“Hunter Noris” Jokes

By Dale B.

When he goes to bed at night, Jester checks under his bed for Hunter
If you can see Hunter, they can see you.  If you CAN’T see Hunter it’s too late!
Hunter’s tears are highly sought after by Alchemists because Hunter drips Malice
If you’re looking for Hunter… Turn around
Hunter created the Land Beyond because they filled up the Land of the Dead.
Hunter doesn’t hide in the dark – the light hides from Hunter
Hunter doesn’t answer to “assassin roll call” because all the assassins answer for Hunter.
Hunter doesn’t speak because their voice would kill everything
Fear of spiders is arachnophobia, fear of small spaces is claustrophobia, fear of Hunter is logical.
Hunter had a craving for horses once.  That’s why we don’t have any.
Ghosts sit around the campfire and tell Hunter stories.
The reason Hunter never gets hit by spells is the Mana is too afraid of insulting them.
Lifeskills were originally named Hunter Skills, but Hunter was too humble and it was changed.
Hunter has a Dropbear carpet.  It’s not dead.  It just got spotted by Hunter 10 years ago and hasn’t moved since.
Hunter’s sneeze caused the Plague.
Hunter doesn’t mediate.  They sit still while the universe contemplates them.
Hunter doesn’t play “Hide and Seek” – Hunter plays “Hide and pray I don’t find you”
Hunter gave Nos three choices, so Nos took all three.
You can’t sudden clarity Hunter’s attacks – Hunter killed you 10 seconds ago, you’re just realizing it now.
People who stay in the land of the dead and don’t move on are scared of coming back because Hunter would kill them again.