Hello everyone,

We are finding ourselves in need of some new safety officers for the remainder of the season. If you would like to apply for the position please send me an email at
The safety officers responsibilities are to ensure that all of our players are playing in a safe manner. This involves ensuring that weapons are safe to play with and adhere to our rules, ensuring that armour is safe and appropriate, writing weapon and armour tags for new characters, and ensuring that all players are able to engage in combat in a safe manner. Safety officers will need to be available on the Friday night of the event to perform these duties
Safety officers are also responsible of giving basic safety information to new players, including things like not ringing the bell, fire safety rules, and the rules of the tower bridge

Please apply soon,
Thank you,
Daniel Shanker
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Hello everyone, President Daniel here with this event's list of new playtest skills, I would like to state there is a slight change to the previous playtest skill With Fire I Cause a Blast, and a major change the the Elemental Kin disadvantage, so please at the very least take a look at those ones

Species Change:
For the duration of this playtest, the disadvantage of Elemental Kin will be changed. Instead of the regular disadvantage of Elemental Kin, they will instead receive 2 damage for every spell they are affected by from the opposing element, Air Kin will still take base damage from Earth Heals
For example:
Bubbles the Water Kin is hit with “With Fire I Strike You 5 Points” Bubbles will then take 7 points of damage (the 5 damage from the spell, and the 2 damage from the disadvantage)
Rocky the Earth Kin is hit with “The Air Will Defend You” Rocky receives the air defends enchantment, but takes 2 points of damage from the disadvantage.
This damage bypasses thresholds

Trade Skills:
Traps 5 (arcane runes) – This skill allows the trapper to link a trap to a scroll. When setting the trap, the trapper must attach the scroll, with the mana attached, to the trap. When the trap is activated, the person who triggered it immediately takes the effect of the scroll

Alchemist's Fire (alchemy) - Can be made with traps 3 or any level of alchemy - allows an explosive to be thrown with a plaid mana upon hitting the target, you call “X damage, Explosive” and the target takes the damage as mauling. The damage type may be changed if the thrower has the appropriate level of traps (see traps). If the packet misses the target, the explosive is lost and no damage is dealt. This is not an area of effect

1st level potion: Clear Mind - Drink to remove all mind effects currently on the target
4th level potion: Iron Will - for 10 minutes you are immune to all mind effects

Scrolls no longer have a size restriction but must be able to have the mana attached, and be read
A scrollmaker with awareness 3 or higher may borrow spells while writing scrolls

The Air Will Knock You Out
Upon being hit by this spell, the target will be rendered unconscious as the knockout ability (see knockout) A character with Toughness 3 or a plate helmet is unaffected by this spell.

The Air Will Make Me Immaterial – While immaterial, the caster can no longer be seen

With Water I Thin Your Blood – Though this spell is an enchantment, the mana can no longer be reformed (See the power of void infects you) and, instead of cutting your bleed in half, the spell now sets your bleed time to 5 minutes, regardless of hardy con

With Fire I Cause a Blast 10 Points - This spell has been changed from the number of tiers of fire possessed by the caster, to a flat amount of 10 points

My Essence Will Blend With Fire – Non-natural created materials including buildings, roads, and weapons. Fire

Strong Will - is a skill that allows one to negate the immediate effects of a supernatural event occurring to your character. In most cases, this means that the effect burns itself out, and is of no further concern, a fire strikes that misses its target ceases to be dangerous once it hits the ground, so too are spells that are negated by a character's strong will. Mana impacts the character, fails to deliver its intended result, and then is absorbed into the ground as per normal. Psychic states are expended, find no purchase, and are used up. Alchemy however is a physical thing that remains in your system, and thus, strong will allows for some amount of time gritting your teeth through an unpleasant experience before the alchemy overcomes your character's will power. For each level of Strong Will purchased, a character may resist a supernatural (Magic, Alchemical, or Psychic) effect once per day. This resistance lasts for one minute per level purchased, so long as the number of resisted effects doesn't exceed the number uses of Strong Will remaining. For example, a character with Strong Will 4 is hit with a “The Power of Void Kills You”, they resist this effect, and the void mana expends itself on the ground. Later in the day, this same character imbibes a drink spiked with Instant Poison. They have three uses of strong will remaining, and so can resist death for three minutes, provided that they don't have to resist more than two other things. Each minute that the character spends trying to find help for the horrible stomach pains that the poison is causing reduces their number of uses of Strong Will for the rest of the day by one. Similarly, each additional thing that they resist while looking for help costs them a minute of resisting the poison that is still in them.

All magic damage bypasses thresholds including spells and weapon strikes

Magic items are indestructible (while magic) magic armour and shields can still be breached as normal
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Greetings One and All.

This is a friendly reminder post. Due to an influx of new players and older players whom are not familiar with how things are running this year for our AD team.

For those whom are brewing potions you must come to the AD if you are brewing a potion for your first time. That being we are asking everyone come and get their recipe signed off via the AD's. If someone steals your recipe you will need another tag. If it's 30 of the same recipes you still must have them signed off.

