Please be informed that there is a General Meeting scheduled for Sunday November 29th.

We will be voting on a new Charter, and electing our 2016 President, Treasurer, and Director of Marketing.

Declarations for these positions are open at this time. Please create a new topic on the Members Forum with "Declaration of Intent - (Position) 2016" or similar as the title. Let us know why you're running, and give other Members a chance to ask you questions!

Time is currently being confirmed, but it will likely be in the same location and roughly the same time as our last get together.

The Agenda and proposed charter can be found on the Members Forum, here: http://www.epoch-larp.ca/forums/viewtopic.php?f=2&t=9982
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Turn back the Hands:


A brief PSA regarding the 2015 November event:

Location: Woodland Trails,

Please note this is the smaller site with two bunk areas in a main social area, and several counsellor rooms. At this time the counsellor rooms will only be available for plot use and the bulk of pc's will be asked to sleep in the main areas. Cabin decor is highly encouraged to deepen immersion.


Pre-plague in a small frontier farming community, basing their interactions out of the communities main building which functions as a townhall/Nosian chapel/school. The community bands together after several strange and concerning incidents. This event will include heavy roleplay, sleuthing, and tower defense elements.

In-game Setting:

Welcome to Stillwater, a name that seems forgotten but familiar. A small community on the out skirted regions near Torjadine. While mainly a small self sustained community, its draw points are potent supernatural elements that seem to draw upon those guided to the Nosian faith, as well as several talented tradesmen, and the renown Dappleforth fruit farms. Those who become great priests and craftsmen have sometimes found humble followings here, before being seduced off to larger imperial cathedrals and prestigious trade cities.

At the heart of the community lies a sturdy stone building which hosts as a chapel, and community gathering place. The immediate area surrounding this building has largely been considered sacred and thus the land has been left to flourish as it will. Peppered amongst the small forest lay several homesteads and businesses. Further, the two farms of the Jepsen, and ever growing Dappleforth family can be found, ever holding to a old feud between the families. While the community has heavy Nosian roots, this is considered a place of peace and in ancient times has stood as a treaty ground for the warring human nations. Recent incidents of theft, property damages, and missing personals have caused concern for the general populace spurning for them to come together as a community and return order to Stillwater.

At this time magic of the way mages casting spells does not exist. Rituals of powerful and risky nature are a possibility, however they are regarded as abundant in power, dangerous and generally considered to be taboo. Unless one is well attuned and well versed in such matters, they are not something seen in common place. Fae races as a whole have not appeared and are little more than bedtime stories, larger concerns are between peace of the human nations and survival from winter weather.

PC preparation:

All players will need to create a new character of 60 experience points and a short backstory as to how they are tied to the setting. Relating your character to a "PC plus" is ideal. This character will function as a separate persona for a short time before some oddity occurs turning them to a vessel for a chosen established PC already on roster to interact with this setting. After the persona switch characters already established in present Carreg will find themselves tied mortally to these vessel and the 60 point builds. Choose wisely.

Skills unavailable at creation include:

Awareness, tiers/spells of power. No disadvantages may be claimed to increase experience granted at creation for past personas, however disadvantages present on roster chosen characters apply once their persona takes over (this excludes all racial disadvantages, save for the elven code). As well humans are the only playable race.

Character Creation Tips:

Please note that no items with intention of playing your regular characters as they were will be needed for this event. As well this includes soul bound items, which should you have please come find Eryn on site for information regarding this. Considering the setting as well as PC Plus will likely be advantageous to an involved character for this event. There will be some Roleplay worked into the opening of game to associate yourself with a PC Plus. Look into the updated PC Plus profiles to see how perhaps your character can better fit into the setting.

Specialized characters and RP flavour characters will greatly enhance the setting. Medic and alchemy will be very important.

PC Plus:

Additionally, this setting will be filled with notable citizens of their community, referred to here as "PC Plus". These are characters who have a pre-generated backstory, greater insight to their community, and a strict code of behaviour. Although reason and motives may vary they all long to unveil the mysteries plagued by their community. Each can prove to be powerful allies of present minded individuals wishing the seek truth and survive the upcoming events to follow. All individuals of renown and all of their descriptions below can be considered common knowledge.


