Kytrae’lienan and the Queen Beast

By Cas

Winner 2014 Creative Corners – Stories

Prydemother Ka’Miz Sarinallissa-Kyotharr’s explanation of Shooting Stars to her daughter, Ky’Rassar.

When the world was young and Kaern had newly emerged from the Mists, the night sky was fraught with dangerous, scaled beasts that neither arrow nor claw could fell. Hearing the fierce but fearful calls of Her people, Kytrae’lienan sought an accord with the Queen of Beasts: whomever was the victor in singular combat would reign the skies supreme and banish all who opposed Her from Her new domain. But the agreement stated that both Kaern and Beasts must still their attacks upon one another until the battle was concluded and a victor prevailed. The two great beings took to the heavens and fought fiercely for dominion – and Kytrae’lienan used all of Her trickery and guile to fell the Queen Beast, whose strength could rend worlds asunder. Neither being seemed to be able to gain the upper claw, but their agreement remained: the lesser beasts abated. While She could not best the Beast Queen, She sheltered Her children with Her midnight hide, standing between the enemy monsters and the Kaern. Each day She and the Beast Queen rest, and each night, they do battle. The shining points of the Queen Beast’s claws can be seen to pierce through the Goddess’ ebony fur – sometimes her children even witness new wounds arise, and ignorantly call them “shooting stars”.