Welcome to Epoch Toronto

Epoch is a live-action roleplaying game set in an apocalyptic time of swords and sorcery. It is a world of warriors, bandits, mages, alchemists, and mystics. The Epoch rules allow for any profession or combination of professions, so the players have total freedom when creating a character.

Dice, cards and hand gestures are never used to determine the outcome of a situation, but rather the players’ own abilities — enhanced by rules in the game. Players really have to fight, hide, and throw spells when playing their characters.

Epoch is a safe, full contact game. Combat is played out with foam-padded weapons, better known as “boffer weapons”. Spells are represented by small throwing bean bags known as “mana”. Even fists are represented by a section of foam tubing.

Epoch uses costumes and huge puppets to represent exotic people, fearsome monsters and bizarre creatures, some of which are operated by two or more cast members!


Officer Positions and Responsibilities:

You can view the CRP earnings for each officer position in the CRP document.

Logistics Officer: Reports to Secretary
Logistics Officers are required log all players into an event when they arrive on site, as well as offer pre-log services (logging before an event). Logistics Officers are expected to keep all information about players' characters confidential, and will only report to the Club President when issues arise involving the investigation of a player's character. The Club President is not permitted access to the logistics files. Logistics Officers are expected to reference a player's file and answer all questions the Club President may have without showing them the character file. Between events, the Logistics Officers will update each player's file on a database. They can be contacted at logistics@epoch-larp.ca

Food Officer (Meal Plan): Reports to Treasurer
Food Officers prepare and publish a meal plan for each event and are responsible for managing the purchase and transportation of all meal plan food. Food Officers are responsible for preparing meals in advance of an event when necessary. Food Officers are also responsible for arranging the preparation of all meals while on site and for cleaning any cookware and kitchen areas used in the preparation of the meals. The Food Officers are not expected to do these chores themselves, but will have a CRP budget to reward volunteers. The Food Officer or volunteers in their service are not expected to wash the dishes or clean the kitchen mess of any individual not on the club's meal plan. They can be contacted at food@epoch-larp.ca

Safety Officer: Reports to President
Safety Officers are responsible for the safe conduct of all players on site. Safety Officers must ensure that all items brought onto site (specifically weapons and armour) are safe for use in game. Safety Officers are also required to provide a Safety Meeting which takes place the first evening of each event. The Safety Meeting is a detailed presentation about safe practices and dangerous/off-limit areas on site, presented to new members, or members returning after a year or more absence. Safety Officers must work with the New Players Committee to ensure the meeting occurs before the new player mod. They can be contacted at safety@epoch-larp.ca

Medical Officers: Report to Secretary
Medical Officers are responsible for seeing that any Member injured at an event receives prompt and appropriate medical attention. They are required to have First Aid experience, maintain an updated list of players' allergies, and have on site at their disposal a first aid kit (supplied by the club). They can be contacted at medical@epoch-larp.ca

Ombud Officer: Reports to Ombudsperson
The Ombud Officer supports the Ombudsperson in their executive role. At the Ombudsperson's discretion, and with player consent, they will receive and follow up with complaints and incident reports filed with the Ombudsperson. The Ombud Officer will forward reports to the Ombudsperson for filing (unless there is a conflict of interest), but they will not be granted access to the Ombudsperson's email account, or Google Drive. The Ombud Officer is expected to keep information about incident reports confidential. They may reference incident reports and answer any questions the Executive Board may have, to the best of their ability, without sharing the incident report(s) or betraying confidentiality. At this point in time the Ombud Officer does not have an email address for contact.

Game Facilitator: Reports to Secretary
The Game Facilitator assesses the cleanliness and organization of site before game begins Friday night. This ensures that the game begins at a reasonable time. They are also responsible for delegating clean up activities and chores needed to be done Sunday morning in order for the site to be clean and ready for inspection by the Scout Ranger. Players leaving event before Sunday morning must report to the Games Facilitator for a chore. The Games Facilitator can also be requested by the Food Officer to assign players to assist in the cleaning of the kitchen/dishes during an event. They can be contacted at gamefacilitators@epoch-larp.ca

Webmaster (Website Officer): Reports to Marketing
The Webmaster is responsible for monitoring and updating the Epoch website. Checking their email regularly at webmaster@epoch-larp.ca, they maintain regular connections with other officers and executives. They are not responsible for updates on the Facebook group page or Discord Chat website.

