Hey, folks! Sorry for the delay. The results are in!

August's awards go to:

Christian/Shadow for Player Award - people really liked the angry doggo tantrum!
Andrea for Cast Award for her role as the Naga!
K'tlyn and Ashtin for Atmosphere Award, for their awesomely immersive tent setup!

Thanks again to everyone for their submissions
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Hey, everyone! Here's the current array of Playtest Skills joining the First and Second batch of skills.

Please also note the changes to the Playtest Policy.

New Playtest Skills

Trip – Adept warriors can trip up their opponents with their cunning strikes! This skill must be taken per weapon skill it is to be combined with. It may only be used once per combat per purchased, but can be purchased multiple times. Using this skill requires only lightest touch to one of the target's legs, accompanied by a call of “Trip!” Upon being struck, the target must fall to the ground so that they are laying on their front*. As soon as they have done this, the target may get up and continue play as normal.

* If the ground is wet, the terrain is unsafe, or if the target has difficulty performing the action, they may instead use a five (5) second described action.

Negate – Whether the character is nimble and quick on their feet, or adept at putting their equipment in the way of oncoming assaults, there are those who have mastered the art of getting out of the way. Once per combat, per purchase of this skill, the character may choose to call “Negate” against any boffer, missile weapon, spell, packet effect, or strike within two (2) seconds of the effect being called; the effect is then not considered to have hit the character. Negate may only be used on effects delivered from the forward half of the character's Lateral Line*. This ability cannot be used to avoid Area of Effect abilities, or effects such as Knockout, Assassinate, or Backstab.

* Lateral Line – if you imagine dividing your body in half from left to right/right to left, the front half of your body is considered the “front half” of the Lateral Line.

For the time being, we ask that players only use one (1) Negate per combat.
New Playtest Consumable Items

Whetstones – Manufacturing a Whetstone takes a Smith ten (10) minutes, and requires one (1) unit of Metal to craft. The finished Whetstone takes 1 (one) minute to apply to a weapon, and subsequently adds 2x the Smith's level to one (1) weapon strike. The weapon's user may choose when to use the Whetstone's damage bonus. Applying a Whetstone to a weapon does not require any Smith training. The Whetstone's tag must be attached to the weapon it has been applied to.

Armour Patches – Manufacturing an Armour Patch takes a Smith ten (10) minutes of work, and requires two (2) units of Leather to craft. The finished Armour Patch takes one (1) minute to apply to a piece of armour, and subsequently adds 2x the Smith's level of “phantom Armour Points” to the wearer's armour. Multiple Armour Patches cannot be stacked, and only one (1) Armour Patch may be active at any point in time. Once the Armour Patch has been reduced to zero (0), it is considered consumed. The Armour Patch tag must be kept with the armour tag upon which it is affixed.

Modified Playtest Skills (Newest addition to the skill(s) are in italics)

Knockback – Once per combat, per purchase of this skill, you may call "Knockback" after hitting with a weapon. If you connect with any part of the target, including a shield, they are knocked back ten (10) feet.
This time around, we will be removing the damage call and making this skill more like Disarm. This removes the confusion about Thresholds. As this is a "nerf" to the power of the skill, the 10 foot distance will remain for the time being. (Please be safe about it!) For the sake of the Playtest, this skill can only be taken a maximum of three (3) times (per combat).
Those who have been targeted by Knockback are highly encouraged to look where they are going, or simply turn around and move to the 10 foot range as safely as possible.
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Before game gets underway on Friday, I would like to ask that all new players, even if you are not going to be using a weapon, must be fight safety tested. Anyone who got missed last game for fight safety, or has not been tested (or hasn't been back to game in over a year) must be tested this game. Please come and see myself or Gwen before safety speech.

This is to ensure everyone knows the fighting rules, and fights safely to reduce the amount of possible injuries.

If there is anyone late coming to site that is new, please pull one of us aside for a few minutes to go through fight safety. It's important that all new people get tested, and we'd rather be pulled out of game for a few minutes, rather than having someone fight unsafely.

Also, if you are an older player (or new) that has not had your weapons checked this year, you must have your weapons checked yearly by a safety officer. Please come see us to check your weapons.

If you have any questions, please email safety@epoch-larp.ca

Thanks for your attention, and I'm looking forward to seeing everyone on Friday!
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Due to some scheduling conflicts and a generally very busy month, Mandatory casting and the new reward system will be pushed back until Sept.
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Hey folks,
It's time to get your sheets in order and send your prelog. Remember to send all of your sheets (including CRP and XP expenditure sheets and tags for those with income heavy characters) before noon on Monday August 15.

Val (and Mike)
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(more news…)

May 2015 meal plan

Friday Night: Stuffed Pepper Soup Saturday Morning: Pancakes with a variety of Toppings (Berries, Bearnana, Whipped Creme Etc) Saturday Lunch: Sandwich Bar Saturday Dinner: Taco Bar Veggie Option – TVP Taco “Meat” Bearnana cream pie Sunday Breakfast: Variety of Fresh … Continue reading