Mayor Justice Ashbury:
A hardworking member of the community, although some whisper that they did not come by this success honestly. Newly wed Justice had seemed distracted as of late with their new wife, but has snapped back to attention after several strange occurrences have disturbed their rather luxurious life. Charismatic and perhaps a bit seedy the mayor works to use their silver tongue and access to community resources to unravel the complaints flooding their office.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Butler, wealthy professionals, assistant, servant

A questionable individual who finds themselves more often than not in the watch's cells than wandering free. Said to be the disowned sibling of the current mayor, the two seem to avoid each other at public gatherings. A individual who seems to often be at the stems of most illegal activities within the town, but funded enough to stay out of the laws hands.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Thieves, drifters, desperate souls, hooligans, mercenaries

Watch Captain Landry Dalton:
Noble and Honest, it is a rumor that Landry was to be a squired as a knight due to the goodness of their character, but remained within Stillwater for the love of a their fiancée. Diligent to up keeping the law and safety of Stillwater. The Captain of the watch has deeply imbedded all efforts as of late into improve the safety of the small community after Lysa, their fiancee was fatally wounded during a recent break in at her families home. Rumours indicate there is a bitter grudge held between Landry and the deceased's sibling Jem Smyth, both blame one another for their loss.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: guards, local foragers/trappers, law abiding citizens, criminals

Constable Oakley Dappleforth:
Eldest of the Dappleforth children and a skilled psychic. While clever and keen of mind Oakley is not entirely a capable figther, this is often used as criticism from their distrustful co-watch guard Max. The pair have a professional, but unfriendly working relation due to their difference in skills, personality and family feuds. Oakley is a very organized individual who prides themselves on higher thinking and further the capabilities of their mind. Largely found at the guard station, processing the more clerical portions of the watch.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Younger siblings, fellow guards, locals, criminals, locals with desk/book-keeping professions

Constable Max Jesper:
Eldest of the Jesper children and a skill fighter. While brawny and strong Max has declined to take interest in more bookish interests, this is often used as cristicism from their distrustful co-watch guard Oakley

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Younger siblings, fellow guards, locals, criminals, locals with farming/manual labour professions

Dion Dappleforth:
Current head of the Dappleforth Family and extremely successful Dappleforth Fruit Farms. Clever and crafty in their lifetime have brought their namesakes once humble farm to greatness. Garnering the attention of the wealthy as far as Fairloch, they expanded their the simple means of their farm to an enterprise of specialty wines and perserves which are renowned throughout the frontier. Although well respected local gossip dictates the families inherent psychic capabilities had led to the families roaring success.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Spouse (upon PC Plus player approval), children, wealthy business associates, farm hired hands, investors

Jordan Jesper :
Head of the Jesper Family and dwindling Jesper farms. In the past generation heavily implications have been made towards manipulative business deals being made with the wealthy Dappleforth farms. It is said that the previous head of the family had been bewitched by the current clever Dion into selling a large portion of fertile land at a insulting price for its value. Focusing entirely on the raise of livestock, and forcing ends to meet it is a hard life in the Jesper household. Stress is mounted high with too many mouths to feed, coin stretched, and tempers on high due to the recent disappearance of livestock. Rumours dictate the blame placed on the Dappleforth family, looking to further claim the reaming Jesper farmland.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Spouse (upon PC Plus player approval), children, money lenders, farm hired hands, local forager/hunters

Master blacksmith of Jem Smyth:
Renown for their exceptional work with the forge, Jem had come to Stillwater with their sister Lysa. The siblings were close and enjoyed their life in the small settlement. At one time Jem was overjoyed to see their sister fall in love and become engaged to the local captain of guard, Landry. Darker times have since followed. After a tragic break in to their shop, and Lysa found fatally injured at the scene. At a loss Jem has seen this incident to be the fault of Landry.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Apprentices, fellow craftsmen, merchants, customers, locals

Calius the Blessed, Nosian cleric:

Although young for their station, Calius has been proven as wise beyond their years and level headed in stressful situations. Entirely devout to NOS great things are expected of this young cleric. In trying times such as these they are seen as a figure head to provide wise counsel to all, regardless of faith or standing within society.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Those of nosian faith and involved with the nosian church, talon knights

Sky Hollow, Seer of the Great Woods:

The eldest child of a greet seer who fell in love with the sole heir of an imperial merchant's child. Although there are large difference between culture and belief's Sky believes that they and their beloved Rory will overcome the odds and find a greater bond beyond the ties of their blood. A gifted seer, who much to their family and friends dismay has left their nomadic band and is looking to settle with their new partner within Stillwater, a community that perhaps would not shun their union or at least not be privy to their pasts.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Those with confederate origins or interests, merchants, individuals tied to the balance of nature, foragers/hunters, envoy guards and companions searching for Sky

Casey Boggs, School teacher:
The local eccentric school teacher, librarian, record keeper, bee keeper, and stray cat collector. There are few who don't know Casey Boggs, despite their relatively reserved and shy nature. Normally found within the busy community hall of Stillwater, nearly all raised within the community have received some form of schooling from this individual.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Assistant, anyone currently or previously passed through the schoolhouse, record keepers, librarians

Dr. Amaryl:
The local medical physician. Running their practice out of the community building and working alongside, but not part of the nosian chapel. A figure known by nearly all as the prime medical physician in the area, as well as ensuring many of the more helpful and generation alchemists that further the well being of the populace are kept well equipped and stocked.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Patients, alchemists, medics, healers, anyone who likes checkers.

