• - 'Bud emailsI've been having issues with my tablet opening attachments to emails. If you wish to contact me with an official complaint form, please complete the document then paste it in full into an email to the 'Bud account. As always, I will respond as quickly as possible. <br /><br />Thank you.<hr />
  • - Server MaintenanceI've received notification from our ISP that there will be some server maintenance tonight and our website might be down for short periods during the maintenance. Everything should be back to normal tomorrow.<hr />
  • - ReminderHi again peoples.<br />This is just a reminder that if you took any addictive alchemy (strength, malice, dwarfskin, kickstart) last game and didn't fill out an alchemy tag, please email it to us.<br /><br />Also, If you plan on doing anything between games, we will take the date you send the email/PM to us as the timestamp for when it happens, plus or minus 2 days only.<br /><br /><br />Thanks!<hr />
  • - Game Start And Site Clean-UpHello everyone, it's your friendly neighbourhood Games Facilitator here with a couple reminders.<br /><br />Firstly, official game start time is at 10:00 pm on Friday. Safety Speech happens at 9:30 sharp, and no cars are allowed past the parking lot after 9:55. If you miss Safety Speech, there will be a copy posted in the Inn and in the Cast Cabin for easy reference. Please keep yourself informed.<br /><br />Secondly, the site has a bag-in/bag-out policy. What this means is that whatever you bring with you is your responsibility to bring home. No one else is responsible for your garbage or your recycling or whatever, so please don't leave anything behind at the end of the weekend. Also, the fire pits are not garbage dumps. If you put any paper plates or other burnables in a fire pit, make sure that it's actually going to get burned and not simply left behind.<br /><br />Thanks,<br />The Games Facilitators<hr />
  • - Rejected e-mailFor some reason epoch-larp.ca spam filter has decided that some legit addresses are spam. So far all of these are hotmail addresses. However, some hotmail addresses are unaffected. I'm trying to sort this out but if you have more then one e-mail account I'd recommend using a non-hotmail account in the mean time. This may be the result of an issue with hotmail or it may be an issue at SpamCop but it seems to be outside my control for the time being.<br /><br />If you experience a problem with this, please PM me with your e-mail address and the address you were trying to reach.<hr />

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