I have received word from Ranger Paul.
There will be some cleanup being done on site with a woodchipper on Saturday.

This means all vehicles need to be parked across the street at the big parking lot.

Feel free to come down and unload on Friday at the building as per AD direction. After that will need to park across the street.

Prior to game starting I can help drive people back from the parking lot.
No cars should be left in the parking lot after game has started and most definitely not Saturday.

Thank you in advance!
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Hello Apples, Oranges and Pears.
Just to keep you all on your toes, but mainly because you were all caught in a rather apocalyptic explosion, we are doing things slightly different this game. We are going to be playing hard by these and not allowing any leeway.

- Eryn and Doug will be arriving very early on site and doing our best to make it NOT look like a scout camp as much as we can. We ask that you stick to the main dining hall when you arrive on site as much as possible so that you don't spoil any surprises we might have set up. You will be allowed to check in and use bathrooms, but apart from that, dining hall only please. Perma-cast are exempt from this. Part time cast ARE NOT.
- After you have checked in, an AD will take you to your bunk area for you to set up your OOG bedding.
- If your character messes with any of our set dressings just for the sake of messing with them (pulling down fabric, moving lights/props, etc), be prepared for us to do the same with your character's belongings. We will let you know if you are allowed to interact with the sets in that respect.

- Not all areas will be lit. Bring IG lighting if vision is important to you.

- Everything you are bringing IG with you must be checked in with Eryn and the Holy Milk Crate before Safety Speech. This will happen in the main lobby between the bunk areas. EVERYONE is required to do this. Please be aware that not all your things will be starting the event with you, but you will have the chance to get them. When this happens depends mostly on you. Milk crate size and carrying rules are found here: viewtopic.php?f=71&t=9500
- All tags for items you want to bring will have a space requirement in the Holy Milk Crate or on you. You can carry them as tags, but they will have a physical representation of their size for the purposes of Check In. This includes all profession resources, money, mana, spare weapons/armour, etc.
- If you want to do anything extra in reguards to decorating your bunk area, please speak to an AD no later than Thursday 6pm.

- If you want to do anything interesting with your costumage based on your actions on the boards, it needs to be approved by us no later than Thursday evening at 6pm

- Cast WILL NOT be lending out any props, racials or physreps of any kind this event. We tried a system for it this year and players abused it, so no more.

- If you wish to switch characters at all this event, please see Eryn before you do. What you plan may not be possible.

If you have any questions or concerns about this, we will be available to answer them by email or PM on the boards by NO LATER than Thursday 6pm.
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We are aware that the forums are having some issues. I am looking for a solution but it may take some time.
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Good evening/ morning wonderful people, below is the tentative menu for the November event

Friday night:
Macaroni and Cheese bake

Saturday breakfast:
Waffles with jams and icing sugar

Saturday Lunch:
Soups and salad and crackers

Saturday dinner:
Veggie and meat stirfry

Sunday breakfast:

There will also be fruits and other snacks avalible throughout the day

Costs for this event:


SEND YOU EMAIL TO food@epoch-larp.ca
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There was a lot of extra stuff to do this last event, and a big thanks to everyone who helped out. There was too much for us to keep track of easily at the event, so if you did some extra work, please PM myself or another Games Facilitator and let us know what you did beyond your assigned chore.

The Games Facilitators
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