If you are a new player you get your recipes from the AD team. When you register your character for the first time please come see the AD at the beginning of the event or email us and we will send you your starting potions.

If you are obtaining a new or if you haven't been around in awhile and you do not have tags for your alchemy kit and your cauldron you must obtain tags for said items.

While role-playing alchemy you must remember that it takes you 1 minuet per level of alchemy to identify a potion. You do not all of a sudden know a potion. If you hear an alchemical call. This call is out of game and one cannot meta game or all of a sudden know they are under the influence of alchemy. Of course if you are under for example the effects of Aphasia you of course do not speak right and thus start to RP as such.

An important one that people have not been doing. The following potions must be made aware to the AD team and not just in passing. If you somehow come in contact you must report the following Black Lotus, Strength, Dwarfskin, Any type of Kickstart, Malice or if you ingest a massive amount of any potion aka you take 100 intoxicate at one time.

You are expected to up keep your medical supplies and to clean the bandages. If you start using dirty bandages on multiple people there may be IG consequences. Same applies to operation theatre.
Lock Physreps:
If you have something locked a lock physrep must be in place so that players with the skill locksmith can attempt to pick it. You must be able to show the AD that you can in fact open your lock.

IG Spaces:
If you have or are creating an IG space such as the Faun clave basement or something similar where people will sit and role play you must have a written up description of the place. If there are any windows doors *If above ground* and a place where a tag can be placed for alchemy such as barrier of life. If you have yet to create said space and are in the middle of creating said space it still must go through the AD team as would owning a local farm etc. You are expected to get the materials IG as well as build it with the proper life skills or hire someone between game etc.

Any IG space that has alchemy on it such as a barrier to life via windows and doors must have the tags present.

OOG Spaces & Things:
If you own items that are OOG we ask you to please keep them in OOG space unless they are necessary like kitchen camping equipment. If you have a beverage or something similar with labels we ask you to either put them into another vessel or to at least try and remove / hide the labels.

For This Year Only:
If at any point you steal an item from a PC or a local living NPC (Please ask if you are unsure) or you commit murder or you vandalize their equipment or household etc to please inform the AD team.

From now on if you touch the pyramid or interact with the following magic items you must inform the AD team.
Magic Items:
-The Pyramid: (Cannot be removed from the location it is at) If you touch or damage or research it any point please inform the AD Team.
-The Wishing Well: (Cannot be removed from its location) If you cast a wish or research please inform the AD team.
-The Psychic Board: (Cannot be removed from its location - OOG: psychic hands hold the board down if you choose to try and move it) If you want to interact with the board or research it please inform the AD team.
-The Nos Book: (Cannot be removed from the INN) - If you wish to interact with it or research please inform the AD team.
-The Mirror: (Cannot be removed from its location) - If you touch or damage or research it any point please inform the AD Team.

If you want to do a ritual or a prayer that you think is important that an AD is present and cannot read later please give Alli at least at 15-30 min warning.

If you would like to earn crps and you donated items to someone who can yay or ney you. Please ensure to follow up with an email to the person you gave them to aka AD if you handed me something or agreed to make something etc.
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Dear Epoch Community,

To improve on Mandatory Casting, we are introducing an advance sign up. Each attending player has a responsibility to cast for a minimum of 2 hours per event. Please click on this link to register for a specific time slot. There are 13 different time slots and 65 spots available. Sign up is subject to availability, essentially first come first serve. Please add your name in the google doc, I will bring a copy to the June event and to give to log.

The deadline for Advance Sign Up is Wednesday June 14th 2017.

If you have not registered, you will be required to do so when you log provided you did not buy out. Please add your name at the bottom of the sheet to indicate if you have, or will, pay for opting out of casting, as well as if you have registered to participate in the New Player Walk ... AxxNk/edit

Thank you

Shayna Pilc
Epoch Toronto Secretary
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The Epoch Toronto Executive Board is committed to creating and maintaining a safe environment where all participants are treated with respect and dignity. This means that discrimination, harassment, and other forms of Out of Game (OOG) violence will not be tolerated in our community. The following policies outline ways we can ensure participants feel safe on an OOG level - because LARP is an activity that should be fun and enjoyable, even when we push our emotional or physical boundaries!

Reporting Issues

The Ombudsperson fields complaints and holds the Executive Board accountable. If you would like to submit an incident report, or ask questions about the reporting process, please e-mail or contact another member of the Executive Board. At events, you can submit an incident report using our "Incident Report Box" (located in the Inn). If you, or someone you know, is experiencing violence, harassment, discrimination or other forms of abuse from a member of the Epoch community, please tell someone you trust.


Affirmative consent is an informed, voluntary and mutual decision among all participants to engage in an activity - whether it is an event, module, quest, conversation, etc. Silence, or lack of resistance, does not demonstrate consent. Consent may also be withdrawn at any time.