Social Media Officer: Reports to Marketing
The Social Media Officer is responsible for monitoring and updating the Epoch Facebook Group and Facebook Page. This includes creating Facebook Events on the public page, including all relevant registration information pertaining to Epoch LARP events or social events. The Social Media Officer is also responsible for maintaining the Epoch Pinterest account. They are not responsible for managing the Epoch Discord server. At this point in time the Social Media Officer does not have an email address for contact.

Forum Administrator: Reports to President
The Forum Administrator is responsible for monitoring and updating the Epoch Toronto Foundation forum. This includes registering new accounts, for players and characters and confirming membership status with the Treasurer. The Forum Administrator can also be contacted in making and removing in game private forum locations. They are responsible for checking the email account communications@epoch-larp.ca and maintain regular communication with other officers and executives.

Photos Officer: Reports to Marketing
The Photos Officer is responsible for taking player approved photos at Epoch events. They are responsible for providing their own camera and equipment. They are responsible to post these photos on the Epoch website. It is well recommended the posting on photos be completed in a timely fashion after each Epoch sanctioned event. Regularly checking their email address, they maintain regular communication with other officers and executives. They can be contacted at photos@epoch-larp.ca

Props: Reports to Treasurer
Props Officers work closely with the Artistic Directors or independently to construct and organize the production of props for the purpose of use at Epoch events. These props become donations for plot and become property of the Epoch Toronto Foundation. Regularly checking their email address, they maintain regular communication with other officers and executives. They can be contacted at props@epoch-larp.ca

Social Events Officer: Reports to Marketing
The Social Events Officer is responsible for booking social events between Epoch LARP events. They are responsible for recording social attendance and sending this list to the logistics officer for CRP awarding. Any Epoch player can organize and host a social event through the Social Events Officer. At this point in time the Social Events Officer does not have an email address for contact.

Grant Officer: Reports to Treasurer
The Grant Officer is in charge of finding and applying for grants on behalf of Epoch Toronto. They are responsible for checking and responding promptly to emails sent to grants@epoch-larp.ca. They are not responsible for handling funds on behalf of Epoch Toronto.

Immersion Officer: Reports to President
The Immersion Officer is responsible for decorating most common ingame areas. These areas include the Inn and, if possible, the Enclave and Scholar's Hall. The Immersion Officer is responsible for setting up red gels or screens/coverings over the lights in the Inn building. The Immersion Officer is not responsible for purchasing decorations, simply set up and take down. Decorations are to be stored on site with cast cabin items.

Discord Officer: Reports to President
The Discord Officer is responsible for monitoring and updating the Epoch Discord server. This includes keeping channel descriptions up-to-date, giving players access to the server, confirming membership status with the Treasurer, and character approvals with the player or current AD. The Discord Officer is also responsible for ensuring that online communication meets the Safer Community Policy and Online RP rules. At this point in time the Discord Officer does not have an email address for contact.

Committee Positions and Responsibilities:

New Players: Reports to Marketing
The New Players Committee is responsible for supporting new players. This is includes supplying players with the new player package and check list (located on the Epoch website). The New Players Committee is responsible for updating these documents annually. New Players Committee members are responsible for implementing and running the new player mod, which takes place the first evening of each event. Committee members are encouraged to provide new players with an In-Game and Out Of Game beginner package with items including, OOG band, bandage, foam fist, small pouch and tagged items including health potions and other beginner items subject to the President's discretion. Regularly checking their email address, they maintain regular communication with new players, as well as other officers and executives. They can be contacted at newplayers@epoch-larp.ca

Rules: Reports to President
Rules Committee members are responsible for responding to questions regarding the existing rule book. They have the ability to conclude disputes at game to continue play at events. Rules Committee members have the ability to create and structure new rules to be playtested at events. With executive approval, new rules can be added to the rule book. Committee members must be very familiar with the current rulebook. Regularly checking their email address, they maintain regular communication with other officers and executives. They can be contacted at rules@epoch-larp.ca

Lore: Reports to President
Lore Committee members are responsible for organizing, documenting and expanding on the In Game lore for Epoch's fictional world. Regularly checking their email address, they maintain regular communication with other officers and executives. They can be contacted at lorekeeper@epoch-larp.ca

For questions, please contact the Executive Team.

Thank you

Secretary Shayna Pilc
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Hello everyone, here is the new change to XP at Epoch Toronto that was voted in at the 2017 November GM. This will take effect starting in January 2018

In place of XP, players will receive XPackets from Epoch events. Each weekend event will reward a player with one XPacket that can be doubled-out to two XPackets by spending 6 CRPs. An event that does not take place over an entire weekend (such as a day mod, feast day or a convention) will reward a player with a single XPacket that cannot be doubled out.

