Hello All,

To keep you updated on site there will NOT be showers available this weekend. They have been removed and it is in discussion if/when they will return.
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Hello everyone as event is Friday I would just like to make a few announcements for medical,

First off we will no longer have any type of medication in the first aid kits starting this event, we ask that if you think you will need it please bring it with you.

Secondly please dress for the weather, so far this weekend it is suppose to be chilly with a high of 8 degrees during the day and colder at night 0 degrees and colder. As well as a low chance for precipitation at this time.

Medical Officers would like to remind you immersion is great but being warm and not sick is better. We suggest to you bring layers, extra socks, warmer attire as the weather will be chilly, also appropriate shoes for the weather as well.

Happy packing and see you all Friday!
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Hello everyone with event in just a few short days and the excitement for event and seeing you all. If you would like to help out by helping setup cast cabin please feel free to take down the bins, but please do not open them as we have just painstakingly organized them to preference.

Thanks A billion!
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Greetings! I hope everyone had a good weekend. This is your friendly reminder that pre-log is due in a week (Monday April 20) by 9am. Please send to logistics@epoch-larp.ca.

And If you haven't heard, the AD team is helping log out with incentives for players to pre log. See: http://epoch-larp.ca/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9732. I also highly recommend you check out the character survey and fill it out for the AD team. ( http://www.epochlarp.ca/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9725) . Send the survey to Ad@epoch-larp.ca.

Also don't forget about meal plan get that in ASAP so they can feed you. (Food@epoch-larp.ca)
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Once again some standards, and information that we are setting forth to incorporate for this season. Please understand that some of these things are mandatory, and there are repercussions if you choose to ignore them.

Pre-planned casting shifts:
Heavy ogranization this season will be directed to cast schedules. Our cast Momster Bianca will be able to schedule for casting, should you be interested in doing so send us an email or pm ( ad@epoch-larp.ca ). We are very accomadating, more cast leads to a larger variety of encounters.

Personal Plot:
You character wants to do something really cool. Perhaps some in depth personal plot. Perhaps you want to reach out to a deity or organization. Each character has their own unique goals. If you have plans that will require more than cause and effect interactions of what will be on site you need to send a request or initiated plot prior to Thursday afternoon of any event weekend. It's not being mean, it's being fair.

Say you're game to play ball on those terms. Awesome, however there is more. You may make a request for “something”. You're going to get as much as you give. Eryn will be handling all personal plot. Attention is given by pre-booking as there are limited "personal plot" in the cast schedule. Crps can also be given to buffer this sort of plot.

Another form of personal plot that there seemed to be a lack of last season was personally engaged plot. We feel a large amount of player apathy was contributed by the bad habit of "waiting for plot to come to me/you". We heavily encourage players to work on personal plot over the expectation of scheduled attacks on the inn porch. It assists in what kind of plot we can put out if there is more world within carreg wynn to build off of. Examples: Taking on a squire, forming a guild, trade ring, business, organization, prayer meeting, quilting circle, tea time, etc.

To give logistics a bit of a break we're offering an incentive to pre-log. Should your character be logged in at the appropriate time, plot “of interest” shall be added or tailored to the event. This is not personal plot, but plot that could be of personal intrigue to your character. Example: npc's with certain skills, specific resources being on site, etc. A excellent place to list training/resource/etc that your characters are looking for is on their character survey found here: http://www.epoch-larp.ca/forums/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=9725

Guild/Organization associations:
Everyone loves titles, especially to throw about at those silly kaern. If you are part of any organization, even one self made, a write up is needed to who/what/when/where/why/how this came to be, as well as ad approval. As well if you've had interaction with a person of note, from one of these, we would like to know. We'll also likely ask for supporting information on this. Similar to the previous note, if there is not information given these are null and void until catalogued/given ad approval.

Faith associations:
Everyone loves faith characters, especially to throw about at those silly kaern (yes literally throw them). If you are part of any faith, even one of your own creation, we need a write up as to who/what/when/where/why/how this came to be. Similar to the previous note, if there is not information given these are null and void until catalogued/given ad approval. Interacting with sacred spaces whether on site or between games requires an Ad or Marshal present.

Structure Reps:
Similar to the above.. if there are no reps, tags or write up they do not exists.. this includes doors, walls, locks (if they aren't oog buildings), alchemy, quality of structures, etc They aren't getting the bonus. Any structures not repped appropriately will NOT be interacted with by cast or even assumed to exist. They have simply fallen into disrepair.

Lifeskills/Professions/visit other plane:
We need lifeskills and professions rep'd. If skills are being used inappropriately they might not work the way you would like them to. We may come and inspect your crafting areas, or actually ask you to rp your skills. If you are doing anything labelled in the rulebook to be at ad discretion: medical operations, experimental crafting, rituals, etc you must have an ad or marshal present. We have high expectations of lifeskill use and training to be roleplayed. Even for the most simple of things, such as lighting a lamp you will be expected to rep doing so. Simply pointing at something and saying you "did it" wont work. This is important to enrich roleplay.

Similarly to using lifeskills and needing to speak to an AD we are asking the same of anyone hopping planes. Even the most common plane of travel, Land of the Dead can have repercussions to visit. It is not always safe and at times things aren't always as they seem or where they last were. Planar travelling? come see an AD. All in all If used appropriately any of these skillsets will likely guide you away from screwing something up, or give you a unique path to deal with a situation.

Thanks once more,

Dr. P. Wizard
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