Chief Moneymancer Alex here with some hot news: there's price changes happening in the club!

Events are now $45.
Membership is now $45.

How convenient and easy to remember! You still get a $5 discount per event if you buy 3 or more events at once (Minimum $120 for 3 events). This price change will start in March.
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Hey everyone!

Alchemists prepare to cringe. This year we want to mainstream alchemy in a sense. As all alchemists know and for new alchemists. An alchemist must have the physical Book or recipe (scroll, scrap of paper etc) in front of them to brew said potion and that the PC must remain in front of said potion for the full duration of brewing. Leaving the potion before the end of brew time (Without having someone of equivalent skill taking over) or becoming unconscious or being impaired (With water I freeze you etc) you must inform the AD as there could be consequences.

This year we as the AD team are going to start signing off alchemy potions. So even if you are an old alchemist. If you brew a potion you must submit your copy of your alchemy book to the AD team so they can physically sign off on it. If you have a special prop book that you don't want to get wrecked it must be able to at least contain a tag for said recipies. It does not matter even if your budy is brewing the same potion for the first time. All recipes must be signed off.

Keep in mind that your recipe book can be stolen in game and thus if you lose your signed copies you must start the process over from where ever you get the new recipies.

This way we can confirm what recipes are A-OK and what future AD's/ Execs will have to trade in for the confirmed recipes. This also eliminates the he said she said they said scenarios.

Cauldrons and alchemical kits must be brought to the AD's and a player must have a tag for both!

Any alchemy on doors, archways or openings have expired due to plot and thus you must reapply said alchemy to doors and windows. Barrier of life is valid per entry. Aka if my building has 4 windows and 2 doors I must have 6 barriers of life to seal off the entery ways.

When it comes to RPing alchemy please don't always fall into the trap of over dramatic extremes. Someone under a love potion even after cured could still question their emotions for a person. Someone who was hit with a burnout may literally drag themselves to the inn breathing deeply and shaking. Someone who is sick will slowly progressively feel sick and not instantly run for a doctor. Just because you are hit with alchemy does not mean you instantly know that you have been attacked by it.

If you take any addictive alchemy you MUST come let AD's know. Addiction to alchemy will be instructed how to RP once they have been confirmed addicted. If your character is under a form of addiction please notify the AD's.

If you have any concerns please feel free to email or PM us.
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Hey everyone,

We have an offer very last minute to go and clean the cast cabin. Creeps will be offered. We'll have teams of cleaning laundry, fixing weapons etc

Lunch will be provided.

Saturday 18th Feb. 9/ 10 am - 7pm

Those who need to leave early please just say goodbye when you're going.

If you'd like to go and need a ride please post in the ride share section.

Sorry for it being last minuet.
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ED application and requirements:
What we require from the ED is an open line of communication and intent. Example:

Person and/or Person's Names for ED: Bob & Ted Mackenzie
Time Required to ED: 2 Month Plot July & August

Plot Outline: The Fairy sends out messengers to back hand Cozmo for killing all of the undead. (Please be more in depth)

Unique Monsters: Mimics, Ghouls & Banshee's (Insert rough stats maybe)
Unique Treasure: The Crown of I Can't Even.
Time Line: Friday: (Insert encounters) Saturday: (Insert encounters) Sunday: (Insert encounters)
What I need from AD's: ALL OF THE SUPPORT

I have read and agreed to the AD's policy for running an event during their season.

ED Policies & Rules:
☠ The Plot has to be able to work within our years plot line.
☠ AD's get priority of NPC's if and when they need them.
☠ Any majour treasure sent out must be approved by AD's
☠ Rare Ingredients.
☠ Magic Items.
☠ Regulated Items; Daemon bones, mimic stalk etc
☠ KBA (Killing Blow Active) NPC's and encounters must be addressed
with AD's. They may not occur.
☠ED's must follow NPC Guidelines & Rules.
☠ED's are not allowed to monitor rituals or hand out enchanted weapons
unless pre-approved by AD's.
☠ AD's are in charge of land of the dead encounters unless ED's are
☠ All purchases and items created come from ED's own donations and not
from the AD budget unless agreed to with written consent.
☠ AD can dismiss an ED at any time if they so choose to. (This usually
only if the person is causing OOG issues either within the cast-cabin)
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Greetings everyone!

We will be keeping a tally of interactions on the board. If you spend gold, silver, mana etc we will expect those components at the beging of game. Counter to that we will also keep a record of what is to be given to you for between game interactions.

Ex: Hagar throws 4 fire mana into the fire circle (At log he'll be required to hand over the required creeps and or mana that would equal 4)

Another Ex: "Silver prays at the Fairy circle. Around the circle sprouts 10 different herbs. Silver then harvests these herbs." (We will have additional herbs for you at the beging of game.)

Please keep this in mind.

Thank you.
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