Meal Plan

Meal Plan

The Meal Plan organizers offer a weekend meal plan each event. The meal plan typically includes a large breakfast and dinner along with a lighter lunch and snacks.

Allergies and Can’t Eats

The Meal Plan organizers cannot guarantee that your food related issues can be accommodated, but they will try as long as they are told in advance. If you have any food you cannot eat due to an allergy or other medical condition, please forward this information to the Meal Plan organizers if you plan to be on Meal Plan. Please also let them know the severity of the allergy (i.e. ingested only, skin contact, anywhere in the room) and the severity of your reaction (this info should also be given to the Medical Officers). The food officers will try to make appropriate substitutions where they can.

Use of the Kitchen

The Meal Plan organizers and their helpers have priority in the kitchen. No one but the Meal Plan organizers or their helpers should be in the kitchen when meal plan food is being prepared, served or cleaned up. Players not on meal plan may be allowed to store food in the kitchen fridges if there is space and may be able to use the kitchen facilities when they are not required for the meal plan. Please co – ordinate with the food officers before using the kitchen and/or fridges

Garbage and Clean Up

The Meal Plan organizers will set up recycling, compost and washing bins at each event. Please make sure that any dirty dishes, leftover food etc. are placed in the appropriate locations and not left on the tables.

Volunteers are often sought throughout the weekend to help wash the cooking pots and other dishes.

Blue Springs Scout Reserve has an active recycling and composting program. Any additional garbage must be packed out! The Meal Plan organizers are not responsible for any garbage not associated with the preparation of the meal plan. If you brought it with you, you will take responsibility for taking it home.

Off Meal Plan Drinks and snacks

The Meal Plan organizers sell Pop, Energy Drinks, Sport Drinks and other items out of the kitchen. The Prices are listed on the door and is done on an honour system. There is a tab system set up for those who do not have exact change. Snack cards will be available for five dollars which gets you 6 dollars worth of snacks.

If you would like to be on meal plan but have a problem with any of the meals offered (that doesn’t fall into the above categories) please feel free to contact the Meal Plan organizers and they will see what kind of options there might be.