Epoch gives out a number of awards each year to players who go a little above and beyond in the RPing.

After each event a player and a cast award are given.  The winner of the Player Award receives 2 XP that can not be doubled out.  The winner of the Cast Award receives  2 extra CRPs. Everyone who attended the event is eligible to vote for the winners of these awards.

At some events the President and/or the AD may also give out awards.  A winner of the Presidents award receives a favour of the President (at the Presidents discretion).  A winner of the AD award receives a medium plot force.

At the end of the season, Epoch holds the Larpie awards.  These highlight special moments from the proceeding year.  The winner of a Larpie receives a certificate and bragging rights.


March 2014 Awards

For player award: Christian who also played guy (I hope that’s how you spell your characters name)

For cast award: Ashley

President award: Kitty

Congratulations to everyone.