Hey everyone as April event advances and we all prepare for the next event Props and AD team have a wish list of items needed for next event. If you are or would like to donate an item from the list please PM me here on the boards and let me know so that I may assign that donation to you.

The List of DONATIONS is as follows:

- All Fae Racials however mostly dwarf and halfing at this time more may be needed of different race at a later time.

-2 large white sheets that can potentially be stained or ruined.

- 4 -5 blank writing journals that can be written in.

-Tempra Paint all colours every colour if possible

-Aprons and smocks

- cool goggles 2 pairs

- Some bug nets 2 or 3

- a bunch of jars 4-6 preferably plastic as we dont want the potential for accidental broken glass.

We would also at this time like to make a shout out for some Kabookie:

- 2-4 snails

- 1-2 spiders

-some ordinary birds

- 2 vultures

we would also like to make a Mana Call out:
- Earth mana.

I would like to thank you all in advance for your generous donations and keep an eye on the list as it will be subject to change as people sign up for a donation, as well as more being added.

Happy prepping for April event,

Props team 2015.
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Dinner: Mac n'cheese
snack: Spanikopita

Breakfast: Baked eggs, fruit salad, bacon/some meat
Lunch: Cottage pie
Dinner: Spaghetti and meatballs
Snack: Birthday cake

Breakfast: French toast casserole

$20 Dollars if you sign up before Monday, April 20th, $25 After
food@epoch-larp.ca to sign up
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Hey everyone, now that we have had time to recuperate from event, your friendly log officers are asking for your help with the crps bank. we ask that you send in your expenditure sheets so we can update the bank. otherwise we wont have a proper number in the bank! please send all expenditure sheets and questions to logistics@epoch-larp.ca.

thank you for your time!
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Thank you to all the members for making clean up go great this event, we had only 1 bag of trash leaving event with us this trip!

Please send us suggestions for what you would like to see for the April Meal Plan. Meal Choices and any changes you would like seen for next event.

Feel free to e-mail food@epoch-larp.ca as well with suggestions

Meal plan will be finalized and posted on Friday, March 27th
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The new rulebook for 2015 is up, changes that have been made are on the member forums.
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