Due to some scheduling conflicts and a generally very busy month, Mandatory casting and the new reward system will be pushed back until Sept.
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Hey folks,
It's time to get your sheets in order and send your prelog. Remember to send all of your sheets (including CRP and XP expenditure sheets and tags for those with income heavy characters) before noon on Monday August 15.

Val (and Mike)
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Here's the next batch of playtests we're going to be working on together!

“Global Playtests” – These skills do not need to be taken. They simply exist/have taken effect. You can still opt out if you really want to, though. Hooray~

Courtesy Armour – check it out over here!

Good Night's Sleep – A full night's rest heals 1 HP/hour, and can stack with Fast Healer (but not Recuperate, as it requires the character to be consciously resting).
Hopefully this will encourage people to get a full night's rest! (Hah, we wish). It was brought to our attention that there is no "natural" way to heal wounds. If a character is injured and does not seek medical attention/RP finding a healer, they have no way of mending on their own. Go to bed! You'll feel better in the morning.
Stable Zero - One (1) hour after being stabilized (ie: bandaged), a character heals 1 Health Point only (does not stack with Fast Healer). This time is reduced by 10 minutes per level of Fast Healer, to a minimum of 10 minutes.
This is a response to a recurring problem of characters (and NPCs) being stabilized and abandoned/unable to participate. Hopefully this will help.
Playtestable Skills:

Recuperate – This skill allows the character to naturally heal, without the need for magic, alchemy, or a medic. To use this skill, the character must relax and rest (but not sleep), and cannot take part in any strenuous activity, mental or physical. This means that they cannot use other Game Skills while they are Recuperating. They must do one (1) of the following: remove all heavy armour (hard leather and heavier), weapons, and everything other than light, comfortable clothing, OR must eat and drink. They cannot be brewing potions, making scrolls, casting spells, meditating for psychic states, arguing, or doing anything else which may be considered “active”. They may talk, but nothing above a casual conversation (no arguing, teaching skills, etc.). The eating requirement does not have to be a full meal and can instead be snacking. This is to represent the bodies increased need for nutrients during the recuperating period. If the character does anything active during the ten minutes, all effects are lost. The effect of this skill is to allow the character to heal one Health every 10 minutes per level of Recuperate they have. This skill can be combined with Fast Healer.
The big change here is that a character can EITHER be resting without their armour on, OR eating and drinking to fulfil the requirements for this skill. The limitations of not using any other skills, such as Meditating, Brewing, or Smithing, are considered enough in addition to one of those two options.
Viper's Blade – The Viper's Blade Alchemy will no longer destroy the weapon. When the 24 hour duration expires, the weapon simply ceases to have its bonus. It can now also be applied to gloves/gauntlets for the duration of this playtest version.
Modified Writeup:
When this elixir is applied to a weapon an Alchemist must attach the tag to it. For the next twenty-four (24) hours, the weapon will strike for an additional two (2) points of damage. This potion cannot be combined with Caustic Tar or Blade Oil. This potion must be applied to a weapon and will not work on someone's bare hands (Unarmed Strike), but can be applied to a pair of gloves or gauntlets.

Arrows/Bows – Arrows fired from Bows call for Bypass without requiring the skill. This does not apply to bolts/crossbows/NERF weapons, due to their ease of aiming and (re)loading. We hope that this encourages people to use archery more often, and we acknowledge the difficulty of using/aiming these sorts of weapons.
We still encourage players to utilize Packet Bows at night for safety reasons. And so you are less likely to lose your arrows!
“My Essence will Blend With {Air| Earth| Fire| Water}” – We are adding options for Air and Fire blending spells to be used, in an effort to bring the Blending spells up to par with Earth and Water. Additionally, a modification to Earth is being tested.
Air – Open Sky, a feather Fire – Burned material, such as charcoal Water – Remains the same (puddles, the river, snow, rain, cups, etc) Earth – Forests, caves, rocks, but not places where there is open sky
Maim: Upon striking a limb, you may add “Maim” to your damage call. If this damage hits health, then the struck limb is “Maimed”. You can stack the Maim skill with Bypass or Backstab, calling "Number, Damage Type, Maim, Bypass/Backstab".
A maimed limb can only be used once every five seconds, as per the Slow effect, but is localized to the struck location. This effect lingers until healed either with a Regrow spell, a Healing Potion, or by 5 minutes of treatment by a medic with the appropriate level of skill (Medic 2 or higher), but not by the “Earth Will Heal You” spell. This effect can also be healed by a Regenerative Sleep Potion, or a Healing Trance.
If your torso is hit with the attack, then you act as though under the effects of a slow. Broken ribs and ruptured organs are much worse than a broken arm or leg. If one of your legs is maimed, you can step with the other leg at normal speed, only the maimed limb is affected. You can be simultaneously “Maimed” on different locations, but the slow effect does not stack on the same location.
Medic 2 is receiving a buff in this iteration of the Playtest! A character with Medic 2 or higher may spend 5 minutes treating the Maimed location, after which its full speed will return. You purchase Maim up to a maximum of three (3) times per combat.
“With Water I Confuse You x Seconds” to potentially replace “With Water I Strike You x Points”
The x in this incant is twice (2x) the number of Tiers of Power that the caster has in Water, Void, and Essence. Whomever is struck by this spell is unable to focus their mind and cannot think clearly. For the duration of the spell, the target is unable to use any Magical, Psychic, Alchemical, Medical, or Crafting skills. This includes, but is not limited to: Spells, Awareness abilities, Psychic Disciplines, Smithing, Medic, and Traps.
This is a Timed Spell. This is a Mind Effect