An XPacket can be applied to any character possessed by the player and will reward a number of XP to the character depending on the amount of XP that the character currently has (prior to XPacket being applied). A character's deaths counts toward total XP, this means that if a character has 250XP but has lost 1 due to death (effectively putting them at 249), they would still be considered a 250XP character, and would earn XP at a value of 5 XP per XPacket.

An XPacket can be applied to a character at any time after the event in which the XPacket has been obtained (including during an event) this means that if a character has died, and does not have any XP on their sheet, a previous XPacket can be applied, and all or a portion of the XP from that packet can be used to pay off the character's death. A single XPacket can only be applied to a single character, you cannot split an XPacket between characters.

Amount of XP on a character before XPacket is applied
Value of Packet
0-249: 6XP
250-349: 5XP
350-449: 4XP
450-549: 3XP
550+: 2XP

This will allow a diminishing return in XP, allowing newer characters to grow faster than older characters, while still allowing older characters to grow if the player wishes, without causing a character to grow too powerful without an extremely large amount of time put into the character. This will help balance encounters, and help newer characters feel less useless
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Hello everyone!
The following items will be put up at the auction. The descriptions of what the items do will remain a mystery until Sunday. ooooOOOOOooooo

Core Mana Lot
Cloud Mana Lot
Cosmic Mana Lot
Brewer's Lot
Smith's Lot

Infinite Wisdom: A purple sphere with slowly changing purple mist inside

Diamond Edge: A honing stone to be applied to a weapon

Crystal of Focus: A strange crystal, set in a necklace

Glamoured Steel: An enchantment to be placed on a hat

Touch of Grace: A broach with a picture of an animal

Cloudskimmer Feather: A bracelet with ornate feather charms

Octopus Band: a braided, metal bracelet

Slippery Salve: A small jar, filled with an oily substance

Tattoo Of Truth: A special ink which, when tattooed on the face of somebody, imbues them with the powers of truth

Coward's Bane: A bell engraved with a frowning mask face

Coward's Boon: A set of small bells, held together with a smiling face mask

Silver Tongue Amulet: a silver necklace, ending in a statue of an owl

Idol Hands: These small, clay hands, held together as if in prayer have a magical aura.

Spirit Sprite: This sprite is a fantastical looking little creature that is bonded to one person

Pet Rock: It's a rock...

Cosmic Heart: The small blue jewel set in this ring emanates a soft white light from within

Styptic Agent: This is a magical bottle filled with a thick, light pink liquid

Essence of Mutan: A tube, filled with a softly shimmering rainbow liquid

Cataclysm Catalist: A jar filled with small red stones which seem to replenish as they are removed. Each stone seems to pulse with power

Earthen Divide: A dull red rope with an earthy smell

Chameleon Wisp: A ring set with a red stone that seems to shift in texture while emitting a soft white light
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Hello Epoch Toronto!

Your executive team has been hard at work addressing concerns players have raised in our game. It is our goal to make players as comfortable as possible in our game environment. This post is regarding one concern that has been brought to our attention more than once. This regards land ownership. Please see our changes and clarifications to owning land, camp sites and building inside Carreg Wynn and the surrounding areas.

Reasoning: It has come to our attention that PC owners of building, or described large locations (on site or off site) have been abusing their powers as owners. For example, banning people from the Inn, or Scholar's Hall. This is technically not allowed, as these are public spaces on site. Additionally, it came to our attention players were not feeling comfortable in public spaces because of building owners. We feel this change can both allow for player involvement in addition to accountability for unethical or unsafe actions. As for the off site ownership, conflict seems to have grown to the point where traditional PC rp has been unable to rectify the solution. Thus our (Epoch Executives) involvement was requested.

There are a few categories we addressed:

1. Owning buildings on site
2. Owning Carreg Wynn; the town
3. Owning land in Carreg Wynn (camp sites, locations)
4. Owning land close yet outside of Carreg Wynn

These were the conclusions we came to:

1. PCs can no longer own buildings. However, we do recognize that someone (PC) needs to make sure no building is overbooked for bunks. A compromised system of Landowner (NPC) and Carreg Wynn representative (PC) has been agreed upon. For example: Jarred, Goblin King's Daughter owns the Inn, they have chosen Steve (PC) to run the Inn in their absence. In game, Steve runs the Inn, Out of Game, Jim (oog person name) only has the responsibility of tracking bunk reservations. The Landowner (NPC) owns the building while the PC representative is responsible for compiling a list of bunk reservations. They may not however pick and choose who gets to sleep there. Building representative is not responsible for building decorations. It is not the representative's responsibility to be part of meal plan.

