Iiiiittttssss contest time!

Marketing wants to spruce up the rule book for the rewrite/rerelease for this year, so calling all artists for new content!

Deadline is July 19th at noon. Winners will be announced at the July event

Submit a drawing of something from Epoch to could be a species example, a cover page, an activity we do in game. Whatever you think we could use in the rulebook or to fancy up the social media for the club.

Magic item for 1st
Mana keeper for 2nd,
Grab bag for 3rd

And 10 crps for all serious entries

Legal: all works will become property of epoch Toronto for use in future marketing and club materials.
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This is your monthly reminder that your pre-log is due the Monday before event at Noon. Don't forget to send us all of your sheets before noon on Monday May 15.

If you're going to be spending CRPs please let us know so we can update the CRPBank

Again, if you would like your log records to be under a nickname, or anything that is not your legal name, we can do that for you, just let us know when you send in your pre-log (or any time, we're happy to hear from you) and we will update your records to reflect your correct names.

Thanks, see you all soon!

Val (and Mike)
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Donation request from the Bud:

We would like to set up 1-2 empty tents on site to serve as OOG quiet / safe zones.
We are looking for:

- 1-2 tent donations (you will get 1CRP for every $2 spent on the tent)

- 1-2 volunteers to set up / take down the tent every event (we will give you 6 CRPs per event ).

❤ The OOG sanctuary space is a really important part of the safer community we are trying to build, and we appreciate everyone's help in maintaining this space!
Any questions about the sanctuary space, or donations, can be sent to
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Check out the newly revised CRP system.

Due to confusion from last year, we did away with OPs, and now everything is done in CRPs.

The document contains how many CRPs the different club positions receive, as well as what rewards can be purchased with CRPs

This is still a work in progress, so stay tuned for more things as they come.

Any questions can be sent to me at ... sp=sharing
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Our AD team want to make this a phenomenal year for you folks. Sadly we aren't for realsies psychic so we ask that you fill out an event feedback and either pm us on here or email it to

We're here to tell stories and keep you folks entertained. The best way we can do that is to figure out what works best for you. Below is what we are looking for.

On a scale of 1-10 what do you rate your enjoyment at this event:

What did you really enjoy?:

What did you really dislike?:

What could the AD's & NPC do better:

What would you like to see more of?:

What would you like more for your character?:

What were you confused about or did not understand?

What would you like help with at game?:

Thank you for your patience folks and we look forward to the next event
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