In Game Effect: The target's eyes glaze over, as if their mind is full of fog. They have trouble stringing thoughts together
We have had multiple submissions indicating that water should have something unique at first level, and we felt that this ability is fitting to the rest of the themes of "Mind Magic" that Water has access to. This might end up being a Tier 1 spell, or might be put at a higher Tier, depending on its final form.
Changes to Previous Playtest Skills:

Knockback - Once per combat, per purchase of this skill, you may call "Knockback" after hitting with a weapon. If you connect with any part of the target, including a shield, they are knocked back ten feet.
This time around, we will be removing the damage call and making this skill more like Disarm. This removes the confusion about Thresholds. As this is a "nerf" to the power of the skill, the 10 feet distance will remain for the time being. (Please be safe about it!) For the sake of the Playtest, this skill can only be taken a maximum of three (3) times (per combat).
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Hey, everyone! Here is the current draft/iteration of the Non-Combat Policy. I am open to feedback/criticism about this, so long as it is of the respectful sort. Our previous policy was a "band aid" and had no small amount of ableism in it, in spite of its good intentions. This current draft is by no means perfect, and will remain as a work in progress until folks are satisfied with it (myself included, because I'm still making the frowny face).

Here we go:

Non-Combat/Non-Contact Description:
A Non-Combat player has chosen, for their own reason(s) to not have boffer weapons come in contact with them. Example reasons for opting into this policy include, but are not limited to: personal, medical, related to a recent surgery, or condition. Non-Combat players are not required to disclose why they wish to be Non-Combat! This policy is entirely discretionary, and players may use it as needed.

Non-Combat Safety Markers:
Non-Combatants must have their safety marker(s) on and clearly visible at all times, so they are not mistaken for Combatant players. The markers are: blue glowsticks, an orange reflective sash OR a blue sash (worn over garb) or reflective duct-taped foam fists. These items must be worn visibly (ie: over one's cloak), and are considered OOG. If they so wish, those participating may be announced prior to game, but this is not mandatory!

Non-Combat Play Rules:
A player becomes Non-Combat when they are wearing their safety markers. By identifying as NC, the player cannot be struck with fists or weapons. Players without NC safety markers are considered Combat Ready.

If the Non-Combat player happens to be attacked, they may raise both hands in an "X" in front of them and call "Non-Combat". The attacker may then use described action to execute the attack.

If a Non-Combat Player must immediately exit a scene due to OOG danger, and is not able to safely exit IG, they may do one of the following:

They may drop their weapons and leave a phys-rep before they leave the immediate area. They must, however, remain in an OOG state within earshot of their phys-rep. Players may attack the phys-rep in place of the NC player. If the last strike would have dropped the character's HP to 0 or below, then they are considered in their bleed. If the character's HP would have remained 1 or above, then they are considered unconscious as per knock-out rules.


They may use a Described Scene of “Described Scene, I Escape” and relocate to a safe location as per the rules for Essence/Void Takes spell. When they arrive at the location, they must call a Described Scene of leaving their OOP/OOG state, for example “Described Scene, I emerge from the treeline”. This movement is one-way, and can only be used once per combat.

If a situation arises where the player's health is in danger, a "HOLD" will be called as per normal.

Those player's operating under the Non-Combat rules are not required to declare "Non-Combat" and should feel free to participate in the game as usual as long as they feel comfortable doing so. For instance, Non-Combat Players can carry weapons for RP purposes, and skill use.

A Non-Combatant Player may use and call their character's skills to defend themself (such as Air Defend, Sudden Clarity, etc.)

A player may seek out an Executive if at any point they need a(ny) different/alternate accommodation from the above measures.

The Non-Combat system relies on the same honor system that Epoch uses for all its game rules. Keeping in mind that not all health issues are visible, players should trust that the Non-Combat system is being used for OOG safety. Players who abuse this safety feature in order to avoid IG conflict (and not for maintaining OOG wellbeing) is cheating and will be reprimanded.
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Hey, folks! Now that the new changes for Cast and Player award are rolling out (don't worry, they'll be retroactive - we'll be in touch if you won an award this season)

Player Award goes to... K'tlyn!
Cast Award goes to... Bee!

Thanks to everyone who submitted votes! We had a lot of submissions this time around. Keep it up!
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(more news…)

May 2015 meal plan

Friday Night: Stuffed Pepper Soup Saturday Morning: Pancakes with a variety of Toppings (Berries, Bearnana, Whipped Creme Etc) Saturday Lunch: Sandwich Bar Saturday Dinner: Taco Bar Veggie Option – TVP Taco “Meat” Bearnana cream pie Sunday Breakfast: Variety of Fresh … Continue reading