• - Game Start and Site Clean-UpHello everyone, it's your friendly neighbourhood Games Facilitator here with a couple reminders.<br /><br />Firstly, official game start time is at 10:00 pm on Friday. Safety Speech happens at 9:30 sharp, and no cars are allowed past the parking lot after 9:55. If you miss Safety Speech, there will be a copy posted in the Inn and in the Cast Cabin for easy reference. Please keep yourself informed.<br /><br />Secondly, the site has a bag-in/bag-out policy. What this means is that whatever you bring with you is your responsibility to bring home. No one else is responsible for your garbage or your recycling or whatever, so please don't leave anything behind at the end of the weekend. Also, the fire pits are not garbage dumps. If you put any paper plates or other burnables in a fire pit, make sure that it's actually going to get burned and not simply left behind.<br /><br />Thanks,<br />The Games Facilitators<hr />
  • - Potential Safety/First Aid IssueHi peoples.
    I've posted before about the Giant Hogweed plant. Turns out they could be an issue again. We haven't found any on site so far, but we cannot rule out any being there. I've seen a bunch in the local park and seen the city already removing some. Most likely places for it would be closer to the river.
    The plant is not actually toxic, but has photo-reactive sap. This basically means that if you get some on you and it comes in to contact with sunlight, it will turn corrosive, resulting in severe burns to the affected areas or temporary, but lenghty blindness if it gets in your eyes. Cloud cover will NOT prevent this from happening. I will endeavour to check the site as thoroughly as possible as soon as I get there. If you have had previous dealings with this plant, I'd appreciate your assistance if possible.
    Helpful links:
    http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/kitchener ... -1.1347731
    http://www.web2.mnr.gov.on.ca/mnr/Biodi ... _Sheet.pdf

    FIRST: The most important thing you need to do is cover the affected area with as much clothing as you can. Merely just shading the area is not enough. Wrap the thickest clothing you have around it. Even if it is your head. I understand this may cause some discomfort for some, but it is better than the alternative. If you do not have sufficient clothing use what you can covering vital areas like the head first. Doing this before anything else will minimise a potential reaction.
    SECOND: If you are with a group, leave one person at the site of the plant to warn others of it's location. DO NOT SEEK OUT A FIRST AID OFFICER STRAIGHT AWAY. Go straight to the cast cabin and wash the affected area thoroughly with soap and water in the showers. Wash clothing too. Have a friend get you a change of clothing for when you are done. THEN notify a first aid officer of what has happened so we can make sure you are okay and document it. We will cordon off the area, make sure the president is notified and follow up with the ranger to ensure it's safe removal.

    We will not be mad at anyone who thinks they have come in to contact with it, but hasn't, as long as they have taken the necessary steps. Better safe than sorry.
  • - July CupcakesHi Everyone! <br /><br />There was some confusion last month so I would like to clarify that the cupcakes served Saturday nights in the inn are for everyone, not just those on meal plan.<br /><br />This month the cupcakes will be:<br />Carrot cupcakes with cinnamon cream cheese icing <br />AND<br />Vanilla cupcakes with blueberry butter-cream icing<br /><br />Thanks!<br />Sheigh Evans<br />Cupcake Fairy<hr />
  • - 'Bud emailsI've been having issues with my tablet opening attachments to emails. If you wish to contact me with an official complaint form, please complete the document then paste it in full into an email to the 'Bud account. As always, I will respond as quickly as possible. <br /><br />Thank you.<hr />
  • - Server MaintenanceI've received notification from our ISP that there will be some server maintenance tonight and our website might be down for short periods during the maintenance. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow.<hr />

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