Rory Rivers, Merchant heir:

The sole heir of a the wealthy River's horse saddle merchant company, who fell in love with the child of a confederate seer. Although there are large difference between culture and belief's Rory believes that they and their beloved Sky will overcome the odds and find a greater bond beyond the ties of their blood. To much to their family and friends dismay has left their noble estate in twain's heart and is looking to settle with their new partner within Stillwater, a community that perhaps would not shun their union or at least not be privy to their pasts.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Merchants, the wealthy, imperial nobles, gamblers, Investigator and friends looking to encourage them to return home.

Avery Peyton, Hunter:
Local hunter and forager of the area. No one seems to know the old woods as well as Avery. A quite individual who offers their knowledge of the woods to those who respect its resources and denizens of all standing.

PC suggestions to be tied to this character: Hunters/foragers, those concerned with the balance of nature, scouts, guards

Although these are pre-generated PC plus characters have a much diverse and potentially more powerful skillset. They will as well be bound to several disadvantages, which they will be required to act within. Additionally, no present day persona can be impressed upon these characters at any point. While given some plot relative insight, PC plus will be just as "in the dark" when confronting plot. Should these individuals meet an untimely end their performer will be inducted into cast cabin for the remainder of the event.

To PC plus, please email ad@epoch-larp.ca with your top 3 choices. Please note, roles will be elected on the Friday evening of the event due to reliability on attendance and these being setting crucial. As well please create and have an approved 60 pt character should you not be selected for one of these roles.


Cast cabin will accommodate an "iconic" costume piece to all PC plus characters, otherwise will not be able to accommodate costumes or props. Garb with a simplistic frontier theme is best, perhaps even trade some of your commonly used items with a friend.


Log has been briefed on characters for this setting, please be kind as they will have additional duties to make this event run smoothly.
Cast Donation Wishlist:
-Blank Cardboard tombstones, in classic shapes such as half oval, rectangle, cross. Painted light enough grey to be written on easily with sharpie markers x20
(Note they do not need to be all donated by one person)
-Borrowed use of a Polaroid camera with film (up to 20-30 exposures.. If you would like to be the camera person for this, that is ok too!)
-Donation/Borrowed use of large communal alchemy lab
-Donation/Borrowed use of large communal medical theatre
-Donation/Borrowed use of large blacksmith forge and other profession crafting areas
-Nosian themed décor
-Disposable hand and shoe warmers


Dr. P Wizard
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Meal plan early bird ends Wed, Nov 4th at 11:59PM - 20 Dollars
After this but before the cut off on Nov 9th at 11:59PM - 25 Dollars

This will be a hard cut off, no late entries can be taken due to the lack of kitchen on site. Do Not miss the deadline if you want food.
Email food@epoch-larp.ca to sign up

Friday Night
Lasagna - Veggy and Meatie varieties

Saturday Breakfast
Quiche - Veggy and Baconed Varieties

Saturday Lunch

Cottage Pie - Veggie and Meated Varieties

Saturday Dinner

Meatballs or Veggie Burgers and Mashed Potatoes with Gravy

Sunday Breakfast

Leafovers and Cereal
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As many had seen at Faere Fest there was a blacksmith...with a forge...blacksmithing metal!!!
Which was amazing to see!

After much negotiation (read 15 minute conversation at the end of Elegy where they had been this past week)

This amazing blacksmith duo will be coming to Epoch for the October event!!!

Friday night they will be setting up a Vendor table next to our amazing Leatherworker Michael Guest who will also be there
Saturday they will be firing up the forge and available to forge items for OOG money.
AND will be able to forge/repair your items IG as they will be a IG Smith for IG coin.

Feel free to check them out!
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Version 2 of the 2015 rule book is now available for download.

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(more news…)

May 2015 meal plan

Friday Night: Stuffed Pepper Soup Saturday Morning: Pancakes with a variety of Toppings (Berries, Bearnana, Whipped Creme Etc) Saturday Lunch: Sandwich Bar Saturday Dinner: Taco Bar Veggie Option – TVP Taco “Meat” Bearnana cream pie Sunday Breakfast: Variety of Fresh … Continue reading