Step 1. Update your current characters and send them all to to be archived. Also include your XP sheet ( or failing that, your total owned XP in the Email)

Step 2 : Once the New book is released ( in the next few days) You can refund all of your XP on all characters ( you do need to leave at least starting XP on each character)

Step 3 : Respend your XP based on the new rulebook. No teachers are required for any skills. Buy like it is your first time making this character ( Enjoy that feeling!)

Step 4 . Send in your new character sheets and Log for next game! cause you are already sending stuff to log and free crps are great
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Epoch Toronto General Meeting Agenda

Date: July 8, 2018
Start Time: 2:00 PM (TRY TO ARRIVE AT 1:30!!)
End Time:
Location: Waterfront Neighbourhood Center -


I. Called to order:

II. Quorum

III. Approval of Agenda

IV. Approval of minutes from last meeting

V. Old Business:
Ombud Report:
a. Recent Suspensions and Bans
Presentation: Improving Community Safety

VI. New Business
Presentation of New Rulebook
a. Vote to Approve New Rulebook
Election of Ombudsperson
Election of Treasurer
Proposal for Changes to XP System
Possibility of Extending NPC Shift
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Here is the list of officers for the 2018 season:

Forum Admin, Reports to Bud:

Games Facilitator, Reports to Secretary:
Frost and Katherine

Logistics, Reports to Secretary:
Chell, Val and Mike

Lore Keepers, Reports to President:
Cas (Head) Jake, Daniel, Alli and Emily

Meal Plan, Reports to Treasurer:
Nyssa (Head)

Medical, Reports to Secretary:
Alli (Head) Cheyanne,Taz,Sean,Chell, Katherine

New Players, Reports to Marketing:
Emily, Greg, Frost

Photo, Reports to Marketing:

Props, Reports to Treasurer:
Gregory, Taz, Chell

Rules, Reports to President:
Rules will be announced after the March Event Week of Stories

Safety, Reports to President:
Chell (Head) Ashtin, Katherine, Xian, Sean

Webmaster, Reports to Marketing:

Mail Admin, Reports to President

Discord, Reports to Marketing
Kat and Christina

Social Media, Reports to Marketing
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Hey everyone, I hope everyone has time to take a look at this post as it is incredibly important. It'll be a bit lengthy so bear with me. There are a few important things we ad's want to go over so us and you can have a smooth year.

Firstly we want to go over the nature of online rp. Me and Katherine will be handling online rp for the year. With the introduction of the discord the nature of how players interact online has changed, and I believe for the most part this is for the better. Moving forward this year players can expect the AD to be utilizing this new experience. Npc's and other entertaining stuff will be around whenever the ad's have some free time to interact with the player base. These will be fun distractions and barring a few possible minor exceptions will not be plot related. So individuals who do not like the discord don't have to worry about missing out. Additionally like everything on the discord these will all be tagless encounters. While you can still rp looting and gathering from critters. No tags will be provided at the beginning of next game, it's assumed you already used them for something. There will be no exceptions to this rule.

On to the matter of the forum, the forums are going to be used any time you want an AD to look at your posts. You want to pray to fairy post it to the forums. You want to go see a specific npc, post it to the forums. Want me to see a really cool backflip, post it to the forums. If someone comes to me and tells me take a look at this thing we're doing on the discord can you AD it. my response is always gonna be. Post it to the forums. Things that require ads to see it need to be archived so we can bring it up later if needed, or you can use said interactions later. The discord burys stuff in a day. Now for anyone who thinks I'm not watching on discord I am, I just won't be responding to things of that nature there. Also anyone who can't keep up with the discord but wants some casual rp on the forums, just make a post and I'll be happy to rp with you.

Up next contacting us. As usual everything official must go through the ad email. However if you got a quick question, or just want to chat about something, feel free to contact me or Katherine over fb. Please However do not attempt to contact Hans over Fb.

Second to last, if their are any players who want to perma cast for this year go ahead and contact us via the ad email.

Lastly it's personal plot time, for anyone interested in personal plot this year we're putting out a survey similar to last year. If you are interested in personal plot please feel free to send in the survey below to the ad email. For anyone not interested this survey is completely optional and feel free to not respond.
Thank you so much for your time. We look forward to a fun productive and volcano filled year all around.


Player Name:

Character Name:

Any magical items your character has:

Any demon contracts your characters has:

Any Special skills your character has:

Are you interested in personal plot (if no you can skip past the rest of the survey):

Character's short term goals (this season):

Character's long term goals (their lifetime):

What steps have they taken to achieve these goals already:

Their most important item, person, and/or value:

What personal plot would you like to see for your character:

Any comments or concerns on how we might royally mess everything up?

Your character's favorite snack (you better pick donuts!):

Any other info you just want me to know:
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Oh, look! A Survey!

Not mandatory, but encouraged! Please spare a few moments of your time to complete this handy dandy survey. Clicky here for the link! Doing so will help me gain insight(s) to the direction the club wants to take in the coming year!

Here's the link again!

Cross posted to the FB groups.
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