We request this be the structure going forward. This is specifically for the Inn, Scholars Hall and Enclave. With this structure in place, PCs who choose to, or are chosen (by the Landowner (NPC)) to run buildings are accountable to the Landowner (NPC). If you have any issues or concerns with the building's representative, please contact an executive. Similarly, a representative should contact an executive if they have a problem with someone booking a space in the building they are representing.

At this point, ADs have creative freedom to establish identities of NPC landlords for the Scholar's Hall and Enclave. If you your PC has a strong connection, or oog you are comfortable managing the building's sleeping arrangements please contact the AD to establish your PC position as representative. RP is subject to AD digression.

2. No one person or group can claim ownership of Carreg Wynn. By nature of being an open town, this is an impossibility. Carreg Wynn is open to all NPCs, and PCs, regardless of species, religion, and so on.

3. Players may defend, and own their campsites provided their locations are rep'd and are a reasonable size. PCs must be in game to protect their site at game. For example: Steve reps the Squirrel Hut, because of this rep, they can claim ownership of this location. The location, meaning the hut, picnic table outside, and fire pit space. They cannot lay claim to the road. If they are not at the site and the location is not rep'd the hut is now free game.

Relationship to Sacred Spaces: If there is a Champion, that Champion is the representative, for that elemental, or religious space. The Landlord (NPC) for that space is that locations religious/elemental deity.

4. Owning land close yet outside of Carreg Wynn can be done provided it is in a small quantity, described and consistent. For example; farms. Steve has made connections with a local farm and through rp now owns it. Provided there is a regular correspondence between Steve and the AD for farm maintenance, they own the farm. Land ownership outside of Carreg Wynn must be made open and obvious to all PCs. Land ownership larger than a farm, single forest or equivalent is deemed too much and unfair. For example, local bee keepers can claim to own a single forest, or wildflower field, not all the land/forest/fields a day's walk outside of Carreg Wynn. A single forest, like the West Wood outside of Carreg Wynn or the Wildflower Grove to the South (just creative naming) can be owned. Bee keepers, or another other large group who own land must be made obvious to all other players.

Please contact the AD for outside of Carreg Wynn land ownership. This is requested to be done as soon as possible. When contacting the AD please provide:

1) A description of the land you wish to own, or currently lay claim to own. Example: A field of wild flowers,
2) Name of the Location. Example: Blue Bell Grove
3) Size: 300 hectares (apparently this is the average size of a farm in Canada)
4) Walking distance, and compass direction to Carreg. Example: 3 Hour walk, South West of Carreg Wynn.
5) How it is you have come to own this land: Example bought it from Steve the local farmer for 50 gold
6) How you propose to establish general upkeep of the area: Example visit it once a month, for a general patrol, maybe hire a local to tend to my bee hives in my absence. Check to see if any of the flowers are deceased or wilting. (The use of lifeskills may be requested by AD)

Please Note: The building in game referred to as ‘Frost Hut' is an OOG location. It is not a place on site for land ownership.

Please contact myself or the Executive Team, here, through forum message or through email if you have any questions, clarifications or comments.

Thanks again,

The 2017 Epoch Toronto Executive Team
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Hello everyone, this announcement is a callout for the November Event Director.
The November event will be from November 17th to November 19th at Woodland Trails Scout Camp Big Pine Lodge (the location where we had the Stillwater event and the Demon Bar event)
The cut off for submissions will be October 11th, and I'll make the announcement at the October event

For your submission, please send an email to president@epoch-larp.ca with the following information:

1. Your team
2. Any cast you may already have
3. List of expenses that may be required for your event (props, costumes, etc)
4. The elevator pitch of your season's plot (including possible intended conclusions)
5. World lore changes (if any).
6. Any experience with running events if any. If you have none, don't let this discourage you, winter events are a great way to get first time experience with running events
7. Aside from all those reasons, why should I pick your team over another team

As always, feel free to message me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Thanks very much, I look forward to the applications
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(more news…)

May 2015 meal plan

Friday Night: Stuffed Pepper Soup Saturday Morning: Pancakes with a variety of Toppings (Berries, Bearnana, Whipped Creme Etc) Saturday Lunch: Sandwich Bar Saturday Dinner: Taco Bar Veggie Option – TVP Taco “Meat” Bearnana cream pie Sunday Breakfast: Variety of Fresh … Continue reading