. If you forget, then you can look it up on your character sheet. As a last resort, a few OOG (out-of-game) words should straighten any problem out.
Before you start game at your first event you will be taken on a safety walk by one of the Safety Officers. They will make sure that your weapons, fighting style and armour are safe for the game. Please feel free to ask the safety officer any questions you may have. If they are unable to answer your questions they will at least be able to let you know of someone who might. For your very first Epoch game experience, we suggest one of the following options for your first few hours of play:

  1. As a “shadow”, you would wear a yellow headband that signifies you are “Out of Game”, and therefore don’t exist. You could then wander around, observing the action around you. This is useful because you can actually see the game rules as they are played, and ask questions of the players during a game. Be certain not to interrupt during combat or role-playing- you are a shadow, not an ogre!
  2. As an “apprentice”, you would be partnered with another player who can help show you how things work. You would play a character of your own design, and would be considered “In Game”. You may ask your partner questions about the game rules, but also have a character to act out as well. Your character’s wellbeing would rely on your own actions, so be careful when observing the world around you. To select this option, speak to a Club Officer or Director in advance of the event.

Before Your First Event

  • Ensure the club knows you’re coming
  • Read through the rulebook.
  • Read the Logistics section of the web site. It contains a lot of important information.
  • Learn about the Epoch World (From the Epoch Toronto web site, the Artistic Director or other Players).
  • Make any costumes, weapons or props your character will need.

The New Players Committee has prepared the New Players Handbook to help you prepare to play Epoch.

New Player Package

New Player Checklist

We hope you will consider coming and trying out our game. If you still have questions you might find the answers elsewhere on the site. If not please, post your questions on our forums or you can e-mail members of our New Players Committee at