Hey, folks! Now that the new changes for Cast and Player award are rolling out (don't worry, they'll be retroactive - we'll be in touch if you won an award this season)

Player Award goes to... K'tlyn!
Cast Award goes to... Bee!

Thanks to everyone who submitted votes! We had a lot of submissions this time around. Keep it up!
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The following changes have been made to Epoch!

Reward Changes
All Donations of time are now worth 3 crps per hour or part there of (up from 1 per half hour)
All Donations of Items are now worth 1 crps for each 2 dollars or part there of (up from $5 for 1)
Player Awards are now 5 XP (Cannot be doubled, Up from 2 XP)
Cast Award is now 5 XP ( Cannot be doubled, up from 2 CRPS)
New Atmosphere Award of 5 Xp for creating a outstanding environment that elevates the enjoyment of epoch for the players as a whole. This can be a Mod, Party, Feast, Campsite etc. This will be awarded by vote similar to Player/Cast awards but requires multiple votes.
Officer,AD and Exec payout will be changing to a token system that can be redeemed for multiple new and existing rewards. This system is still being setup and will not be starting this event. This will allow all persons assisting in the club access to most rewards such as master book skills, triple outs, free teaching etc. More to come on this one.

Club Changes

New Officer Position - Mailing Officer - They will be in-charge of the mail for the club and maintain a mailing address for the club
New Policy - Incident Reporting - At all epoch events, the secretary or appointed stand-in will provide a form for all incidents that occur during the event. These include by are not limited to Medical treatment, disciplinary actions and warning given by Execs and officers. The physical forms will be collected, scanned and destroyed after online storage for record keeping and follow up after each event by the secretary.
New Policy - Mandatory Casting - All players of Epoch Toronto at all weekend events will be required to cast for a duration of 2 Hours per event. The player will be awarded 6 CRPs for this cast time in addition to regular time rewards. Players may buy out this time for $10 an event and players are exempt on their first event. Sign ups for time will be posted at least 1 week before the event by the artistic director. This will start as of the August 2016 event.

Any questions can be sent to Secretary@epoch-larp.ca
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Long range forecast for Acton this weekend is temps in the low-mid 30's with humidity making it feel like high 30's. Plan on bringing and drinking a LOT of water. Wear light, airy clothes and try to stick to shade where possible. If you feel dizzy or light-headed, get to shade and have a drink immediately.
There is also the possibility thunderstorms. If lightning gets too close, you need to be in a building. Being in the treeline or a tent is not enough.

This message brought to you by you friendly neighbourhood First Aid officers.
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Callout to officers: in an effort to reduce the amount of time spent on safety speech stuff, I am issuing a call out to all officers who wish to have information/blurbs to share during safety speech.

Please send them to president@epoch-larp.ca no later than Wednesday before the event (so - July 20th).

Additionally, we will be posting information about Playtest (including skill description cards, writeups, and a printout of the eventual FAQ), and everyday OOG "Dos and Don'ts" on the message board! Hopefully this will help condense and smooth out Safety Speech so we can get into game more efficiently.

Thanks for your attention,

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We're planning on testing a fair number of new skills, and modifications to old skills. As such, rather than dump all of them into one playtest, we're planning on rolling them out a bit at a time. Our first play test will start with three or four new skills, and a couple of modifications to current spells.


Fire Strikes and Void Strikes do double their current damage. That is, Fire strikes does two damage per tier, and Void Strikes does ten damage per tier. This means that newbie mages should be able to do a decent amount of damage, and high level void mages don't need tier 12 void to break shields with their strikes. Also it means that Fire Strikes doesn't stay ahead of void strikes for something like four tiers.

Knockback. Prerequisite any weapon skill at 3. Once per combat, per purchase of this skill, you may call "knockback" after hitting with a weapon. If you connect with any part of the target, including a shield, they are knocked back ten feet.

Psychic Strike. (This will be replacing the ever popular Psychic Battle). Psychic Strike deals damage equal to your current total number of psychic states, and bypasses armor and toughness. Touch the target with a foam fist an declare "Psychic Strike X" where X is your current number of psychic states, then pull your state. This is a Mind Effect.

"With Fire I Cause a Blast x Points"
When cast, this spell causes a blast of flame to scorch the area, reaching a range of ten (10) feet from the caster in a circle. Once cast, all struck by this spell (all within 10 feet of the caster) must take X points of damage, where X is the number of Tiers of Fire that the caster possesses. The caster cannot choose who is and is not affected by the spell.
The caster is unaffected by the spell. Other casters lending Tiers of Power for the spell are affected by it.
This is a Body effect.
In Game Effect: The area is scorched as a radiant blast of flame centered on the caster spreads out for ten feet in all directions.

Replacement of "With Water I Fog Your Mind" with "With Water I Protect my Mind x Minutes"

When casting this spell, the Mage must hold their hands flat, and their fingertips pressed against their temples, with their arms bent at approximately a 45 degree angle. The character can assume/resume this position at any point during the timed spell, they are then immune to any and all other Mind effects of Psychic abilities, spells, and alchemical effects, and must declare "Protected" when struck by such an effect.

This is a timed spell. This is a Mind effect.

In-game Effect: Any Mind effects that are directed at the Mage are deflected by the concentration of liquid that surrounds their hands and temples.

Coming up in later playtests: Resuscitate, trip, maim, traps stuff, alchemy stuff, changes to other spells, KISSing strong will, things I'm probably forgetting.

I think that that covers everything that we were planning on for this coming event, but I might be missing something, if so, one of the other Rules Officers will almost certainly post it, or poke me to post it.
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May 2015 meal plan

Friday Night: Stuffed Pepper Soup Saturday Morning: Pancakes with a variety of Toppings (Berries, Bearnana, Whipped Creme Etc) Saturday Lunch: Sandwich Bar Saturday Dinner: Taco Bar Veggie Option – TVP Taco “Meat” Bearnana cream pie Sunday Breakfast: Variety of Fresh … Continue reading