Permission to Physical Role Play

All players must ask “permission to physical role play” before touching another person with their body. It helps to describe what kind of action you plan to take, e.g: “permission to physical role play - I will tie a bandage around your arm”. If the player does not give consent, you must verbally describe the intended action: “I wrap a bandage around your arm”. If you are unsure if someone is okay during role play, it is good practice to check in and ask.

Trigger Policy

All participants have the ability to opt out of an activity at any moment. If a situation makes you feel uncomfortable, or puts you in physical danger on an OOG level, you are not obligated to participate. It is unacceptable to shame or mock someone who chooses to withdraw consent and opt out of a particular activity. Players are encouraged to submit their triggers to the AD team, Ombudsperson or the President, so we can be informed of what situations require more care. We trust that players will use this option to preserve their OOG wellbeing, rather than to avoid In Game (IG) consequences.

Harassment and Discrimination

Harassment involves comments or actions that are known to be unwelcome, offensive, embarrassing, humiliating or demeaning. Discrimination involves unequal treatment based on a person's race, gender, sexuality, ethnicity, physical or mental health and abilities, maritial status, religion, age, etc. Harassment and discrimination may be intentional or unintentional, taking obvious forms, or happening in subtle ways. This can be behaviour that persists over time, or a one-time incident. There is zero tolerance for harassment and discrimination at Epoch Toronto.

Under no circumstances is it appropriate to use real world slurs, misgender, or uphold forms of OOG harassment and discrimination during role play. There are plenty of ways to explore conflict in a fictional game setting without resorting to behaviour / language that reinforces OOG violence.

It is important to recognize that making assumptions and / or judgements about another person's gender, race, ability, etc. can be harmful. If you mistakenly assume someone's identity, misgender someone, use a slur, or engage in harmful role play it is best to give a brief apology and correct your behaviour. For more information on our Harassment Policy, read By-Law #09 in the Charter.


It is important to ensure that our game play does not reinforce or uphold forms of violence that people experience OOG. This means we will actively combat forms of racism such as:

Cultural Appropriation

People of Colour (POC) and other cultural minorities have the right to be heard, and we are committed to empowering them. When elements (for example: symbols, imagery and objects) of a marginalized culture are taken and used by people outside of that culture, it can contribute to harm against these groups. As a result, the club can disallow the use of these cultural elements in people's costuming, props, and role play when requested. We encourage people's creativity to seek non-appropriative design inspiration. If you are unsure if something is harmful, please do some research, or ask about it in the Epoch Facebook group or forum.


Painting your skin entirely black, brown, red, or yellow is not permitted. If you wish to incorporate black, brown, red, or yellow paint into your costume, please use it in combination with other colours. One of these colours cannot cover more than 50% of your face and body. Similarly, we do not allow players to dress up as, or imitate, real-world marginalized groups including, but not limited to: indigenous people, south asian people, east asian people, etc.

It is also important to respect people from marginalized groups when they express discomfort over the use of their culture / ethnicity / race in our game. Working together, we can find creative ways to express ourselves in game without contributing to OOG systems of inequality.


When we inflict harm on another person, even by accident, it is important to:
- Recognize the harm we have caused, even if it was unintentional
- Acknowledge the impact on the individual and the community
- Make appropriate actions to repair harm inflicted on others
- Educate ourselves on the impact we caused, and develop solid skills to change our attitudes and behaviour (to prevent further harm from occurring)
If you make a mistake, the best thing to do is apologize and commit to doing better in the future. Look for resources to help you learn about forms of discrimination, and try to understand the different ways that people experience OOG violence. You can also ask around, there are usually people willing to help! We all make mistakes - so let's accept that fact and move forward.

Accountability Process

Members may file complaints to an Executive or the Ombudsperson. Executives will forward reports to the Ombud except in cases where conflicts of interest arise, or if the Ombud is the subject of the complaint - in which case the report will be filed by the Exec(s). There are no time limits to making a complaint, you can come to us when you are ready.

Members should be prepared to provide details such as: what happened, when it happened, where it happened, how often, and who else was present (if applicable). However, members will not be forced to provide any information they are not comfortable or willing to share.

- Execs / Ombud will ask for the harmful behaviour to stop.

- Execs / Ombud / community members will offer education on the issue, to explain how the behaviour is harmful. This will likely occur after initial feelings of upset / anger / defensiveness have passed.

- Execs / Ombud will encourage a group / community discussion on the topic (moderated by Execs / Ombud, keeping in mind conflicts of interest and comfort of the members).

Executives may be required to remove a person from an event if:
- The offensive behaviour does not stop, even after being addressed.
- The safety and wellbeing of the players is compromised.
- The safety and wellbeing of the person in question is compromised.
Banned / suspended / removed players may re-enter the community - but only if they can display personal growth and understanding of the transgression(s) (i.e. a change in attitude and commitment to do better). In situations of violence against other player(s), the victim(s) will be consulted before a removed player is invited to return. Players wishing to re-enter must contact the Ombudsperson or an Exec.

Questions about these policies may be directed to the Ombud or the President!


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