Here are your 2015 officers, we look forward to working with you all.

bianca (lead)
michael y


games facilitor

new players

ali (lead)

david lang
Alex Mihaescu

meal plan




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Greetings Everyone!

I'm so excited to be able to run the March 2015 event for you guys and gals and I have already started to prepare things; Please send all emails to okeeley.crafts@gmail.com if you have any questions or concerns or you can PM the NPC Account/ This account. Thanks

Here are some OOG NOTES;
Your character/'s are being given an option in attending the event. If for whatever the reason your character would not want to be a part of this option you can send me an email or I will do a call out at the beginning of the event and I will have an alternative placed out for you.

There will also be alternatives for those whom aren't currently in Carreg Wynn.

For the running of the game I would prefer if you played one character however I do understand if some people don't want to. That being said there will be time periods in which you can change your characters.

There will be instant/ semi instant envelopes. If you see someone putting them out walk the other direction. If you are caught following a person who is putting them out you will be given an OOG punishment. Players are allowed 4-5 instant envelopes (depending on attendance this may change) per time period. Sunday being a free for all. If you have the paper envelopes garbage and you wish to recycle there will be a recycling bag for them and them alone in CAST area also known as the "Guard House" for this game.
A) - These envelopes are something that occurs at a random time. If you don't like the outcome you do not have the option of a redo and must fully act out the situation. If the piece of paper allows you to opt out of the situation you can do so if you posses that skill. Ex: "Only sudden clarity avoids"
B) - These instant envelopes can be the start of RP if you want to. You have to bring them to cast to get said NPC with keeping in mind we are also running cast at that time (Give us some notice)
C) - If an envelope has a skill listed on the front that only a person with that same skill can open it. Bob has Geology 3 thus can spot the significance of this envelope. If you do not have that skill you do not even notice the envelope. If you hint to another person that an envelope is located somewhere with a said skill that is still considered noticing the envelope. If that occurs and witnessed by CAST/ Me you will be given an OOG punishment.

There is a ton and a ton of plot. You are being sent into a different environment. These people have been living in this town for generations. Running up and scaring people will ensure a crappy time. Keep in mind that all the NPC's you interact with can resurrect like yourself. They talk and breath and have jobs like your characters. There is plot to be had if you talk to people.

There is a job posting board. For whatever reason no one can take off the job slips off the board. You can notice all the jobs available and only the designated NPC has the magic ability to put on and take off these job postings. If you want to do one of those jobs you better have paper to write what you want to do down.

If you want to NPC for me you have to let me know in advance. Coming up to me the day of the event and saying I wanna NPC may make me slightly grumpier then usual. I have a separate meeting place for those whom are NPCing for me.

When coming to event if everyone can please meet in the Dining Hall and you will be brought to bunks with said people. Do not run around the main building unless you are NPC's. If you want to bunk with someone please establish this before hand with you partner/ friend. You will be able to set up but please limit movement to the bathrooms, designated bunk area and dining hall.

CREEPS CREEPS CREEPS... I would love to see creeps being used. If you want influence with a faction, if you want semi personal plot or something similar please throw creeps at me. I might be able to hook you up with stuff in game etc.

I will be posting a donation list very shortly. There are double creep offers, regular creeps etc. Please come use them and see what you can get in game as a thank you.

Time periods; These are allowed times where people can change characters, open more envelopes, refresh special skills etc
Friday: Game Start - 3am
Saturday Early: 3am - 6am
Saturday Morn: 6am - noon
Saturday After: Noon - 6pm
Saturday Even: 6pm- 12am
Sunday Early: 12am - 6am
Sunday Morn: 6am - noon

If for whatever reason your character wants to planner travel you will be talking to Eryn or myself at the event.

Thanks again for allowing me to run this event. I am soooo stoked!!!

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Your ED for the march event is Ali and your ADs for the year are Daniel and Eryn.

Congratulation to both groups.
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Reminder to Members!

General Meeting is this Sunday!! Please ensure attendance or a proxy is sent!

Details for General Meeting are in the Member Forums.

Details on what is a Proxy and how to submit is below.
http://www.epoch-larp.ca/epoch-toronto- ... overnance/
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Hello All!

Blue Springs is filling up fast. Below are the dates. These of course can be adjusted however for the most part there is not much wiggle room.

March 6th, 7th and 8th, 2015 - Ridley and Dining Hall
April 24th, 25th and 26th, 2015 - Radial/Station/Crabapple/Squirrel
May 15th, 16th 17th and 18th, 2015 - Radial/Station/Crabapple/Squirrel
June 12th, 13th, 14th, 2015 - Radial/Station/Crabapple/Squirrel
July 3rd, July 4th, July 5th, 2015 - Radial/Station/Crabapple/Squirrel
August 28th, 29th, 30th, 2015 - Radial/Station/Crabapple/Squirrel

Remainder of the year to be booked out in March when those bookings are available.
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