Anime North is quickly creeping upon us the weekend of May 27th-29th. Epoch Toronto Foundation will be able to represent itself via table space, panels and mods. Our schedule looks something like this:

11:00a: LARP 101
12:00p: Fantasy Costuming Q&A
12:00p: LARP Make Up Q&A


Similar to guidelines with social expectations all volunteers will be expected to conduct themselves in an exemplary fashion and promote healthy growth for our community. More information and a meet up via skype , phone, or IM will be requested before you are approved to volunteer for this event. Volunteer tasks might include: Prepping and taking part in mods, meet and greeting folks and steering them towards our table in a friendly manner while you walk about, greeting and promoting our club in a basic manner with con goer's interested in our table and encouraging them to try out mods and panel, and set up and take down for our table. Another way you can offer to volunteer is by hosting or ferrying. If you live in Toronto and are unable to attend the convention but able to open your home for crash space or if you are able to provide your vehicle to pick up/drop off people, or our convention bins to and from the venue, this is also a form of volunteering which will garner you crps.

If you are interested in volunteering in any way please email me at Marketing@epoch-larp.ca

Thanks all!


Marketing Wizard

Dark Queen of the Weywoods
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So you would like to host a social? Awesome!

Epoch socials are required to be located in a public setting and framed to allow people to easily attend. This does exclude meetings in private homes or similar setups. Some ideas for locations might be Coffee shops, Board game cafes, or parks. Locations must be approved by the marketing executive before they can be announced. If a location is in a place of business, please be considerate and purchase goods or services that business provides. At all times keep in mind your behavior reflects our community.

Socials will be at least 3 hours or more in length, in which a host will be present. A host is an individual who has set up the social. They will have contacted the venue (if needed) and booked Epoch into the space before they post the announcement for the social. Hosts show 5-10 minutes early to locations and stay for the first 3 hours. They will be in contact with the marketing executive to ensure the social has been created properly. Hosts will also greet newcomers and assist them into conversations if they would like, be an exemplary member of our club. and mediate the direction of conversations. Finally, hosts take attendance for the evening which garners them 6 crps and each attendee 2 crps so long as three or more individuals are attending.

A week before the approved social takes place a message needs to be placed on our facebook page or a public forum thread. Consideration will be paid to other social bookings and double booking in similar areas is frowned upon, as well as socials occurring the same week as Epoch larping weekends.

Some suggestions for socializing!

Good Ideas:
-Compliment someone of something you like that they did or are doing to improve Epoch. New garb/cabin dressing? Character concept/development? Efficiency in a volunteer role?
-Engage in conversation that encourages growth in the club. Informative articles? Neat tutorial? Sale at fabric-land, value village or Michael's?
-If someone newly attended a game or is new to epoch consider introducing yourself in out of game terminology and consider helping them into an already established conversation.

Not so good Ideas:
-Hour long epics of how awesome you/your character are.
-Gossiping, complaining about volunteers or other members. If there is an issue present it to an appropriate source.
-Pulling aside/pressuring volunteers to openly or have one on one discussions of their roles with you.

Look forward to seeing you out!

Eryn Raimondo
Marketing Wizard
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Hey everyone!

Your winner for April's Player Award is... *drumroll* Valentein!
And the winner for April's Cast Award is... *drumroll* Emily!
Great job!

Thanks to the folks who sent their votes in!
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Hey Everybody!!!

I have two pieces of news for you regarding mana.

One- The amount of CRPs given has been changed from 1 crp per 10 mana to 3/20. With this change, mana will be looked at closer and rejected if it's not up to Epoch's standards.

Two- When a callout happens the CRPs given will be doubled but for only the mana that is needed.

For this callout we need:

However, do not bring them to the May event. We will not be at our regular site and will be returned to you and asked to bring that mana to the June event.

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Hello, everyone! Logistics seems to still be having some trouble with the log email.

Please use this temporary logistics email in the interim! epoch.logistics@gmail.com

We will keep you posted about updates/when this is fixed!


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(more news…)

May 2015 meal plan

Friday Night: Stuffed Pepper Soup Saturday Morning: Pancakes with a variety of Toppings (Berries, Bearnana, Whipped Creme Etc) Saturday Lunch: Sandwich Bar Saturday Dinner: Taco Bar Veggie Option – TVP Taco “Meat” Bearnana cream pie Sunday Breakfast: Variety of Fresh … Continue reading